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Quite possibly the last post

2015 September 14
by Mary Munro

Mary MunroI started this project back in October 2003 when online information about Scottish criminal justice was sparse and difficult to access.

CjScotland was encumbered with all manner of ambitions but there was no way of knowing then that social media and the taken-for-granted online presence of government, agencies and organisations would evolve as they have done. There was also no way of anticipating how the political talk about justice would change, in this jurisdiction at least, to a much more nuanced and progressive approach, albeit that there are still arguments to be won and the talk has not as yet been translated into substantial and irreversible change.

In recent years my energies have been diverted by teaching, book editing (see below) and my (voluntary) role as managing editor of the Scottish Justice Matters project. Inevitably this blog became neglected and so the time has come to make it clear, in case anyone stumbles on this pages, that there isn’t going to be another update.

CjScotland will continue to develop on Twitter with media and source links to news and information about criminal justice in Scotland.

If you would like to read more about Scottish criminal justice in book form then have a look at Crime, Justice and Sociey in Scotland eds. Hazel Croall, Gerry Mooney and Mary Munro, Routledge (August 2015) and it predecessor, complementary volume, Criminal Justice in Scotland Willan (2010).

Best wishes

Mary Munro

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