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Double jeopardy and re-investigation of World’s End murders: Sinclair convicted

2014 December 14
by Mary Munro


“World’s End Murders: The system failed Helen Scott, Christine Eadie and their families, says ex-police chief Tom Wood” Daily Record

“Angus Sinclair was first serial killer Frank Mulholland questioned in court: ‘At times it was chilling’ “ Daily Record

“World’s End Murder Trial – Finding the Balance in Double Jeopardy” Scots Law Blog
“High Court releases “World’s End” double jeopardy ruling” Law Society Journal Online

“World’s End Trial: Scotland’s top prosecutor vows to put serial killer Angus Sinclair back in dock for five unsolved murders” Daily Record
“World’s End murder trial: Mammoth hunt to find serial killer proves justice has no sell-by date in Scotland” Daily Record

Following posted on 14.10.14

“World’s End murder trial opens in Edinburgh” Herald
“World’s End murders: Man on trial over 1977 deaths” BBC
“World’s End murder trial: Man denies beating, raping and strangling teenagers Christine Eadie and Helen Scott 37 years ago” Daily Record
“World’s End jury shown ‘disturbing’ images” Evening News
“Man goes on trial accused of World’s End murders 37 years ago” STV
“Jury shown photographs of teenage victims in World’s End murder trial” Scottish Express

Following posted on 26.6.14

“World’s End murders: Angus Sinclair’s retrial date set” BBC
“Date set for re-trial of man cleared of 1977 World’s End murders” STV

Following posted on 15.4.14

“Man faces new trial over 1977 World’s End murders” Herald
“World’s End murders: Angus Sinclair could face retrial” BBC
“World’s End pub murders: Angus Sinclair could face retrial over 1977 deaths of teenagers Christine Eadie and Helen Scott” Daily Record
“Man cleared of World’s End murders faces retrial after court ruling” STV

Following posted on 2.10.13

“Retrial bid in first case since end of double jeopardy” Herald

Following posted on 15.5.13

“World’s End: Decision on Angus Sinclair retrial to be made in autum” STV
“Date set for World’s End hearing” Herald
“World’s End murders: Hearing to decide if Angus Sinclair will face retrial” BBC

Following posted on 6.2.13

“Second World’s End Murder trial to take place following changes to the double-jeopardy law” Daily Record
“World’s End murders: Angus Sinclair trial attempt” Scotsman
“World’s End trial No2 in KO bid” Scottish Sun
“World’s End murder accused opposes double jeopardy re-trial bid” STV
“Sinclair opposes World’s End retrial” Herald

Following posted on 21.12.12

“World’s End killings: Angus Sinclair could face second trial over 1977 murders” Daily Record
“World’s End accused faces trial… again” Scottish Sun
“Tougher test of evidence under double jeopardy than in first-time trial” Scotsman
“Bid to try World’s End murder suspect again” Scottish Express
“Application lodged to retry Angus Sinclair for World’s End murders” STV
“”World’s End” murders to be retried under two trials law” The Firm Magazine
“Retrial made possible by law change” Herald
“Prosecutors move for Angus Sinclair to face second World’s End trial” BBC
“Victim’s father welcomes double jeopardy changes” Herald

Following posted on 15.3.12

“Man cleared of World’s End murders of two girls could stand trial again under double jeopardy laws” Daily Record
“World’s End murders accused set for retrial” Scotsman
“World’s End murder accused may face trial for second time” Scottish Express
“Sinclair could face retrial over World’s End murders” Herald
“Crown in Angus Sinclair World’s End retrial move” BBC
“World’s End killings: new police probe” Scottish Sun
“Double jeopardy & the World’s End case… “ Lallands Peat Worrier

Press releases

“Crown Applies to Retry Angus Sinclair under Double Jeopardy Legislation” COPFS (December 2012)
“‘World’s End’ Murders Reinvestigated under Double Jeopardy Legislation” COPFS (March 2012)

See also

Application under the Double Jeopardy (Scotland) Act 2011 by HMA v Angus Robertson Sinclair (March 2014)

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