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Chhokhar murder: Crown granted application for retrial

2014 December 12
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by Mary Munro


“Chhokar accused appears in court” Evening Times

Following posted on 28.11.14

“Surjit Singh Chhokar accused could face new trial” Scotsman
“Landmark ruling brings fresh hope for dying father” Herald
“Surjit Singh Chhokar: Prosecutors granted permission to retry man accused of murdering waiter in 1998” Daily Record

Following posted on 2.6.13

“Police confirm Surjit Singh Chhokar murder case remains open and detectives have spent the past 18 months investigating it” Daily Record
“Man who was controversially cleared of murdering waiter Surjit Singh Chhokar breaks cover to face fresh claims of violence” Daily Record

Following posted on 5.5.14

“New Chhokar case trial bid lodged” Herald
“Prosecutors in bid to secure fresh Chhokar murder trial” Herald
“Justice and the Chhokar case” Herald
“Three men cleared of the murder of Surjit Singh Chhokar more than 15 years ago could stand trial again under double jeopardy legislation” Daily Record
“Trio facing retrial under double-jeopardy law” Scotsman
“Chhokar murder: Crown wants to retry three men acquitted of killing” BBC
“Crown to apply for retrial of three men acquitted of Chhokar murder” STV

Following posted on 30.1.12

“A chance for justice to heal this painful wound” Scotsman
“Surjit Singh Chhokar prosecutors target duo in bid to put prime suspect in dock” Daily Record
“”Second chance” for Crown Office as Chokhar case reopened” The Firm Magazine
“Chhokar case to be reviewed under “double jeopardy” exemption” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 27.1.12

“Police reopen murder inquiry into death of Surjit Singh Chhokar” STV
“Reopen Surjit Singh Chhokar murder case, top law official tells Strathclyde Police” Daily Record
“Racist murder of Sikh waiter to be reinvestigated after 10-year campaign” Guardian
“Surjit Singh Chhokar murder: Family hopes justice is still possible” Scotsman
“Family’s new hope for Chhokar justice” Scottish Sun
“‘Scotland’s Stephen Lawrence’ case to be re-opened” Independent
“Chhokar family given hope of justice at last” Scottish Express
“Police ordered to reopen Chhokar murder inquiry” Herald
“Chhokar murder: Lord Advocate orders new probe into 1998 killing” BBC

Following posted on 23.1.12

“Prime suspect in Surjit Singh Chhokar murder set for retrial after 13 years” Daily Record
“Chhokhar retrial not ruled out” Herald

“Sister of murdered waiter Surjit Singh Chhokar begs authorities to bring his killers to justice” Daily Record
“Stephen Lawrence verdict could prompt fresh look at Scottish racist murder” Guardian
“Surjit Singh Chhokar murder: ‘Justice for Surjit is my father’s last wish’” Scotsman
“Family of ‘Scotland’s Stephen Lawrence’ make plea for justice” Independent
“Chhokar family’s appeal for justice 13 years after murder” STV
“Chhokar family ‘let down by the legal system'” Herald

Following posted on 16.1.12

“Law chief in pledge to meet murdered waiter Surjit Sing Chhokar’s family over fresh prosecution bid” Daily Record
“Prime suspects refuse to talk as Surjit Singh Chhokar’s family launch bid for fresh murder trial” Daily Record
“Chhokar murder must be visibly pursued” Scotsman
“Law chief to meet family seeking justice for son after 13 years of pain” Scotsman
“Lord Advocate to meet Chhokar family 13 years after murder” STV
“Chokhar family to make Parliamentary appeal for “double jeapardy” investigation” The Firm Magazine
“Law chief to meet murder victim’s family” Herald
“The Chhokar family speak out about their long fight for the truth over the death of Surjit Singh Chhokar 13 years ago” Herald
“Call for justice in case of murdered waiter” Herald
“Law chief to meet Chhokar family” BBC

Following posted on 11.1.12

“Pressure mounts in Chhokar case” Herald

Following posted on 9.1.12

“Family of murdered waiter given new hope by Stephen Lawrence trial verdict” Daily Record
“Chhokar family call for new inquiry” Scotsman
“Call to re-open case of murdered waiter” Scotsman
“Pressure mounts on Crown Office as former senior policeman calls for Chokhar case to be reinvestigated” The Firm Magazine
“Reopen ‘Scotland’s Stephen Lawrence’ case, says ex-police chief and lawyer” Herald
“Call to reopen 1998 Chhokar murder case” BBC
“Family ask to meet law chief in hunt for justice” Scottish Express

Following posted on 5.1.12

“”Institutional racism still at the heart of our system” says Chokhar lawyer” The Firm Magazine
“Stephen Lawrence, Chokhar and Hadrian’s judicial wall” The Firm Magazine
“Some, but not full, justice for the Lawrence family” Herald
“Justice at all costs – no matter how long it takes” Scotsman

“Now solve these… Two of Stephen Lawrence’s killers are behind bars. But for other families, the wait for justice goes on” Independent

Press releases

“Crown applies to retry Ronnie Coulter, Andrew Coulter and David Montgomery under Double Jeopardy Legislation” COPFS (May 2014)

“Surjit Singh Chhokar Murder to be Reinvestigated by Strathclyde Police Under Double Jeopardy Legislation” COPFS (January 2012)
“Crown Agent Defends Prosecution Service’s Handling Of Hate Crime” COPFS (January 2012)

Homicide in Scotland statistics from 2002: 2013-14 bulletin published

2014 December 10
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by Mary Munro


Trends in selected crimes of violence 1 , Scotland, 2004 - 05 to 20 1 3 - 14
“Scottish homicide figures at lowest recorded levels” BBC
“Homicide toll hits record low as “booze and blades” culture declines” Herald
“Scotland’s murder rate down to record low” Scotsman
“Number of homicide cases in Scotland fell 5% last year to new low” STV

“40% increase in murders after spate of city killings” Evening Times

Following posted on 6.10.13

“Scotland’s violent death rate ‘at record low’” Courier
“Killings fall to new low in Scotland” Evening Times
“Homicide figures drop to record low in Scotland” Telegraph
“Scotland still top of British murder rates despite record fall in violent deaths” Scottish Express
“Murder rate at lowest since 1976” Herald
“Homicides fall to lowest level since records began four decades ago” STV
“Is Scotland becoming a safer place to live?” STV

Following posted on 7.11.12

“Glasgow homicide cases drop to just 15 a year” Evening Times
“Stranger murder myth dispelled” Herald
“Homicide cases fall by 11% with young men still most likely accused” Daily Record
“Murders fall but Scotland still sees one killing very four days” Scotsman
“Homicide figures down 11%” Law Society Journal Online
“Number of killings in Scotland falls” BBC

Following posted on 15.12.11

“Average Scottish killer is a drunk young man with a knife who knows his victim” Daily Record
“Homicides in Scotland on the rise as figures show most killers are under influence of drink or drugs” Daily Record
“A killing every four days as Scottish murder toll rises” Scotsman
“Demands for new knife crackdown as death rate rises” Scottish Express
“Scottish murder rate rises to almost 100 in last year” STV
“Murder toll leaps by a fifth” Scottish Sun
“Over half of Scottish murders involve alcohol” Newsnet Scotland
“Alcohol link as Scots murder rate rises 19%” Herald
“Alcohol takes deadly toll on more than one front” Herald
“Homicide rate in Scotland increases by 19%” BBC

Following posted on 15.12.10

“Homicide rate in Scotland falls to lowest rate in 30 years with 78 killings in past year” Daily Record
“Scottish homicide rate at lowest in a generation” Evening News
“Murder rate static in Fife and Tayside, amid national low” Courier
“Murder rate falls … but we still top homicide league” Evening Times
“Fatal stabbings down 40% as killing rate hits a 31–year low” Herald
“Cracking down on Scotland’s knife culture after ‘too many lives lost’” Scotsman
“Murder rate in Scotland at its lowest since late 70s” Scotsman
“‘Homicide rates fluctuate, so this could be just a blip’” Scotsman
“Call for SNP to get tough on blade and booze crime” Express
“Number of killings at lowest level for 30 years” STV
“Scotland named murder capital of Britain” Telegraph
“Scotland’s murder rate lowest for 31 years” BBC

Following posted on 24.2.10

“Knife homicides reach a record high in Scotland” Courier
“Knife remains most common weapon for committing murder in Scotland” Daily Record
“Knives ‘most commonly–used murder weapon in Scotland’” Evening News
“Knives used in more than half Scotland’s killings” Herald
“Half of all Scottish murders committed with blades” Scotsman
“Calls to jail knife thugs as stabbing deaths soar” Express
“Record knife killings in Scotland” Telegraph
“Knives used in record number of killings” STV
“Knife killing at record high rate” BBC
“Scourge of knife crime blamed for 57 murders” Press and Journal

Following posted on 17.12.08

““Bevvy and blades” culture takes its toll” Courier
“Murder on the rise in Tayside and Fife” Courier
“Rise in murders in Fife sees figure at five–year high” Courier
“Drink and drugs are linked to half of killings in Scotland last year” Herald
“MacAskill to challenge ‘bevy and blades culture’”
“Homicides in Scotland decrease but knife deaths up” Herald
“SNP vows to get tough on knife and drinking culture” Press and Journal
“‘Blades and bevvy’ role in deaths” BBC
“Drop in number of homicides in Scotland” STV
“Drop in Scots murders” Evening Times

Following posted on 19.12.07

“Fife’s homicide rate highest for decade” Courier
“Violence-buster needs plenty of ammunition” Evening News
“‘It will take a great deal to shift attitudes on violence and alcohol'” Evening News
“Latest statistics reveal rise in number of killings in Scotland” Herald
“Booze-and-blades culture” Herald

“Murder rate rises”
“Homicide Rate Soars By 26%” Daily Record
“Vow to stamp out violence as number of murders up” Evening News
“Homicide rate halves in Dundee” Evening Telegraph
“Booze blamed after killings soar by 27%” Evening Times
“Vow to stamp out violence as number of murders up” Scotsman
“Figures show homicide rate up 27%” BBC
“Number of killings rockets” STV
“Sharp rise in killings in Scotland” Herald

Following posted on 27.11.06

“Not sticking the knife into dark culture is a crime” Sunday Times
“Medics’ skills are real reason for fewer homicides” Evening Times

Following posted on 22.11.06

“Homicides and firearm offences fall”
“Murders fall in Lothian ‘but violence still deep seated'” Evening News
“Scots homicide rate at lowest level for 15 years” Evening Times
“Homicide level lowest in 15 years” BBC
“Minister seeks new and safer era” BBC
“Homicide figures fall amid vows on firearm crime” Courier
“Sudden fall in knife killings hailed by Scottish ministers” Herald
“A safer Scotland” Herald
“Fatal stabbings in Scotland fall to lowest for five years” Herald
“Murder rate falls to 15-year low, prompting Jamieson to hail ‘crimebusting’ credentials” Scotsman
“Lowest homicide rates since 1990” STV
“Your views on Scotland’s homicide figures” BBC

Following posted on 19.12.05

“The killing streets: Kathleen Mulhall is still coming to terms with the loss of two brothers to violent attacks. With Scotland’s murder rate at a 10-year high, how can we combat a culture of violence?” Sunday Herald

Following posted on 15.12.05

“Number of murders in Scotland soars “ Scottish TV
“Homicide rate hits 10-year high” BBC
“‘Booze and blades’ push murder rate to new high” Times
“Scottish homicide rate hits ten-year high” Scotsman
“‘No-one can deny we have a problem with knife crime'” Herald
“A culture of violence” Herald
“Soaring levels of assaults blighting Scotland’s streets” Herald
“Murders in Scotland soar to 10-year record” Evening Times
“Murders worst since Dunblane” “Fighting drunk and deadly” “Cage the evil thugs, says Mum” Daily Record 15.12.05

Following posted on 25.11.04

“Homicide figures “still far too high”” Courier
“Murder total falls but figures highlight close links to drink” Herald
“Scotland’s deadly cocktail” Herald
“Cautious welcome as unlawful killings hit three-year low “ Scotsman
“Deaths fall but knife culture blights Scotland” Times
“Lothian rise bucks trend as Scots killings fall” Evening News
“Fewer killings but city still top of violence list” Evening Times
“Figures show drop in murder rate “ BBC
“Fall in number of homicides in Scotland “ Scottish TV
“Aberdeen homicide rise bucks the trend” Press and Journal

Following posted on 27.11.03

“Booze and blades claim more lives:” BBC
“Drink culture blamed for rise in stabbings” Evening News
“Swinney hits at ‘murder capital’ tag:” Evening Times
“Crime shock of booze and blade Scots” Courier
“Scotland: home of the booze and blade culture” Herald
“The Murder City” Daily Record
“Killers cause misery across country” Daily Record
“Scotland’s murder rate rockets” Scottish TV
“Fatal stabbings at highest level since mid-90s” Scotsman
“Knife attacks kill 68 people” Times
“Call for action on ‘murder capital'” Evening Times 27.11.03

Press releases

“Homicides at lowest ever levels” Scot. Gov. (December 2014)
“Homicide in Scotland, 2013-14” Scot. Gov. (December 2014)

“Lord Advocate welcomes drop in homicides” COPFS (October 2013)
“Homicides lowest for 37 years” Scot. Gov. (October 2013)
“Homicide in Scotland 2012-13” Scot. Gov. (October 2013)
“Homicide statistics 2011-12” Scot.Gov.(Nov. 2012)
“Homicide statistics 2010-11” Scot.Gov. (December 2011)
“Homicide in Scotland 2010-11” Scot.Gov. (December 2011)
“Homicide in Scotland, 2009–10” Scot.Gov. (December 2010)
“Homicide rate falls to thirty year low” Scot. Gov. (December 2010)
“Homicide statistics published” Scot.Gov.(2010)
“Homicide in Scotland, 2008–09” Scot.Gov.(2010)
“Homicide in Scotland 2007–08” Scot.Gov. (2008)
“Homicide statistics” Scot.Gov.(2008)
“Homicide in Scotland, 2006-07” Scot.Gov.(2007)
“Tackling violent crime” Scot.Gov.(2007)
“Fall in homicides and firearms offences” Scot. Exec.(2006)
“McConnell’s Government Continues to Fail on Crime” SNP
“Homicide stats: Encouraging but problem not solved yet” Scottish Conservatives
“Homicide in Scotland 2004-05” Scot. Exec.(2005)
“Homicide in Scotland 2003” Scot. Exec.(2004)
“Figures show fall in homicides” Scot. Exec.(2004)
“Homicide figures for 2002” Scot. Exec. (2003)

See also

Homicide in Scotland, 2013-14

Homicide in Scotland, 2012-13
Homicide in Scotland 2011-12
Homicide in Scotland, 2010-11
Homicide in Scotland, 2009–10
Homicide in Scotland, 2008–09
Homicide in Scotland, 2007-08
Homicide in Scotland, 2006-07
Homicide in Scotland, 2005/06
Homicide in Scotland, 2004/05
Homicide in Scotland 2003
Homicide in Scotland, 2002

Wildlife Crime in Scotland statistics published

2014 October 22
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by Mary Munro

SG Wildlife crime report 2013
“Criminals slip through the net as poaching rises by one-third” Herald
“Fish main target as Scots wildlife crimes increase” Evening Times
“Crimes against Scottish birds at five year high” Scotsman
“Majority of raptors poisoned in Scotland killed by illegal pesticide” STV

Press release

“Second wildlife crime report”

See also

Wildlife Crime in Scotland – 2013 Annual Report

Community justice reform: consultation report and responses published

2014 October 21
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by Mary Munro


Consultation Report July 2014: Future Model for Community Justice in Scotland (October 2014)
Future Model for Community Justice in Scotland – Summary of Consultation Responses

Following posted on 11.04.14

“Further community justice plans out for views” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 13.12.13

“New body to focus on cutting re-offending” Herald
“Offender services to be given shakeup” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 2.10.13

Following the publication of Responses to the Redesigning the Community Justice System: A Consultation on Proposals in July, the Scottish Government has now published a report on the consultation process and workshops, together with an analysis of the responses. All documents are listed at the foot of the post.

Following posted on 11.6.13

From Scottish Justice Matters:

All Change (.77MB) Elish Angiolini explains why the Commission for Women Offenders recommended radical reforms to the delivery of justice in Scotland

Reform? Revisit? Replace? (.81MB) Michelle Miller argues in favour of keeping criminal justice social work in local authorities while Fergus McNeill inclines towards a new national community justice social work service

Following posted on 3.5.13

The SG held a debate yesterday on redesigning community justice, attracting some criticism of the timing, just two days after the closure of the consultation. During the debate Kenny MacAskill indicated that he expects to make an announcement in late 2013 on the way forward with a view to provisional implementation from 2016. The following motion was passed.

“That the Parliament acknowledges that solid progress has been made in tackling reoffending and commends the work of local community justice practitioners in achieving this; notes the recent reports from Audit Scotland and the Commission on Women Offenders that highlight shortcomings in the community justice system; further notes the publication of the Scottish Government’s consultation document, Redesigning the Community Justice System, and looks forward to an analysis of the responses; agrees that the status quo is untenable, and recognises the importance of continuing to work constructively with COSLA, the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and the Association of Directors of Social Work to put in place arrangements that support strong leadership and robust accountability and bring together the public and voluntary sectors to deliver better outcomes for victims, communities and offenders and their families.” Kenny MacAskill Motion S4M-06433

“Justice Secretary praises community payback orders” Herald

Following posted on 21.12.12

“Social work and offender supervision: local and/or national services?” Offender Supervision in Europe (Fergus McNeill)

Following posted on 21.12.12

“Community justice services come under review” Law Society Journal Online
“Launch of offenders in community study” Scotsman
“Consultation on how to manage offenders” Herald

Press release

“Offenders’ services to be reformed” Scot.Gov. (December 2013)
“Community Justice consultation published” Scot.Gov. (December 2012)

See also

Consultation Report July 2014: Future Model for Community Justice in Scotland (October 2014)
Future Model for Community Justice in Scotland – Summary of Consultation Responses

Future Model for Community Justice in Scotland (April 2014)

Scottish Government Response to “Redesigning the Community Justice System: A Consultation on Proposals” (December 2013)
Redesigning the Community Justice System: Analysis of Consultation Responses (Scot.Gov. 2013) | Summary
Community Justice Consultation Report outlining the consultation process and highlighting the themes emerging from the workshops (Scot.Gov. October 2013)

Redesigning the Community Justice System: A Consultation on Proposals: responses (July 2013)

Launch issue coverScottish Justice Matters (June 2013) All Change (.77MB) Elish Angiolini explains why the Commission for Women Offenders recommended radical reforms to the delivery of justice in Scotland

Scottish Justice Matters (June 2013) Reform? Revisit? Replace? (.81MB) Michelle Miller argues in favour of keeping criminal justice social work in local authorities while Fergus McNeill inclines towards a new national community justice social work service

Scottish Parliament Official Report 2.5.13: Redesigning the community justice system

Redesigning the Community Justice System: A Consultation on Proposals

Smuggling and Scottish prisons: weapons, drugs, phones

2014 October 19
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by Mary Munro


“Number of weapons found in Scottish prisons doubles” BBC
“Number of weapons found in Scottish prisons doubles in just one year.. and drug seizures on the rise too” Daily Record

Following posted on 12.3.14

“Rise in number of weapons confiscated at Barlinnie jail” Herald

Following posted on 11.3.13

“Prisoners boast of cocaine binges on Facebook .. as jail chiefs claim to be winning war on drugs” Daily Record
“Time to crack down on prison drug culture” Daily Record
“Drugs found in Scottish prisons hit a ten year high with nearly 2,000 cases reported in a year” Daily Record

“” Scottish Express

Following posted on 11.1.13

“Prisoners banned from receiving books from relatives amid smuggling fears” Herald

Following posted on 28.11.12

“Smuggling scheme launched at Stirling’s HMP Corton Vale” BBC

Following posted on 26.7.12

“Prison chiefs fork out £2m to prevent visitors sneaking in drugs and ‘contraband'” Daily Record
“Anger at £2million smuggle blitz on jail staff” Scottish Sun

Following posted on 14.5.12

“Public asked to be Prison Watchers in stop drug smuggling into jails” Scotsman
“Latest weapon in war against smuggling to jails revealed – neighbours” Scotsman

Following posted on 24.8.11

“Anti-smuggling initiative sees drastic reduction in number of illegal items smuggled into prison” STV
“Success for Saughton Prison contraband hotline” BBC

Following posted on 28.10.10

“Labour claim 500kg of heroin is smuggled into Scottish jails each year” Courier
“Half–ton of heroin a year in prisons” Scottish Sun

Following posted on 20.3.10

“Prisoners use crossbow trick to smuggle drugs inside Scots jail”

Following posted on 19.2.10

“Milkman arrested for smuggling mobile phones to Scots prisoners inside milk deliveries” Daily Record

Following posted on 23.3.09

“Six drugs seizures made at Saughton prison each week” Evening News
“Scottish jails ‘awash’ with drugs” BBC
“Tories: Scotland’s jails ‘awash with drugs’” STV

Following posted on 20.3.08

“Crooks Flood Prisons With Smuggled Mobile Phones” Daily Record
“Smuggled phones seized from jails” BBC
“North-east inmates smuggle mobiles” Evening Express

Following posted on 11.4.07

“Drugs, petrol and weapons seized from city’s jail cells” Evening News
“Prison staff seize 40 illicit items a week from inmates” Scotsman
“Preventing smuggling in jail’s like painting the Forth Bridge” and “Perth Prison’s as bad as Bar-L” Daily Record 11.4.07
“Drug seizures soar in Barlinnie” Evening Times

Following posted on 13.11.06

“Jail bosses shun sniffer dogs in the war on drug smuggling” Evening News

Following posted on 17.4.06

“Jail order: Cons told to buy at Argos to stop drugs being smuggled” Sunday Mail 16.4.06

Criminal Justice Bill: latest headline round-up. Bonomy review consultation published on corroboration and safeguards.

2014 October 15
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“Experts call for justice safeguards shake-up” Herald
“MacAskill’s bid to scrap law on corroboration undermined” Herald
“Bonomy post-corroboration review publishes safeguards consultation” Law Society Journal Online
“Replacing corroboration: what next?” James Chalmers blog

Post-corroboration safeguards review group (Bonomy) Includes links to consultation, response form and academic expert group report.

Following posted on 28.4.14

“MacAskill take corroboration blame” Scotsman

Following posted on 25.4.14

“It’s the law of the jungle as Justice Secretary is attacked” Herald
“Salmond dragged into MacAskill corroboration row” Scotsman
“MacAskill’s ill-judged rant returns to haunt him” Telegraph

Following posted on 24.4.14

“Plans to scrap corroboration put on hold” Courier
“Evidence backed justice bill delay” Herald
“Salmond facing questions over MacAskill legal U-turn” Herald
“Scottish Government delay Criminal Justice Bill” Herald
“Alex Salmond defends Kenny MacAskill over corroboration” BBC
“Opposition puts Kenny MacAskill on trial” BBC
“Report: Scottish first minister’s questions” BBC
“Plan to abolish corroboration put on hold by Scottish government” BBC
“MacAskill in U-turn on corroboration law change” Scotsman
“MacAskill in U-turn over law reforms” Press and Journal
“Scrapping of corroboration delayed for review into safeguards” STV
“Corroboration rule given stay of execution” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 14.3.14

“Scottish Tory conference: Corroboration move criticised in debate” BBC

Following posted on 28.2.14

“Three votes secure move to get rid of corroboration in crime bill” Press and Journal
“Splits appearing in Nationalist ranks” Scottish Express
“Nicola Sturgeon backs Kenny MacAskill over controversial corroboration row” Telegraph

“More evidence required before reforming law” Herald
“MSPs back bid to kill off criminal trial corroboration by three votes” Herald
“Corroboration move endorsed by MSPs” BBC
“MacAskill narrowly wins corroboration vote” Scotsman
“Three votes secure move to get rid of corroboration in crime bill” Press and Journal
“MSPs move step closer to abolishing corroboration in Scots law” STV
“Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill has lost the plot” Scottish Express Press and Journal

Following posted on 27.2.14

“Corroboration: New group to discuss legal reforms” Scotsman
“Law reform group to consider safeguards” Press and Journal
“Experts named for panel in plan to scrap corroboration” Herald
“Time to co-operate on corroboration” Scotsman
“Corroboration law denies justice to victims, Kenny MacAskill claims” STV
“Parties unite to fight changes to corroboration law” Scottish Express

Following posted on 19.2.14

“No smooth passage”

Following posted on 1.2.14

“Scrapping of ancient legal rule ‘will not damage justice'” Herald
“Corroboration: Fears for ‘struggling prosecutors’” Scotsman

Following posted on 7.2.14

“Corroboration change dubbed ‘a pig in a poke’” Scotsman

“Salmond backs MacAskill in corroboration change row” Herald

Following posted on 6.2.14

“Setback for MacAskill in fight to abolish corroboration rule” Herald
“Ditch corroboration plans, say Justice Committee MSPs” BBC
“MSPs urge SNP not to change laws on evidence” Scotsman
“Government urged to ditch plans to abolish need for corroboration” STV
“MSPs warn Kenny MacAskill in row over law reform” Scottish Express
“Holyrood inquiry: Case not made for abolishing corroboration” Telegraph

Following posted on 5.2.14

“MacAskill under fire as judge appointed for reforms review” Herald
“Judge to lead review on corroboration reform” BBC
“Senior judge to lead probe into corroboration plan” Scotsman
“”Senior judge” to review corroboration removal: MacAskill” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 30.1.14

“Rape campaigner meets MacAskill” Herald

“Senior figure’s last-ditch corroboration bid rebuffed” Herald
“Retired judge launches attack on corroboration policy” Herald

“Scots ‘may face rape trial on word of accuser’” Scotsman

Following posted on 24.1.14

“Justice Secretary says the requirement of corroboration in criminal trials has failed Scotland and must be scrapped” Daily Record
“Scotland’s youngest mum: Corroboration rule cheated me of justice.. the law must be changed” Daily Record
“Corroboration ‘stops police framing suspects’” Scotsman

Following posted on 17.1.14

“Corroboration: ‘Police not saints’ remark slammed” Scotsman
“First Minister supports delay of corroboration law change” Herald
“Scrapping corroboration is a populist bridge too far” Herald
“Proper safeguards and law on corroboration” Herald
“MacAskill puts plan to scrap corroboration in criminal trials on hold” Herald
“MacAskill offers corroboration delay – but no change of mind” Law Society Journal Online
“Justice minister MacAskill promises review of corroboration plans” BBC
“Justice minister MacAskill says case for abolishing corroboration ‘has been made'” BBC

“Lord McCluskey speaks out against ‘bizarre’ plans to abolish the need for corroboration in criminal cases” Daily Record
“Judge warns against SNP’s corroboration changes” Scotsman
“Lord McCluskey: Plans for reform ill-judged” Scotsman
“MacAskill must not play loose with law” Scotsman
“Kenny MacAskill admits need for ‘safeguards’ if corroboration is scrapped” Scottish Express

Following posted on 10.1.14

“Lawyers clash over evidence rule after sex case is dropped” Herald

“Law chief speaks of her fury over having to shelve charges against sex beast Lee Cyrus due to corroboration law” Daily Record

“Agenda: Scrapping corroboration could put criminal justice system in the dock” Herald
“Law chief criticises changes to justice system” Herald

“What is corroboration?” BBC
“Two senior judges voice support for corroboration” Scotsman
“Ex-judges warn corroboration move will increase risk of miscarriages of justice” Courier
“Former top judges add weight to corroboration defence” Law Society Journal Online
“Judges warn against Scottish Government plans to scrap need for corroboration in criminal cases” Telegraph

On suspects’ anonymity

“Flawed elements of Criminal Justice Bill” Scotsman
“Anonymity of suspects and interests of justice” Herald
“Kenny MacAskill proposes plan to grant anonymity to people accused of serious crimes” Daily Record
“Kenny MacAskill says anonymity could protect accused from trial by media” Courier

Following posted on 7.1.14

“Corroboration: a wicker shield against miscarriages of justice” Lallands Peat Worrier
“Top Scottish judges oppose ending corroboration” BBC

Following posted on 24.12.13

“MacAskill defends plan to overturn ancient legal principle” Herald
“A difficult legal balancing act” Herald

Following posted on 15.12.13

“Ditch corroboration in cyber crime, say police” Scotsman

“Muddle-guddle… “ Lallands Peat Worrier

Following posted on 10.12.13

“Axing corroboration ‘won’t affect rape cases’” Scotsman
“Less evidence to abolish corroboration” Scotsman

Following posted on 4.12.13

“Police unite behind plan to abolish corroboration of evidence” Press and Journal

“Scottish Police Federation: lost and confused” Lallands Peat Worrier

Following posted on 3.12.13

“Society invites opposing interests to corroboration talks” Law Society Journal Online
“A Little Insight on an Historic Day” The Firm Magazine
“Not too late to reconsider stance on corroboration says Law Society” The Firm Magazine
“Combing through Lord Carloway’s highlights” The Firm Magazine
““Justice is not just for victims”” The Firm Magazine

Following posted on 25.11.13

“You can have a fair trial without corroboration” The Firm Magazine
“Oh my God, they killed corroboration! You bastards!” The Firm Magazine

Following posted on 22.11.13

“Law Society backs Lord Gill comments on keeping corroboration” The Firm Magazine
“Lord Gill in warning on evidence changes” Herald
< trong>“It is time to listen to the evidence” Herald
“Scotland’s top judge warns against scrapping corroboration” Herald
“Abolishing corroboration in criminal cases could result in more miscarriages of justice, Scotland’s top judge warns MSPs” Daily Record
“Lord Gill urges Kenny MacAskill to keep corroboration” Telegraph
“Lord Gill tells MSPs corroboration should not be abolished” Law Society Journal Online
“Judge Lord Gill says corroboration rule should not be abolished” BBC
“Scotland’s top judge blasts Government plans to scrap corroboration” STV

Following posted on 18.11.13

““Baffling Poppycock”” The Firm Magazine

Following posted on 14.11.13

“Scotland Tonight: Will Criminal Justice Bill make streets safer?’ STV

Following posted on 5.11.13

“Built on Hope” Interview with Lord Hope containing the remarks reported on below.
“Considering rule of corroboration” Scotsman
“Judge warns conviction by confession alone would be ‘fundamentally wrong’” Courier
“Senior judge says proposed change in Scots law of corroboration is potentially dangerous” Daily Record
“Lord Hope warns on dangerous corroboration change” Scotsman
“Lord Hope: Scrapping corroboration is ‘quite dangerous'” Telegraph
“Corroboration change could be “quite dangerous”: Lord Hope” Law Society Journal Online
“Lord Hope says corroboration law reform ‘potentially dangerous'” BBC

Following posted on 22.10.13

“Evidence gap at heart of corroboration policy” Herald

Following posted on 21.10.13

“MacAskill calls on lawyers to back dropping corroboration” Herald
“Justice Secretary firm on corroboration and privatisation at SNP conference” Herald
“SNP conference: ‘No direct entry to police’” Scotsman
“Corroboration ‘must go’ to achieve justice, MacAskill insists” BBC

Following posted on 11.10.13

“Ending the requirement for collaboration will help bring justice to rape victims” Herald
“Rape experts in warning over plan to abolish corroboration” Herald

Following posted on 30.9.13

“Rape trial warning should be heeded” Herald
“”Warning rape convictions will fall after law change?”” Lallands Peat Worrier

Following posted on 25.9.13

“Kenny MacAskill: Centuries old rule of corroboration has failed Scotland and must be abolished from Scots law” Daily Record
“Scots justice failed by corroboration – MacAskill” Scotsman
“Corroboration has “failed Scotland”, MacAskill claims” Law Society Journal Online
“MacAskill calls for law to be abolished” Herald
“Corroboration has failed Scotland, says justice secretary” BBC
“Lord Carloway under fire over corroboration plans” Scotsman
“Top judge backs corroboration change” Herald

Following posted on 22.7.13

“The Advocate Fights Back” The Firm Magazine
“Corroboration rule open to human rights challenge” Scotsman
“Corroboration change could be needed under ECHR: Angiolini” Law Society Journal Online
“Angiolini warning over corroboration” Herald
“Abuse victim campaigns to end need for corroboration” Herald

Following posted on 1.7.13

“‘Raise age of criminal responsibility to 12’” Press and Journal
“Dismay as reform fails to stop criminal records for children” Herald
“Call for age change on child criminal responsibility” BBC
“Call for criminal responsibility age to be raised to 12 years old” STV
“United call to lift criminal age to 12” Courier
“Children’s charities in bid to raise age of criminal responsibility from eight to 12” Daily Record

Following posted on 26.6.13

“Corroboration heads call for evidence on Criminal Justice Bill” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 21.6.13

“Justice secretary proposes to end requirement for corroboration” Courier
“Bill proposes end of trial evidence corroboration” Courier
“Corroboration should be abolished, says MacAskill” Scotsman
“Scottish justice system overhaul a ‘recipe for disaster'” Telegraph
“Miscarriages risk from corroboration provision: Society” Law Society Journal Online
“Corroboration to go among criminal justice reforms” Law Society Journal Online
“MacAskill: Scots law change worth it to help rape victims” Herald
“MacAskill means to advance liberties by diminishing others” Herald
“New criminal justice bill could abolish need for corroboration” Herald
“Bill to end court case corroboration” BBC

Press releases

“Criminal Justice Bill” Scot. Gov. (April 2014)

“Reforms needed to protect victims” Scot. Gov. (February 2014)

“Corroboration review group announced” Scot. Gov. (February 2014)

“Group to examine corroboration safeguards” Scot. Gov. (February 2014)

“Human cost of corroboration” Scot. Gov. (February 2014)

“Justice Committee disagrees on case to abolish corroboration requirement” Scot.Parl. (Feb. 2014)

“Group to examine corroboration safeguards” Scot. Gov. (February 2014)

“Should corroboration be removed, asks committee as part of Criminal Justice Bill scrutiny” Scot.Parl. (June 2013)

“Criminal Justice Bill published” Scot.Gov. (June 2013)

“Abolishing corroboration risks increase in miscarriages of justice” Law Society of Scotland (June 2013)

See also

Post-corroboration safeguards review group (Bonomy) Includes links to consultation, response form and academic expert group report.

Criminal Justice (Scotland) Bill (Scottish Parliament current bills page: contains all documents, evidence etc)

Justice Committee: Criminal Justice Bill page

Additional Safeguards Following the Removal of the Requirement for Corroboration: Consultation Responses | Analysis of responses

Consultation on Sheriff and Jury Procedure: Responses | Analysis of responses

Prison visiting committees – what next? Second consultation closes.

2014 October 15
by Mary Munro

Eyes and ears of the communityUpdate

“Careful distinction:Second consultation closes on prison monitoring changes”

Following posted on 19.9.14

“Ministers make second attempt at prison visiting reform” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 28.2.14

The responses to the Consultation on draft Public Services Reform (Prison Visiting Committees) (Scotland) Order 2014 have been published.

Following posted on 13.1.14

“Concerns over prison monitors” Herald
“Prison monitors plan will create confusion – MSPs” Scotsman
“Concerns over proposed changes to prison visiting committees” STV

Following posted on 11.10.13

“MSPs call for evidence on abolishing prison visiting committees” Law Society Journal Online
“MSPs seek prisoners’ views on visiting committee plans” BBC

Following posted on 13.8.13

“Prison visitors complain about uncertain timing of new jail-monitor regime” Herald

Following posted on 29.4.13

“Robust monitoring of prisons promised” Herald

Following posted on 8.2.13

“At the moment arrangements for prison monitoring in Scotland do not meet the
standards required by the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention Against Torture. If the recommendations in this report are implemented Scotland will in future have a robust system for independent prison monitoring which, taken along with the new provision for independent police custody visiting, will place Scotland in the front rank of jurisdictions which have made provision for independent monitoring of places of detention.
Review of Proposals to Improve Arrangements for Independent Monitoring of Prisons (Andrew Coyle) (Feb. 2013)

“Expert backs independent monitors to replace prison visiting committees” Scotsman

Following posted on 5.10.12

“MacAskill under fire for prison plan” Herald
“MacAskill urged to rethink plan to scrap voluntary prison committees” STV

Following posted on 30.9.12

“Visiting rights”

read more…

Firearm Certificates Statistics Scotland published

2014 October 7
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by Mary Munro


“Number of shotguns at record high” Herald
“Number of shotguns owned in Scotland at record high” BBC
“Number of shotguns and firearms at record high” Scotsman

Following posted on 31.5.14

“Number of firearms certificates issued across Scotland increases” STV
“More firearms and shotguns legally held in Scotland” BBC

Following posted on 31.5.13

“Number of firearms in Scotland hits ten-year high” Scotsman
“Scots legally-held firearms reaches 10-year high” Press and Journal
“Licensed gun owners fall but the number of firearms held rises” BBC

Following posted on 30.5.12

“Limit number of guns owned by one person, says Kenny MacAskill” Scotsman
“Gun ownership jumps one-fifth as firearm licence ‘cheaper than TV licence’” STV
“19% increase in licensed firearms” The Firm Magazine
“Bid to cap ownership of guns” Scottish Express
“MacAskill demands gun crackdown” Herald

Following posted on 26.5.11

“Decrease in number of legally-held guns in Scotland” STV

Following posted on 12.5.10

“Legally–held guns up 20% since 2000” Press and Journal
“Little change seen from firearms legislation” Law Society Journal Online
“Legal firearm numbers in Scotland reach 10–year high” BBC

Following posted on 13.5.09

“Guns held legally in Tayside at high level” Courier
“Number of guns increases to 10–year high” Daily Record
“Illegal weapons fear as number of lawfully held guns hits 10–year high” Scotsman

Following posted on 28.5.08

“Firearms rise proves need for better licensing says government”
“Kenny MacAskill: Scots gun laws need reform” Daily Record
“MSP in vow over sale of airguns” Evening Times
“Number of firearms in Scotland reaches 10-year high” Herald
“Number of legal firearms in Scotland peaks” Press and Journal

Following posted on 16.5.07

“Increase in air weapons held on licence”

Following posted on 28.5.06

“Tayside gun certificates increase” Courier
“Figures show drop in gun permits” BBC

Following posted on 20.5.05

“Gun rise shock” Daily Record
“Lothians tops table for new gun licences” Evening News

Following posted on 28.5.04

“Rise in ownership of guns ‘no cause for concern'” Courier
“First rise in firearm certificates since tragedy at Dunblane” Scotsman
“Firearms statistics show fall in visitors”Courier

Press releases

“Firearm Certificates March 2014” Scot. Gov. (October 2014)
“Firearm certificates 2013” Scot. Gov. (May 2014)
“Firearm certificate statistics, Scotland, 2012” Scot.Gov. (May 2013)
“Firearm certificate statistics, Scotland, 2011” Scot.Gov. (May 2012)
“Justice Secretary requests firearms power transfer” Scot.Gov. (May 2012)
“Firearm Certificate Statistics, Scotland, 2010” Scot. Gov. (May 2011)
“Firearm Certificates Statistics, Scotland, 2009” Scot.Gov.
“Firearms Certificates Statistics 2008” Scot.Gov.
“Firearm certificates statistics 2007” Scot.Gov.
“Firearms Statistics Scotland 2006” Scot. Exec.
“Firearm Certificate Statistics 2005” Scot. Exec.
“Firearm statistics for 2004” Scot. Exec.
“Figures on firearm certificates”Scot. Exec.

See also

Firearms Certificate Statistics, Scotland, March 2014
Firearms Certificate Statistics, Scotland, 2013

Firearm Certificate Statistics, Scotland, 2012
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HMP Greenock full inspection published

2014 October 1
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by Mary Munro


“Prisons help on drink and drug habits” Scotsman

Following posted on 26.8.09

“Prison health centre ‘is not fit for purpose’” Herald
“Report slams Lockerbie bomber health centre” Evening Times
“Lockerbie bomber prison concerns” BBC
“Health centre at Lockerbie bomber prison criticised” STV

Following posted on 11.7.07

“Greenock Prison criticised for massive overcrowding” Scotsman
“Jail hall overcrowding concerns” BBC
“Prison watchdog condemns overcrowding at Greenock jail “ STV
“Inspector’s warning on Scots jail” Evening Times

Following posted on 12.5.06

“Praise for Libyan bomber’s ‘well-appointed’ jail cell” Scotsman
“Concerns over prison’s conditions” BBC

Following posted on 8.7.04

“Report slams overcrowding at Scots jail” Overcrowding in a jail is demoralising prisoners with three inmates to a cell, according to a new report. . .” Evening Times
“‘Maximum’ overcrowding at prison” BBC News

Press releases

“Greenock Prison report” Scot.Gov. (August 2009)

“Greenock Prison report” Scot. Exec. (July 2007)

“Greenock Prison” Scot. Exec. (May 2006)

See also

Report on HMP Greenock Full Inspection 19-27 May 2014

HM Inspectorate of Prisons: Report on HMP Greenock: Full Inspection, 6–13 May 2009

HMIP. Follow up inspection of HMP Greenock 6-7 March 07

HMIP: Report on HMP Greenock – February 2006

HMIP: HMP Greenock Inspection March 2004.

Fatal Accident Inquiries (FAIs) reform: consultation now closed

2014 September 22
Comments Off on Fatal Accident Inquiries (FAIs) reform: consultation now closed
by Mary Munro


“Yet one more reason for speeding up FAI process” Herald

Following posted on 12.9.14

“Advocates resist Fatal Accident Inquiries moving from courts” Herald
“Faculty rejects dedicated FAI centres proposal” Law Society Journal Online
“Action needed on pre-FAI delays, APIL claims” Law Society Journal Online

“Lawyers call for more action to speed up FAIs” Herald

Following posted on 14.7.14

“Why FAI system needs reform of pace and place” Herald
“Special fatal accident inquiry hubs to end delay for families” Herald

“Bid to cut time taken to carry out Fatal Accident Inquiries” Herald

Following posted on 03.7.14

“Concern over death probe delays” Herald
“Call for overhaul of FAI system to spare families years of distress” STV
“Ministers consult on fatal accident inquiry reform” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 02.7.14

“A poor beginning to limit FAI delays” Herald
“Failure to end FAI delays is condemned by families” Herald

Following posted on 14.1.14

“Families frozen out of death inquiries, MSPs hear” Scotsman
“Holyrood committee hears Fife family’s plea for death inquiry reforms” Courier

Following posted on 22.11.13

“MSP’s FAI proposals could have unwelcome consequences: Faculty” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 01.8.13

“Bid to overhaul fatal accident inquiries process” Scotsman
“Scotland Fatal Accident Inquiry overhaul consultation starts” BBC

Following posted on 03.5.13

“The Scottish judicial system leaps to attack the Scottish Review” Scottish Review

Following posted on 02.5.13

“Natasha’s family go on waiting while the sheriff goes on holiday” Scottish Review

Following posted on 17.9.12

“Reform to Scottish forces inquest laws welcomed” BBC

Following posted on 29.3.11

“In 2008, the Scottish Government appointed Lord Cullen of Whitekirk to review the operation of the Fatal Accidents and Sudden Deaths Inquiries (Scotland) Act 1976, which governs the system of judicial investigation of sudden or unexpected deaths in Scotland.The review sought to ensure that Scotland had an effective and practical system of public inquiry into deaths which was fit for the 21st century. Lord Cullen completed his review in November 2009. Since then, we have been carefully considering each of Lord Cullen’s 36 recommendations in consultation with colleagues in the Scottish Court Service and the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, as a number of the recommendations had implications for them.I am pleased to say we have been able to agree with the majority of Lord Cullen’s recommendations and, where we have been unable to do so, we have given our reasons for that.” Scottish Government Response to the Recommendations from the Review of Fatal Accident Inquiry Legislation (March 2011)

Following posted on 1.2.10

“Government urged to end delays in death inquiries” Herald

Following posted on 4.11.09

“Review calls for hearings when Scots die abroad” Herald
“Accident inquiries” Herald
“Judge calls for law change over fatal accident inquiries” Press and Journal
“Report recommends Fatal Accident Inquiry overhaul” STV
“Sudden death law review will ease anguish” Times

Following posted on 21.11.08

“Fatal accident inquiry consultation launched “
“Cullen review publishes FAI consultation” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 20.11.08

“Judge aims to improve FAI system” BBC
“Talks on reform of fatal accident inquiry legislation in Scotland launched” Press and Journal
“FAI recommendations may become binding” Scotsman

Following posted on 17.6.08

“Call to improve prison deaths inquiry system”

Following posted on 28.3.08

“FAIs: a new lease of life” Law Society Journal Online (April 2008)

“FAIs on soldiers ‘a matter for Scottish ministers’” Herald
” Review of Fatal Accident Inquiries”
“Fatal Accident Inquires under review” Herald
“Judge probes how FAI system works” BBC
“Fatal accident inquiries probe welcomed by campaigners” Herald
“Lord Cullen to review law on fatal accident inquiries” Scotsman
“Lord Cullen to review fatal accident inquiries” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 22.4.05

“Change law on death crashes, say family” Times
“Family want death probe laws changed” Evening Times

Following posted on 11.2.04

“Call to review death inquiries”An urgent review of fatal accident inquiries into deaths in custody has been demanded by campaigners. It follows complaints from a number of bereaved relatives who were completely dissatisfied with way they work. The concerns raised have prompted wider questions over the Fatal Accidents and Sudden Deaths Inquiry (Scotland) Act of 1976. The Scottish Human Rights Centre is now urging the Scottish Executive to examine the legislation …” BBC

Press release

“Consultation into FAIs opens” Scot. Gov. (July 2014)

“Review of Fatal Accident Inquiry Legislation (November 2009)” Scot.Gov.
“Review of Fatal Accident Inquiry Legislation (November 2008)” Scot.Gov.
“Review of fatal accident inquiries” Scot.Gov. (March 2008)

See also

Consultation on proposals to reform Fatal Accident Inquiries legislation (Scot.Gov. July 2014)

Scottish Government Response to the Recommendations from the Review of Fatal Accident Inquiry Legislation (March 2011)
Review of Fatal Accident Inquiry Legislation: The Report (November 2009)
Review of Fatal Accident Inquiry Legislation (Scottish Government web section)
Petition by Guje Borgesson calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to ensure that the new specialist deaths unit being created by the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service is able to investigate retrospective and current cases of suspicious deaths, including after a Fatal Accident Inquiry has taken place, where the bereaved can reasonably demonstrate that the circumstances of the death were suspicious and that there is a robust and open mechanism, involving the families, for an independent review of such suspicious deaths PE1332 (2010)
Scottish Parliament Official Report 27.3.08: Fatal Accident Inquiries Debate
Petition by Dr Kenneth Faulds and Julie Love calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to give the same level of protection to the families of people from Scotland who die abroad as is currently in place for people from England by amending the Fatal Accidents and Sudden Deaths Inquiry (Scotland) Act 1976 to require the holding of a fatal accident inquiry when a person from Scotland dies abroad PE1280 (2009)
Petition calling for action to be taken in relation to the Crown Office’s decisions and consideration in prosecuting road traffic deaths PE029 (2005)
Petition calling for the Scottish Parliament to conduct an investigation to establish why the full powers of the law are not enforced in all cases which involve death by dangerous driving. PE055 (2004)