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Extraordinary rendition and Scotland: some headlines 2005 to present

2014 December 17
by Mary Munro


“Scottish Police to seek details of US Senate report on CIA torture” Herald
“Scottish prosecutors order police to ‘consider’ US Senate’s report on CIA torture” Herald
“Police Scotland to examine CIA torture report” BBC
“Police Scotland to study US Senate report into CIA torture” Press and Journal
“US torture report probed by Scots police looking into CIA flights” STV
“No easy answers on US rendition flights” Scotsman

Following posted on 28.5.14

“Police must attempt to get a copy of rendition report” Scotsman

Following posted on 20.12.13

“Inquiry finds evidence UK involved in suspect rendition” Herald
“MPs take over inquiry into use of Scottish airports for CIA flights” STV

Following posted on 10.6.13

“Scotland’s stand over CIA torture flights must be seen through” Guardian

Following posted on 7.6.13

“MacDonald’s praise over rendition action” Herald
“Top Scottish prosecutor wants rendition planes inquiry” Courier
“Urgent probe ordered into new illegal rendition claims” Press and Journal
“Questions that must be answered on rendition” Herald
“Police probe ordered into Scots torture-flight claims” Herald
“Rendition flights claim to be investigated by Police Scotland” BBC

Following posted on 6.6.13

“Action on US rendition claim” Press and Journal

“Plea to examine rendition data” Herald
“‘Conclusive proof’ CIA torture flights landed at Scottish airports” STV
“‘New proof of city link to CIA torture flights’” Press and Journal
“Dundee and Leuchars used by planes linked to CIA rendition flights” Courier
“Probe urged over Scottish role in rendition flights” Scotsman
“SNP demands answers over alleged CIA torture planes” Press and Journal
“Scottish airports ‘used for rendition flights'” Herald
“North Scottish airports ‘used for rendition flights'” BBC

“I am aware of the information that was provided by the rendition project involving researchers at the University of Kent and Kingston University. I consider that that information—and any other information that is additional to that considered by the police in 2007—should be the subject of police consideration. I will therefore ask Police Scotland to give consideration to that information.” Frank Mullholland, Lord Advocate, Law Officers’ Questions Scottish Parliament 5.6.13

Following posted on 5.2.13

“Prestwick Airport “crucial staging post” in rendition and torture” The Firm Magazine
“CIA rendition report author believes UK could face human rights court” Guardian
“Rendition: How 54 nations – and ‘Axis of Evil’ – cooperated with CIA in wake of 9/11” Independent

Following posted on 14.08.12

“Scots law role in Prestwick renditions leads debate agenda” The Firm Magazine

Following posted on 31.08.11

“US court documents reveal inner workings of CIA renditions” Guardian
“Mundane bills bring CIA’s rendition network into sharper focus” Guardian
“Extraordinary rendition: a backstory”

Following posted on 22.11.09

“CIA torture plane lands at Prestwick Airport” Daily Record

Following posted on 28.10.07

“Call for outlawing of ‘rendition’ flights” Observer

Following posted on 22.10.07

“Scotland ‘could be prosecuted over American torture flights'” Sunday Herald

Following posted on 26.7.07

“Revealed: MI5’s role in torture flight hell” Observer

“CIA misled Britain over rendition plan” Independent
“No evidence of rendition flights at Prestwick” Scotsman
“US ‘ignored’ UK rendition protest” BBC

Following posted on 25.6.07

“Amnesty International to compile dossier of evidence on secret rendition flights” Sunday Herald

Following posted 12.6.07

“EU states’ complicity confirmed in CIA secret prisons”
“‘Torture flight’ probe under way, Foulkes tells Salmond” Evening News
“Move in ‘torture fights’ row” The Scotsman
“Flights Probe” Daily Record

Following posted 11.6.07

“SNP looks at ‘rendition’ evidence” BBC
“Torture evidence” Daily Record
“CIA ‘torture flights’ claims to be studied by Ministers” Scotsman
“Executive invites rendition evidence”
“EU states did run secret CIA jails, new report says” EUObserver
“CIA ran secret prisons for detainees in Europe, says inquiry” Guardian
“First CIA rendition trial opens” BBC

“Scottish airports to face pressure on rendition” 26.3.07

Following posted 24.5.07

“MSP calls for rendition inquiry”

“Brown must act on US rendition flights, say MPs” Guardian

Following posted 15.2.07

“Illegal detentions and the EU counter-terrorism strategy” EUActiv

“UK accused of terror flights ‘complicity'” Herald
“Demand for scrutiny of Scotland’s role in ‘torture flight’ stopovers” Scotsman
“EU countries ‘turned a blind eye to rendition'” Independent
“In defence of our values” Independent
“Damning CIA report gets EU Parliament approval” EurActiv
“MEPs approve critical CIA report but remain divided” EUObserver
“MEPs locked in political struggle over CIA report” EUObserver

Following posted on 26.01.07

“Ministers ‘knew about rendition flights'” Independent
“EU states urged to investigate CIA rendition flights” Guardian
“MEPs roast EU states and Solana for ‘lies’ on CIA” EUObserver
“MEPs in political infighting ahead of final CIA report” EUObserver

“Blair under pressure to reveal more on CIA rendition” EUObserver
“MEPs to join Council of Europe in CIA probe” EUObserver
“European leaders knew about CIA activities, Swiss investigator says” EUObserver

Following posted on 30.11.06

“EU considered joint renditions ‘framework’ with US” EUObserver
“MEPs to shame 11 EU states in final CIA report” EUObserver
“MEPs condemn Britain’s role in ‘torture flights'” Guardian
“Britain accused on secret CIA flights” Times
“Senior EU officials accused of covering up secret CIA prisons for terror suspects” Independent
“Amnesty calls for rendition investigation”

“MSP vows to continue battling for truth over illegal CIA flights” Herald

Following posted on 12.6.06

“The fax that reveals the US is flying terror suspects to Europe’s secret jails” Sunday Herald

Following posted on 08.6.06
“Europe under ‘rendition’ cloud” BBC
“Secret CIA jail claims rejected” BBC
“Call for ‘rendition’ flight probe” BBC
“Blair brushes aside report on UK’s role in CIA flights” Scotsman
“The Big Question: What is extraordinary rendition, and what is Britain’s role in it?” Independent
“‘Spider’s web’ of rendition and secret prisons revealed in report” Independent
“Rendition undermines us all” Herald
“UK ‘part of CIA terror flights web'” Herald
“Minister admits government in the dark over rendition flights” Guardian
“Britain slammed by ‘CIA flights’ report” Evening Times
“UK ‘helped in CIA’s abuse of human rights'” Evening News
“EU nations rebut CIA–flight allegations in report”
Following posted on 07.6.06
“Europe ‘connived in CIA flights'” BBC
“14 European countries accused of complicity in terror flights” Herald
“From logistics to turning a blind eye: Europe’s role in terror abductions” Guardian

Other recent headlines

“German official knew about CIA rendition” EUObserver 2.6.06
“Ministers accused of failing to investigate rendition” Independent 26.5.06
“MPs and peers want ‘torture flights’ inquiry” Guardian 26.5.06
“US officials give weight to reports of CIA kidnappings in Europe” EUObserver 17.5.06
“Kirk call to end ‘torture flights'” Evening News 15.5.06
“Solana denies knowledge of CIA jails in Europe” EUObserver 3.5.06

Following posted on 27.4.06

“MEP backs CIA kidnap claims” Times
“1,000 secret CIA flights revealed” Guardian
“CIA accused over 1000 flights” Herald

Earlier stories

“Terror prison leaks prompt CIA sacking” Scotland on Sunday 23.4.06
“100 landings on Scots soil by US jets with torture links” Scotsman

Following posted on 5.4.06

“Amnesty demands rendition inquiry” BBC
“CIA made ‘185 rendition flights through Britain'” Times
“Human rights group details new claims on CIA ‘torture flights'” Scotsman
“‘Scots bases used by scores of US terror flights'” Herald
“Amnesty demands public inquiry on rendition flights” Guardian
“Renewed calls for probe into ‘torture’ flights” Courier
“US admits Prestwick used on rendition flight” Herald
“British airports handled 73 CIA flights” Guardian 18.3.06
“Amnesty demands rendition flights inquiry”
“Amnesty calls for ‘torture’ flights inquiry” Evening Times

Following posted on 7.3.06

“Minister admits ‘rendition’ planes used RAF bases” Guardian
“Government ‘not ignoring torture'” BBC
“Rights group wants Rice questioned on ‘rendition'” Guardian
“Europe a hunting ground for secret services, says human rights watchdog” EUObserver 2.3.06

Following posted on 23.2.06

“Torture-flights row grows as police are accused of colluding with executive” Herald
“MPs recall Straw as air traffic controllers confirm 200 CIA flights “ Guardian
“MoD ‘concealing US rendition flights’ “ Independent
“MPs to quiz officials over ‘torture flights'” Scotsman
“Blair faces new questions over US ‘terror flights'” Evening Times

Following posted on 13.2.06

“Scott to continue probe into CIA ‘torture flights'” Press and Journal
“CIA chief sacked for opposing torture” Times
“Revealed: the terror prison US is helping build in Morocco” Times

“Romania ‘unsure on CIA flights’ “ Guardian

“US ‘rendition’ planes did use British airspace “ Guardian
“Amnesty calls for ‘torture flights’ probe “ Evening News
“MPs investigate British role in torture flights “ Guardian
“Howells in row over ‘no-torture’ memos” Independent

“MPs link with human rights groups to get facts on rendition “ Guardian

Following posted on 23.1.06

“UK ‘can search’ US rendition aircraft” Scotsman
“Westminster ‘misled’ over CIA torture flights “ Independent on Sunday
“Menzies Campbell: Extraordinary rendition” Independent on Sunday
“Leading article: Blair must answer on torture” Independent on Sunday. Leader.
“Blair fails to shake off rendition row “ Independent
“Straw denies rendition cover-up” Times

Following posted on 19.1.06

“MEP’s call on rendition flights” BBC
“Memo stokes ‘terror flights’ row “ BBC
“EU to investigate CIA terror flights” Times
“CIA torture flights ‘cover-up'” Times
“Memo points to more ‘rendition’ flights” Scotsman
“Leaked memo reveals ‘torture flights cover-up’ “ Independent
“It’s time to face the truth” Herald
“UK accused of complicity in torture” Guardian
“FO paper reveals British knowledge of torture flights” Guardian
“Torture flights: what No 10 knew and tried to cover up” Guardian
“Executive accused of turning a blind eye to US ‘torture flights'” Evening News

Following posted on 18.01.06

“Dossier on rendition flights goes to McConnell before debate” Herald
“Nationalist report exposes torture flight touch downs “ Scottish TV

Following posted on 16.01.06

“CIA investigator accuses Europe of hypocrisy” EurActiv
“CIA policy on terror suspects is ‘illegal’ “ Scotland on Sunday
“US ‘breaching law in fight on terror’ “ Scotsman
“Campaigners hold vigil over ‘torture flights'” Evening News
“MEPs to study CIA jails claim” Guardian
“Blears admits unease over terror legislation” Guardian
Following posted on 11.01.06
“Britain said no to second US refuelling request: Straw “ Scotsman
Following posted on 10.01.06
“Bush must understand: torturers are no better than terrorists” Scotsman
“Bill blocked over secret CIA flights” Herald
“If you ask no questions: Ministers will not be able to avoid the scandal of rendition flights for ever “ Guardian
“Swiss claim proof that CIA ran Europe jails “ Guardian
“US-Folter-Camps:Der Beweis!” Sonntagsblick
“Intelligence leak refuels CIA prison claims” EurActiv. com

“‘We were beaten, hooded and menaced'” Herald
“Pakistanis held in Greece after July 7 attacks tell of beatings and psychological torture “ Guardian

Following posted on 28.12.05

“Greeks name MI6 chief over ‘torture of terror suspects'” Times
“Greece urged to investigate MI6 torture link” Guardian
“CIA watchdog ‘probing up to 10 ghost flights'” Herald
“Greece to investigate July 7 torture allegations” Independent
“Lawyer says rendition ‘part of a larger pattern’ “ Independent
“Half-truths that cloak a lawless world of depravity” Independent

“US embassy close to admitting Syria rendition flight “ Guardian
“US is forced to correct envoy’s slip over CIA terror flights” Herald
“Bush’s envoy sparks another diplomatic incident over war claims” Independent
“US ambassador corrects slip-up over sending suspects to Syria” Telegraph

“MSP hits out over ‘torture flights’ veil of secrecy” Evening News 26.12.05

Following posted on 20.12.05

“Lothians police won’t look into CIA torture flight claims “ Evening News
“Protesters hit airports over CIA ‘torture flights'” Evening Times
“Inquiry begins into alleged torture flights” Guardian
“Police investigate CIA’s use of British airports “ Independent

Following posted on 19.12.05

“Police refuse MSP’s probe demand “ Courier
“US slams ‘frenzy of paranoia’ over prisoner flights but rules out any British inspections “ Scotsman
“Protesters target Scots airports allegedly used by ‘torture flights’ “ Scotsman
“Powell says Europeans knew about CIA rendition practices” Scotsman
“Airport protests over CIA ‘torture flights'” Times
“MI5 ‘colluded with CIA’ over suspect sent to torture jails” Times
“Protest over ‘prisoner flights'” BBC
“Protestors demonstrate at Glasgow Airport “ Scottish TV
“Airports protest at ‘torture flights'” Daily Record

Following posted on 16.12.05

“Call for ‘prisoner flights’ probe” BBC
“US torture jets ‘were refuelled in Britain'” Times
“CIA rendition flights in Scotland confirmed” Herald
“Europe approves CIA prison investigation “ Times
“Executive must act on ‘torture flights'” Evening News

Following posted on 14.12.05

“The CIA used torture flights, says watchdog” Herald
“Row over CIA ‘torture’ flights engulfs Blair” Independent
“CIA flight assurances ‘worthless’ “ BBC
Following posted on 13.12.05
“Refusal to question US over ‘torture flights’ may be illegal” Guardian
“Straw accused of ‘see no evil’ policy over rendition” Herald
“US planes carrying prisoners were allowed to land in Britain, says Straw” Independent
“‘No records kept’ over alleged CIA flights via Britain” Scotsman
“No reassurance on ‘renditions'” Scotsman
“‘No evidence’ to back torture flights claims says Straw” Evening News
“‘No CIA flights in Britain’ Telegraph

Following posted on 8.12.05

“Straw to face ‘torture flight’ quiz “ Scotsman
“Torture victim: ‘They would cut me 30 times in two hours’ “ Independent
“Straw faces MPs over claims MI6 delivered suspect for torture “ Independent
“Police chiefs urged to probe torture flights” Sunday Mail 11.12.05
“EU anti-terror chief sounds warning “ Observer
“MI6 and CIA ‘sent student to Morocco to be tortured’ “ Observer
“Rice visit overshadowed by CIA prison allegations” EurActiv
“Poland named as main base for secret CIA terror interrogations” Scotsman
“Police chief to look into claims over flights “ Guardian
“How planespotters turned into the scourge of the CIA “ Guardian
“MSP presses for CIA flights probe” Press and Journal
“No torture of terrorist suspects? We can’t guarantee it, says Rice “ Scotsman
“US flights warning to Scots staff” Evening Express
“Further call to probe CIA flight claims” Courier

“Prisoner flights warning to staff” BBC
“Blair pleads ignorance over ‘torture’ flights “ Guardian
“Rice speaks out against torture of detainees” Guardian
“Complicity with torture” Guardian
“Rice: nowhere does US use torture” Herald
“Ban America’s ‘ghost’ flights” Herald
“Rice changes policy and says US cannot use torture overseas “ Scotsman
“When torture becomes an intelligence tool” Scotsman
“US attacks UN official on ‘jails’ “ BBC
Following posted on 7.12.05
“Agents say secret jails were shut in a hurry” Times
“We made mistakes in global hunt for terrorists, US admits” Times
“New evidence of CIA planes stopping over at Scottish airports” Scotsman
“Rice admits CIA flight mistakes” Herald
“MP wants talks on CIA ‘torture flight’ stops” Evening News
Following posted on 6.12.05
“Rice denies CIA torture flights claim” Herald
“MPs dismiss US denials as ‘disingenuous’ and ‘beyond belief'” Independent
“Keep quiet about secret flights to secret jails, Rice tells Europe” Times
“An innocent man’s five months in CIA ‘salt pit'” Times
“Tough words from Rice leave loopholes” Times
“Britain’s role in war on terror revealed” Guardian
Following posted on 5.12.05
“UK ‘would breach law’ if CIA torture flights allowed to land “ Evening News
“Ban use of Scottish airports for ‘terror’ flights, say MSPs” Times
“Rice to deny US torture claims as Scottish airports linked to CIA row “ Scotsman
“Home truths for European allies” Guardian
“CIA’s secret jails open up new transatlantic rift “ Guardian
“UK ‘breaking law’ over CIA secret flights “ Guardian
“Amnesty fight “ghost flights”” Scottish TV
“Straw’s torture flight quiz” Scotland on Sunday
“We must not let Scotland fuel torture” Sunday Herald
“We need to be honest about using torture” Sunday Herald
“The new boom industry: torture” Sunday Herald
“Condi goes on offensive over secret CIA jails” Times
“Green increases pressure for probe into CIA ‘torture’ flights “ Evening News
“CIA to be sued by civil rights group over ‘torture flights’ “ Evening News

Following posted on 1.12.05

“MPs dismiss torture flight denial “ Guardian
“MEPs stall inquiry on alleged CIA jail flights” Herald
“Blair faces allegations of complicity in torture” Independent
“Elizabeth Wilmshurst: It is time for Britain to come clean on its part in rendition “ Independent
“Britain and Europe must stand by their principles “ Independent

“Police urged to reconsider CIA ‘ghost’ flights inquiry” Herald
“Police ponder probe into CIA torture claims” Evening News

Following posted on 30.11.05

“Government challenged to account for ‘torture flights’ “ Guardian
“Straw pushes US to answer alarm over ‘ghost’ flights” Herald
“Rice says US will ‘clarify’ claims over CIA terror flights” Herald
“Frattini warns member states on secret jails”
“Legal threat over CIA jail claims” BBC
Following posted on 28.11.05
“Call for ‘terror flights’ probe “ Courier
“CIA ‘torture trips’ using city airport” Evening News
Following posted on 25.11.05
“Law chief refuses raids on torture flights” Herald
Following posted on 24.11.05
“Police refuse to investigate ‘rendition’ flight stops in Scotland” Herald
Following posted on 21.11.05
“Rights groups call for ‘torture flights’ inquiry” Herald
“Shamed MI5 officer to visit parliament “ Evening News
“UK is accused over ‘torture flights’ “ Independent
“UK ignores ‘torture flights’ says minister “ Scotsman
“MPs to investigate ‘torture’ flights from Scotland” Herald
“Rendition: the word makes a mockery of human rights” Herald

Following posted on 18.11.05

“Britain to be hub for CIA terror prisoner flights” Herald
“Britain’s role in torture” Herald
“Alleged US secret prisons overseas ‘a human rights issue’ “ Scotsman 4.11.05
“Brussels dismisses calls for enquiry into alleged CIA jails” EUObserver

Following posted on 18.11.05

“Britain sued for ‘complicity’ in torture” Sunday Herald
“One victim’s story” Sunday Herald
“These two men are experts on rendition: one invented it, the other has seen its full horrors” Sunday Herald
“Greens want CIA torture flights stopped”

“MSP wants police to investigate Prestwick fuel stops” Herald 30.9.05

Press releases

“Lord Advocate says US Senate report will be part of investigation into rendition flights” COPFS (December 2014)

“Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament further Inquiry on the Role of the UK Government and Security and Intelligence Agencies in relation to Detainee Treatment and Rendition: Senate Intelligence Committee Report” UK Intelligence and Security Committee (December 2014)

“Globalizing Torture: CIA Secret Detention and Extraordinary Rendition” Open Society Foundation (Feb. 2013): Globalizing Torture: CIA Secret Detention and Extraordinary Rendition

“Foreign Affairs Committee publish human rights report” Westminster Parliament 2.8.09

“Liberty meets Scottish Executive on Extraordinary Rendition” Liberty 23.8.07
“UK Agencies and Rendition” Intelligence and Security Committee

“Evidence on ‘rendition flights'” Scottish Executive (June 2007)
“‘High-value’ detainees were held in secret CIA detention centres in Poland and Romania, says PACE committee” Council of Europe

“Report on alleged secret detentions and unlawful inter-state transfers involving Council of Europe member states” Council of Europe
“PACE committee: US has woven clandestine ‘spider’s web’ of detentions and transfers, with collusion of Council of Europe member states” Council of Europe

“USA: The secretive and illegal US programme of ‘rendition'” Amnesty International

“MEP calls on CIA Inquiry to investigate Scottish allegations” SNP
“Executive ‘must show backbone over rendition flights'” SNP 8.12.05

“Alleged existence of secret detention centres in Council of Europe member states: statement by Dick Marty, rapporteur of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights “ Council of Europe

“CHRGJ Releases Briefing Paper on Extraordinary Rendition. Report supports U.K. Efforts to End Renditions” Center for Human Rights and Global Justice (NYU)

See also

The Detainee Inquiry (Gibson Inquiry). Closed December 2013.
The Rendition Project

Open Society Foundation (Feb. 2013): Globalizing Torture: CIA Secret Detention and Extraordinary Rendition

Intelligence and Security Committee Report on Rendition (July 2007)
Government Response
Secret detentions and illegal transfers of detainees involving Council of Europe member states: Second report (June 2007). Report by rapporteur Dick Marty.

European Parliament: Temporary Committee on the alleged use of European countries by the CIA for the transport and illegal detention of prisoners
REPORT on the alleged use of European countries by the CIA for the transportation and illegal detention of prisoners (final) 26.1.07

European parliament: Temporary Committee on the alleged use of European countries by the CIA for the transport and illegal detention of prisoners

SIC 15.11.06: Decision 203/2006 Mr Chris Ballance MSP and the Chief Constable of Strathclyde Police

Westminster Parliament Joint Committee On Human Rights: The UN Convention Against Torture (UNCAT) (26.5.06)
Alleged secret detentions and unlawful inter-state transfers involving Council of Europe member states (7.6.06)
Special file: Alleged secret detentions in Council of Europe member states

Below the radar: Secret flights to torture and ‘disappearance’

Secretary Generals report on the question of secret detention and transport of detainees suspected of terrorist acts, notably by or at the instigation of foreign agents

Eleanor Scott (Highlands and Islands) (Green): To ask the Scottish Executive whether it considers that the evidence presented to it by Amnesty International in respect of the use of Scottish airports by flights linked to acts of extraordinary rendition is sufficiently specific and credible to justify police investigation and what the reason is for its position on this matter.

Human Rights Watch World Report 2006
Scottish Parliament 18.1.06: debate on international relations
New Statesman; Rendition: the cover-up

Scottish Parliament Official Report 15.12.05: FM questions

All Party Parliamentary Group on Extraordinary Rendition: Torture by proxy: International law applicable to ‘Extraordinary Renditions’ (Dec. 2005)

Joint Parliamentary Comnmittee on Human Rights
Scottish Parliament 24.11.05: Questions on torture flights to Lord Advocate

To ask the Scottish Executive whether it is satisfied that no offences of attempting or conspiring to commit torture are being committed in Scotland or Scottish airspace when US aeroplanes are transporting prisoners between Guantanamo bay and countries where the torture of prisoners is commonplace.
Chris Ballance (South of Scotland) (Green)

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