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Homicide in Scotland statistics from 2002: 2013-14 bulletin published

2014 December 10
by Mary Munro


Trends in selected crimes of violence 1 , Scotland, 2004 - 05 to 20 1 3 - 14
“Scottish homicide figures at lowest recorded levels” BBC
“Homicide toll hits record low as “booze and blades” culture declines” Herald
“Scotland’s murder rate down to record low” Scotsman
“Number of homicide cases in Scotland fell 5% last year to new low” STV

“40% increase in murders after spate of city killings” Evening Times

Following posted on 6.10.13

“Scotland’s violent death rate ‘at record low’” Courier
“Killings fall to new low in Scotland” Evening Times
“Homicide figures drop to record low in Scotland” Telegraph
“Scotland still top of British murder rates despite record fall in violent deaths” Scottish Express
“Murder rate at lowest since 1976” Herald
“Homicides fall to lowest level since records began four decades ago” STV
“Is Scotland becoming a safer place to live?” STV

Following posted on 7.11.12

“Glasgow homicide cases drop to just 15 a year” Evening Times
“Stranger murder myth dispelled” Herald
“Homicide cases fall by 11% with young men still most likely accused” Daily Record
“Murders fall but Scotland still sees one killing very four days” Scotsman
“Homicide figures down 11%” Law Society Journal Online
“Number of killings in Scotland falls” BBC

Following posted on 15.12.11

“Average Scottish killer is a drunk young man with a knife who knows his victim” Daily Record
“Homicides in Scotland on the rise as figures show most killers are under influence of drink or drugs” Daily Record
“A killing every four days as Scottish murder toll rises” Scotsman
“Demands for new knife crackdown as death rate rises” Scottish Express
“Scottish murder rate rises to almost 100 in last year” STV
“Murder toll leaps by a fifth” Scottish Sun
“Over half of Scottish murders involve alcohol” Newsnet Scotland
“Alcohol link as Scots murder rate rises 19%” Herald
“Alcohol takes deadly toll on more than one front” Herald
“Homicide rate in Scotland increases by 19%” BBC

Following posted on 15.12.10

“Homicide rate in Scotland falls to lowest rate in 30 years with 78 killings in past year” Daily Record
“Scottish homicide rate at lowest in a generation” Evening News
“Murder rate static in Fife and Tayside, amid national low” Courier
“Murder rate falls … but we still top homicide league” Evening Times
“Fatal stabbings down 40% as killing rate hits a 31–year low” Herald
“Cracking down on Scotland’s knife culture after ‘too many lives lost’” Scotsman
“Murder rate in Scotland at its lowest since late 70s” Scotsman
“‘Homicide rates fluctuate, so this could be just a blip’” Scotsman
“Call for SNP to get tough on blade and booze crime” Express
“Number of killings at lowest level for 30 years” STV
“Scotland named murder capital of Britain” Telegraph
“Scotland’s murder rate lowest for 31 years” BBC

Following posted on 24.2.10

“Knife homicides reach a record high in Scotland” Courier
“Knife remains most common weapon for committing murder in Scotland” Daily Record
“Knives ‘most commonly–used murder weapon in Scotland’” Evening News
“Knives used in more than half Scotland’s killings” Herald
“Half of all Scottish murders committed with blades” Scotsman
“Calls to jail knife thugs as stabbing deaths soar” Express
“Record knife killings in Scotland” Telegraph
“Knives used in record number of killings” STV
“Knife killing at record high rate” BBC
“Scourge of knife crime blamed for 57 murders” Press and Journal

Following posted on 17.12.08

““Bevvy and blades” culture takes its toll” Courier
“Murder on the rise in Tayside and Fife” Courier
“Rise in murders in Fife sees figure at five–year high” Courier
“Drink and drugs are linked to half of killings in Scotland last year” Herald
“MacAskill to challenge ‘bevy and blades culture’”
“Homicides in Scotland decrease but knife deaths up” Herald
“SNP vows to get tough on knife and drinking culture” Press and Journal
“‘Blades and bevvy’ role in deaths” BBC
“Drop in number of homicides in Scotland” STV
“Drop in Scots murders” Evening Times

Following posted on 19.12.07

“Fife’s homicide rate highest for decade” Courier
“Violence-buster needs plenty of ammunition” Evening News
“‘It will take a great deal to shift attitudes on violence and alcohol'” Evening News
“Latest statistics reveal rise in number of killings in Scotland” Herald
“Booze-and-blades culture” Herald

“Murder rate rises”
“Homicide Rate Soars By 26%” Daily Record
“Vow to stamp out violence as number of murders up” Evening News
“Homicide rate halves in Dundee” Evening Telegraph
“Booze blamed after killings soar by 27%” Evening Times
“Vow to stamp out violence as number of murders up” Scotsman
“Figures show homicide rate up 27%” BBC
“Number of killings rockets” STV
“Sharp rise in killings in Scotland” Herald

Following posted on 27.11.06

“Not sticking the knife into dark culture is a crime” Sunday Times
“Medics’ skills are real reason for fewer homicides” Evening Times

Following posted on 22.11.06

“Homicides and firearm offences fall”
“Murders fall in Lothian ‘but violence still deep seated'” Evening News
“Scots homicide rate at lowest level for 15 years” Evening Times
“Homicide level lowest in 15 years” BBC
“Minister seeks new and safer era” BBC
“Homicide figures fall amid vows on firearm crime” Courier
“Sudden fall in knife killings hailed by Scottish ministers” Herald
“A safer Scotland” Herald
“Fatal stabbings in Scotland fall to lowest for five years” Herald
“Murder rate falls to 15-year low, prompting Jamieson to hail ‘crimebusting’ credentials” Scotsman
“Lowest homicide rates since 1990” STV
“Your views on Scotland’s homicide figures” BBC

Following posted on 19.12.05

“The killing streets: Kathleen Mulhall is still coming to terms with the loss of two brothers to violent attacks. With Scotland’s murder rate at a 10-year high, how can we combat a culture of violence?” Sunday Herald

Following posted on 15.12.05

“Number of murders in Scotland soars “ Scottish TV
“Homicide rate hits 10-year high” BBC
“‘Booze and blades’ push murder rate to new high” Times
“Scottish homicide rate hits ten-year high” Scotsman
“‘No-one can deny we have a problem with knife crime'” Herald
“A culture of violence” Herald
“Soaring levels of assaults blighting Scotland’s streets” Herald
“Murders in Scotland soar to 10-year record” Evening Times
“Murders worst since Dunblane” “Fighting drunk and deadly” “Cage the evil thugs, says Mum” Daily Record 15.12.05

Following posted on 25.11.04

“Homicide figures “still far too high”” Courier
“Murder total falls but figures highlight close links to drink” Herald
“Scotland’s deadly cocktail” Herald
“Cautious welcome as unlawful killings hit three-year low “ Scotsman
“Deaths fall but knife culture blights Scotland” Times
“Lothian rise bucks trend as Scots killings fall” Evening News
“Fewer killings but city still top of violence list” Evening Times
“Figures show drop in murder rate “ BBC
“Fall in number of homicides in Scotland “ Scottish TV
“Aberdeen homicide rise bucks the trend” Press and Journal

Following posted on 27.11.03

“Booze and blades claim more lives:” BBC
“Drink culture blamed for rise in stabbings” Evening News
“Swinney hits at ‘murder capital’ tag:” Evening Times
“Crime shock of booze and blade Scots” Courier
“Scotland: home of the booze and blade culture” Herald
“The Murder City” Daily Record
“Killers cause misery across country” Daily Record
“Scotland’s murder rate rockets” Scottish TV
“Fatal stabbings at highest level since mid-90s” Scotsman
“Knife attacks kill 68 people” Times
“Call for action on ‘murder capital'” Evening Times 27.11.03

Press releases

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