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Police stop and search in Scotland: headlines, links

2015 February 26
by KatrinaM


“First Minister Sturgeon backs Police Scotland boss Sir Stephen House” BBC

Following posted on 25.2.15

“Police to improve stop-and-search data after error” Scotsman

Following posted on 23.2.15

“Over half of Scots back police ‘stop and search’” Scotsman
“Scots back police ‘stop and search’” Courier
“Emails show leading academic liaised with Police Scotland over stop-and-search article” Herald
“Revealed: Police Scotland and Scottish Government tried to hamper research into stop-and-search” Herald
“House must change, or go” Herald

Following posted on 20.2.15

“Police scrutiny vital but must be focused” Herald
“Police Scotland chief under fire from MSPs” Scotsman
“Scotland’s police chief grilled over search and stop row” Scottish Express
“Police chief faces criticism from justice sub-committee” Law Society Journal Online
“Police chief seeks to defend record amid stop and search ‘mistake'”

Following posted on 19.2.15

“Police chiefs must explain ‘sorry mess'” BBC
“Willie Rennie: trust in police has been shattered by its handling of data on stop-and-search” Herald
“Scotland’s police chief admits stop-and-search data was lost and huge communication problem in force as he gets grilled by MSPs” Daily Record
“Police lost 20,000 stop-search records after ‘wrong button pressed” BBC
“How easy is it to accidentally delete thousands of police records?” BBC
“Sir Stephen House under attack over his Police Scotland record” Telegraph

Following posted on 18.2.15

“As the controversy about stop and searches rumbles on, it seems fair to suggest there is a lack of clarity around current police practice.” Herald
“Emails published by information boss contradict police stop-search claims” BBC
“Police not forced to release ‘inaccurate’ data” Scotsman

Following posted on 14.2.15

“Never mind the numbers, are Police Scotland searches effective?” Herald

Following posted on 13.2.15

“Police Scotland stop-search claim ‘inaccurate'” BBC
“Police must do more to secure trust” Scotsman

Following posted on 10.2.15

“Chief Constable calls for debate on how to replace stop-and-search” Herald
“Sir Stephen House calls for stop-search consensus” BBC
“Toothless police watchdogs failing” Scotsman
“Davidson: Police chiefs leaving public in dark” Scotsman
“Davidson slams police ‘arrogance'” Courier
“Scottish Police Federation chief: Stop and search caused the London riots, but we still need it in Scotland”

“A Response to Calum Steele …”
“Smug Scottish Police Federation spit out the dummy on stop and search”
“Police rank-and-file body warns of “frightening political ignorance” over stop-and-search powers” Herald
“Police body: MSPs ‘ignorant’ over stop and search” Scotsman
“Police powers defended as union warns of ‘political interference'” STV
“Stop-and-search: Police officers accuse politicians of ignorance” BBC
“Stop and search debate shows no end”
SPF letter to MSPs Feb 2015
“Gen Sec writes to MSPs re Search” Scottish Police Federation

Following posted on 8.2.15

“Stop and search in Scotland: legality and accountability (Kath Murray)” Scottish Justice Matters
“Need for wider review of the policing landscape” Herald
“Bid to outlaw ‘consensual’ stop and search to be made within days” Herald
“Discomfort over stop and search policy” Herald
“Lib Dems’ legal bid to ban consensual stop-and-search” BBC

Following posted on 6.2.15

“Human rights welcome for police “stop and search” rethink” Law Society Journal Online
“SNP’s law and order” Scotsman
“Policing by consent” Herald
“Sturgeon: Police Scotland is considering ending stop and search” Evening Times
“Calls for Holyrood to outlaw police stop-searches” Evening News
“Police Scotland stop and search hundreds of young children – despite pledge to scrap controversial tactic” Daily Record
“Stop and search pays off for football cops” Evening Times
“Scotland’s human rights tsar demands: scrap stop and search without suspicion” Herald
“End stop and search without suspicion now” Herald
“Police search hundreds of children despite commitment” BBC
“Where now for police stop-and-search?” BBC
“Hundreds of under-12s searched by Police Scotland” Scotsman

Following posted on 2.2.15

“End stop and search without suspicion now” Herald

For headlines to 2009, press releases and links


Following posted on 31.8.14

“Police Scotland spent £10m on ‘unlawful’ stop and search” Herald
“Stop and search in need of reforming” Herald
“Police spent nearly £10million on stop and searches which had no legal basis last year, according to new figures” Daily Record

Following posted on 20.8.14

“Warning over risk of racial profiling in stop and search”

Following posted on 17.8.14

“Massive fall in number of controversial stop and search operations after admission figures were manipulated” Herald

Following posted on 29.7.14

“Policing policies and open debate” Scotsman
“Toxic culture puts public at risk, warn officers” Scotsman

Following posted on 25.7.14

“MSP concerned by ‘staggering’ rise in police use of stop-and-search in Angus” Courier
“Concern over use of stop and search on children in East Dunbartonshire” Milngavie Herald

Following posted on 22.7.14

“Police Scotland frisk nine times as many people as the NYPD” Herald
“Scottish police carry out nine times more stop & searches than officers patrolling New York City” Daily Record

Following posted on 8.7.14

“Police: our bosses bully us to boost stop and search figures” Herald
“Police admit stop and search has more than doubled” Scotsman

Following posted on 1.7.14

“Police chiefs warn officers: step up stop and search” Herald
“Searches of non-Scots have risen by more than half under Police Scotland” Daily Record
“Stop and search thrown into question” Scotsman

Following posted on 23.6.14

“Claim police weapons finds are misleading” Herald
“Revealed: how police stop and search policy misleads the public” Herald
“Police Scotland agree to scrap stop and search operations on children” Herald

Following posted on 3.6.14

“Lack of evidence on policing tactics” Herald
“Children as young as six subjected to stop and search” Herald
“Watchdog report finds police under pressure over stop and search” Herald
“Chief says consent issue problematic” Herald
“Power hungry police must think again over stop and search procedure” Daily Record
“Police Scotland stopped and searched more than 25,000 children under 15 last year in procedure described as a ‘shambles'” Daily Record
“There is no obvious link between increased stop-and-searches and reduced violent crime in Scotland says watchdog” Daily Record
“Fall in violent crime not down to stop and search” Scotsman
“Stop and search policy”Scotsman
“No evidence stop-and-search reduces violent crime” Press and Journal Same Press Association article in the Courier
“Impact of stop and search is questioned” Scottish Express

“Police watchdog to review stop and search policy” BBC
“‘Crimes’ recorded against children by Police Scotland” BBC
“The terrible three-year-olds: police record five toddlers committing offences” Herald
“Children as young as three have been reported for crimes by Police Scotland” Daily Record

Following posted on 5.5.14

“Police overhaul discredited stop-and-search policy” Herald

Following posted on 14.4.14

“Police tackle their chief over ‘fake’ stop-search allegations” Herald
“Kenny MacAskill defends stop and search” Herald
“Rennie: stop and search powers must end” Herald
“Calls for better regulation of police stop and search powers” STV

Following posted on 26.3.14

“MacAskill defends crime rate admission” Herald
“MacAskill defends stop and search” Courier
“Kenny MacAskill says crime stats are not ‘made up’” Scotsman

Following posted on 24.3.14

“Labour slam Police Scotland over fabricated figures as Daily Record reveal ONE stop and search can be recorded EIGHT times” Daily Record
“Police chief admits to fake stop and search figures” Herald
“Sir Stephen: doubts over stop-searches” Herald
“Some police stop-and-search figures ‘made up’” Scotsman

“Young people want to be stopped and searched, says police chief” STV

Following posted on 10.3.14

“Street cops under pressure over stop-and-search” Herald

Following posted on 31.1.14

“Police frisking children ‘to meet targets’” Scotsman
“Fears over ‘disproportionate’ use of child stop and search powers” STV

Following posted on 24.1.14

“Warning on police search tactics” Herald
“Stop and search ‘risks alienating generation’” Scotsman

Following posted on 22.1.14

“Stop-and-search an important tool in police efforts to keep Scotland safe” Herald
“Stop and search on scale we have seen risks alienating young people” Herald
“House is not in order over lobbying” Scotsman

Following posted on 20.1.14

“Stop and search in Scotland: record figures need open debate” Guardian
“Police stop and search rates in Scotland four times higher than in England” Guardian
“Police questioned on search tactics” Herald
“Dangers in rise of stop-and-search” Herald
“Scottish stop-and-search tactics result in deadly weapons haul” Scottish Express
“Scottish police stop and search numbers double” Scotsman
“Scots police have twice stop and search rate of Met” Scotsman
“Stop and searches ‘four times more common in Scotland'” BBC
“Stop and search more common in Scotland than in England (video)” BBC

“Stop & search: Scots six times more likely to be stopped under controversial tactic than people south of the border, report reveals” Daily Record
“Controversial stop and search tactics have removed massive haul of guns and knives from Scotland’s streets, police reveal” Daily Record
“Scottish police search half a million people in eight months” Herald
“Police seizures of drugs, weapons and alcohol increase by third” Herald
“Police Scotland announces increase in positive stop and search results” BBC
“2000 police stop and searches a day in Scotland” Scotsman
“Increase in number of weapons and alcohol seized in stop and searches” STV

“Knife crime at record low say police” Evening Times

Following posted on 3.1.14

“Demand for inquiry into ‘unethical searches’ by police” Herald
“Police warn of ‘illegal’ searches in bid to meet new targets” Herald

Following posted on 21.11.13

“Rural policing is being sacrificed to meet targets” Herald
“Public confidence in Scotland’s new single police force damaged by ‘tick box’ culture for minor crimes, warn critics” Daily Record
“Police reject targets request” Herald

Following posted on 7.10.13

“Stop searching for reasons and look at facts: police methods do work” Herald

Following posted on 22.8.13

“Police chief says stop-and-search is keeping people safe” Courier
“No stop-and-search targets, say police” Law Society Journal Online
“Being young and in a public place seems reason enough to be stopped and searched” Herald

Following posted on 22.8.13

“Police chiefs insist there are no targets for number of stop and searches conducted across Scotland” Daily Record
“Human rights fears as police search 23,000 under-15s” Herald
“Stop and search targets ‘not set’ for police officers in Scotland” BBC

Following posted on 21.8.13

“Some searching questions for police” Herald
“Huge rise in police stop and search numbers” Herald
“Stop and Searches Reasonable suspicion needed” Herald

Following posted on 2.8.13

“Concerns at rise of “Strathclyde-style” policing” Scotsman

Following posted on 24.4.13

“Stop and search powers to be used to catch knife carriers” Courier
“Police set to stop and search people in a bid to cut knife crime across Scotland” Daily Record
“Police Scotland stop and search knife crime plans” Scotsman
“Stop-and-search used in knife crackdown” Herald

Following posted on 21.3.13

“Knife-carrying hits historic low” Evening Times

Following posted on 2.2.13

“Police spot-checks cut crime in Glasgow city centre” Evening Times

Following posted on 31.12.12

“Strathclyde Police stop and search numbers outstrip London as civil liberties groups warn of harassment” Daily Record

Following posted on 13.10.12

“Scotland’s chief constable pledges to crackdown on gangs” Daily Record

Following posted on 13.6.11

“Strathclyde police questioned over stop and search use” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 6.4.11

“‘Shock’ rise in police searches to 70 a day” Evening News
“Police searches – ‘It is good that they are taking regular action'” Evening News

Following posted on 1.2.10

“Scots prime targets for police searches” Scottish Express

Following posted on 21.9.09

“Police stop and search 50 people every day in Lothians” Evening News

Press releases

“Press Statement: Correspondence between the Scottish Information Commissioner and Police Scotland on stop and search data” Scottish Information Commissioner (February 2015)
“Sir Stephen House response regarding consensual stop and search” Police Scotland (February 2015)
“Police to review powers to replace all consensual stop & search” Police Scotland (February 2015)

“Special Board Meeting – Stop and Search – 13 February 2015” Scottish Police Authority

“Commission welcomes progress on stop and search” SHRC (February 2015)
“Commission calls for end to non-statutory stop and search” SHRC (February 2015)

“Case for legal framework for stop and search stronger than ever” Scottish Liberal Democrats (February 2015)
“Parliament owed an honest explanation on stop and search” Scottish Liberal Democrats (February 2015)
“McInnes seeking SNP support for stop and search reforms” Scottish Liberal Democrats (February 2015)
“Rennie calls for publication of stop and search correspondence” Scottish Liberal Democrats (February 2015)
“Rennie calls for immediate end to consensual stop and search” Scottish Liberal Democrats (February 2015)

“FM welcomes move to end consensual stop & search” Scot. Gov. (February 2015)

“Time For A Review of Police Scotland Oversight” Scottish Conservatives (February 2015)

“New stop and search report underlines need for reform” Scottish Liberal Democrats (1.7.14)

“SPA publish review into Police Scotland’s use of stop and search” Scottish Police Authority (May 2014)

“Police don’t know how many suspects refuse stop and search” Scottish Conservatives (May 2014)

“SPA response to stop and search in Scotland research” Scottish Police Authority (January 2014)

“Stop and Search in Scotland is a human rights violation” SACC (January 2014)
“Comment – use of stop and search powers in Scotland” SHRC (January 2014)

“Increase in Positive Stop and Search Results” Police Scotland (January 2014)

“Knife carrying? It’s not worth the risk” Police Scotland (April 2013)

SPA stop and search review

See also

Murray, K. (2014) ‘Non-statutory stop and search in Scotland’, SCCJR Briefing Paper 6/2014.

Scrutiny Review – Police Scotland’s Stop and Search Police and Practice (May 2014)

Murray, K. (2014), ‘Stop and search in Scotland: An evaluation of police practice.’ SCCJR Report.

Scottish Parliament Justice Sub-Committee on Policing; stop and search

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