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Scottish Government policy on lowering drink drive alcohol limit: changes now in force

2014 December 18
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by Mary Munro


“Drink Driving in Scotland – Problems When the Law Outpaces Technology” Scots Law Blog
“New drink driving limit has a positive impact” Herald

Following posted on 8.12.14

“Politicians: New drink drive law ‘a diversion’” Scottish Express
“Scotland sets example to UK on drink driving limits” Herald
“Prosecutors drop convention of not pursuing drink-drivers just over limit” Herald
“Legal expert hails new drink drink limit” Herald
“Scotland cuts drink-drive alcohol limit” BBC
“Drink-drive limit cut across Scotland prompting police to warn drivers who cross the border if they have had one drink they could be over the limit” Daily Record
“Drink-drive limit cut in Scotland” Scotsman
“Reduced drink-drive limit ‘will save lives’” Scotsman
“Stricter drink-drive limit comes into force in Scotland” Guardian
“Scottish police begin enforcing new drink-drive limit north of the border” Telegraph

Following posted on 19.11.14

“Scots drink-drive limits bring warnings at Border” Scotsman
“Sober at the wheel in England, but over the limit north of border: Tightened drink-drive laws in Scotland ‘could catch drivers unaware'” Scottish Daily Mail
“Holyrood approves new lower drink-drive limit to ‘make roads safer'” STV
“MSPs agree drink-drive limit change following debate” BBC
“MacAskill refuses to cut drink drive penalties” Herald
“Signs at Border to warn of new drink-drive limit” Herald
“Room for confusion over the new drink-drive limit” Herald

Following posted on 24.10.14

“Morning-after motorists may be over limit under new laws” Herald
“Scotland to reduce drink-drive limit” BBC
“Drivers who drink as little as one pint of beer could end up in dock under plans to lower drink-drive limit” Daily Record
“Scottish drink-drive limit to be reduced” Telegraph
“Scotland drink-drive limit to be reduced” Guardian
“Scotland to cut drink drive limit in time for Christmas after 1 in 10 road deaths are linked to alcohol” Scottish Daily Mail
“Scots drink-drive limit to be lowered from 5 December” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 25.8.14

“Plans to cut drink-drive limit by Christmas under threat” Herald

Following posted on 3.6.14

“New drink drive legislation in Scotland could see a single pint put motorists over the limit” Daily Record

Following posted on 24.12.13

“SNP wants devolved laws on drink-driving” Herald

“Whitehall delays new drink-drive limits for Scotland” Herald

Following posted on 4.3.13

“Border signs for new drink-drive law” Herald

Following posted on 2.3.13

“Public consultation backs Scottish Government plans to lower drink drive limit” Daily Record
“Drink-drive limit will be cut to ‘one pint’” Scotsman
“Lower alcohol limit will save lives, say experts” Scotsman
“Booze limit will drop to one pint in Scotland” Scottish Sun
“Government to lower drink-drive limit, Justice Secretary confirms” STV
“Drink-drive limit could be lowered” Herald
“Public consultation backs lowering drink-drive limit in Scotland” BBC

Following posted on 7.1.13

“New drink-drive law powers backed” Herald

“MacAskill hits out at motorists caught by campaign” Herald

Following posted on 14.12.12

“Central Scotland Police issue drink drive warning” BBC

Following posted on 10.12.12

“Strathclyde third worst for drink-driving” Evening Times
“Northern’s drink-drive figures ‘disappointing’ “BBC

Following posted on 4.12.12

“Top cops vow Christmas crackdown on motorists who drive under influence of drink or drugs” Daily Record
“Festive drink-drive warning to Christmas tipplers” Evening Times
“Police campaign targets drink and drug-drivers” Herald

Following posted on 3.12.12

“Police launch month-long festive crackdown on drink driving” Daily Record
“Police chiefs back campaign to target drink-drivers over festive period” Scotsman
“Call for review of drink-drive laws” Herald
“Police issue festive warning on drink-driving danger” BBC

Following posted on 2.12.12

“Kenny MacAskill issues plea for random breath tests on motorists as festive crackdown on drink driving is launched” Daily Record
“Westminster blocks Holyrood plan for random breath tests” Scotsman
“Justice Secretary wants police to be able to breathalyse at random” STV
“Call for more Scots drink-drive powers ahead of festive crackdown” BBC

Following posted on 1.12.12

“Lawyers’ concern over plans to cut drink-drive limit” Herald
“Drink-drive limit cut ‘won’t stop hard core’ “Daily Express

Following posted on 30.11.12

“Lawyers warn Scottish Government over cutting drink drive limit” Scotsman
“Society warns on new drink drive limits” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 5.11.12

“Lowering drink-drive limit ‘could let worst offenders off hook’” Scotsman
“Lower drink-drive limits backed” Law Society Journal Online
“Bid to call time: plan to lower Scotland’s drink-drive limit wins cross-party support” Courier

Following posted on 2.11.12

“Reduction in drink drive limit debated in Holyrood as campaigners call for zero-tolerance approach” Daily Record
“Random drink-drive tests win support of MSPs at Holyrood” Daily Record
“MSPs vote to lower limit for drink driving” Scotsman
“Holyrood support for huge cut on drink-drive limit” Scottish Sun
“Wider backing for SNP breath-test bid” Press and Journal
“Fury at bid for random breath tests” Scottish Express
“MSPs endorse move for stricter drink-drive limit” Herald
“Scottish drink-drive limit cut endorsed by MSPs” BBC

Following published on 29.10.12

“Scottish Government demands stronger measures to tackle drink driving” STV
“Call for drink-driving powers” Herald
“Scotland requests more drink-drive powers from UK government” BBC
“Calls for alcohol limit to be devolved” Herald

Following published on 7.09.12

“One pint and you are over the limit under new plans” Scottish Sun
“Public consultation launched into proposals to lower drink drive limit” STV
“Lowering drink-drive limit in Scotland will ‘save 17 lives a year'” Telegraph
“Proposal to reduce drink/drive limit launched” The Firm Magazine
“Scottish Govt considering reduction in drink driving limit” Newsnet Scotland
“Broad support for plans to lower legal drink-drive limit” Herald
“Scotland-England border drink-drive pledge by police” BBC
“There is no such thing as a safe amount of booze when driving, so let’s set the limit at zero” Scotsman

Following published on 7.09.12

“Consultation launched on reducing Scotland’s drink-drive limit” BBC
“Tougher new drink drive laws are backed by police in Scotland” Scotsman

Following published on 6.06.12

“Road safety charity suggests reduced sanctions for drink drivers” Scotsman
“Road safety charity suggests drink driving bans and fines be reduced” STV
“Booze limit cut unfair to drivers” Scottish Sun

Following published on 28.05.12

“Doctors backing tougher drink law” Herald
“Drink drive limit in Scotland to be reduced to a pint of beer or glass of wine” Daily Record
“Scottish drink-drive limit plans given cautious welcome” Scotsman
“Campaigners welcome move to lower Scotland’s drink-drive limit” STV
“Just ONE pint could put you over the limit in Scotland but not in England, as Scots introduce tougher new drink-driving law” Daily Mail
“Scottish drink-drive limit is to be cut soon” Scottish Express
“Scottish Government set to lower drink-drive limit” Independent
“Safe message on drink driving limit” Herald
“Scottish drink-drive limit ‘to be lowered'” BBC

Following published on 18.06.10

“MacAskill in battle to extend powers on drink–drive law” Herald
“Cutting alcohol limit for drivers is correct” Herald
“Why a new drink–driving law might still not be tough enough” Herald

Following published on 17.06.10

“Drink drive limits must be lowered urges report” Evening Times
“Drink–driving laws should be tougher, says report” Guardian
“So how much can you drink and still be able to drive safely?” Independent
“Wide support for study’s finding on tougher drink–driving levels” Scotsman
“Call for drink–drive limit to be cut” Press and Journal

Following published on 4.12.09

“Westminster signals bid to cut limit for drink–driving” Herald
“Drink–driving limit” Herald
“‘We must ensure we don’t lose the message’” Herald

Following posted on 24.09.07

“It’s time to start tackling our drinking culture” Scotsman. Article by Shirley-Anne Somerville, an SNP MSP for the Lothians.

Following posted on 17.09.07

“SNP drink drive plan is non-starter” Scotsman
“Drive addicts off our roads” Scotland on Sunday

Following posted on 12.09.07

“Little Olivia, another victim of a society blighted by drugs” Scotsman
“Drugs policy must be rethought” Scotsman
“Day when two worlds collided and a child died” Evening News

“Drug-driving test kits get green light” Scotland on Sunday
“Tories back MacAskill in bid to implement ‘drugalyser'” Scotsman

“Call to drive down drinking limit” BBC

Press releases

“Lower drink drive limit” Scot. Gov. (December 2014)
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