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Development of policy and responses to historic and institutional abuse of children. Inquiry announced.

2014 December 17
by Mary Munro


“Inquiry announced for child abuse in Scots care” Scotsman
“National inquiry into historic child sex abuse in Scotland announced” STV
“Pledge to bring Scotland’s child abusers to justice”
Scottish Express
“Defending the victims of abuse: Minister announces public inquiry” Herald
“Sex abuse survivors deserve facts” Scotsman
“Historical abuse inquiry announced by Scottish government” BBC
“Scotland to get public inquiry into historical institutional child abuse”

Following posted on 10.11.14

“Child sex abuse inquiry planned for Scotland” Scotsman
“Scotland set to get child abuse inquiry” Scottish Express

Following posted on 28.10.14

“Survivors of historic child abuse slam ministers for failing to commit to full-scale public inquiry into scandal” Daily Record

Following posted on 14.08.14

“Child sex abuse victims demand public inquiry into historic allegations during meeting with Holyrood ministers” Daily Record

Following posted on 27.05.14

“Victims call for public inquiry into historical sex abuse allegations in residential schools across Scotland” Daily Record

Following posted on 14.05.14

“Welcome move on part of Church” Herald
“Traumatised Scot tells of horrific abuse as a child at the hands of priests at residential school” Daily Record
“Priest dismissed after being found guilty of ‘canonical offences'” STV

Following posted on 30.04.14

“Inquiry into cases of sexual abuse in homes” Herald
“Labour MSP set to make fresh calls for public inquiry into historic abuse in children’s care homes” Daily Record
“Record View: Time to show home abuse victims we care” Daily Record

Following posted on 11.2.14

“Special teams ‘should probe historic child abuse’” Scotsman

Following posted on 27.5.13

“Child abuse forum should offer justice too – MSPs” Scotsman
“Child abuse victims’ forum needs emphasis on justice” Herald

Following posted on 8.3.13

“Forum brings abuse survivors and carers together” Law Society Journal Online
“Talks on compensation for child abuse victims” Scotsman
“Historic child abuse under the spotlight” Herald

Following posted on 7.2.13

The Victims and Witnesses Bill was introduced to Parliament on 6.2.13. Sections 26 and 27 concern the establishment of the National Confidential Forum as part of the Mental Welfare Commission of Scotland. The purpose of the NCF is described in the Explanatory Notes as follows: “The principal function of the Forum is to give people who were placed in institutional care as children the opportunity to describe, in confidence, their experiences of that care, including any abuse experienced during the time spent in care.”

“In light of the experience of TTBH, the Scottish Government intends to bring forward legislation in the Scottish Parliament in the early part of 2013 to establish the National Confidential Forum.” Analysis of consultation responses on establishing a National Confidential Forum (Jan. 2013)

Following posted on 18.1.13

“Legal protection for abuse victims fighting for justice” Herald

“Abuse victims made to wait years for justice” Scotsman

Following posted on 8.11.12

“Fresh call for abuse inquiry” Herald

Following posted on 12.7.12

“More abuse survivors get chance to be heard” Herald

Following posted on 6.1.12

“Call for child abuse counselling scheme to be extended” Herald

Following posted on 30.11.11

“Scots sex abuse victims ‘moving closer’ to apology and compensation” Scotsman
“Abused children in line for payouts” Scotland on Sunday

Following posted on 11.11.11

“Move to end time bar for abuse victims” Herald

Following posted on 21.3.11

“Law change on child abuse compensation is welcomed” Herald
“Payout plans have let us down, say abuse victims” Herald

Following posted on 24.2.11

“Quarriers report: give abuse victims a voice” Scotsman
“Childhood abuse forum ‘doesn’t show true reality’” Press and Journal

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Following posted on 23.12.10

“Ministers defend abuse scheme” Evening Times
“Historic abuse law ‘inflexible’, says Scottish minister” BBC

Following posted on 29.03.10

“‘Truth and reconciliation’ body to give ‘historic’ victims chance to find closure” Scotsman

Following posted on 9.03.10

“Anger at abuse panel” Herald

Following posted on 3.03.10

“Call for truth hearing abusers to face prosecution” Times

Following posted on 7.12.09

“Professor Alan Miller dredges up the past” Sunday Times

Following posted on 8.06.09

“Challenge on legal time bar for child abuse” Herald
“‘Every abuse victim needs a say’” Scotsman
“Homes abuse victims back plan for ‘truth and reconciliation’” Scotsman
“Abuse survivors give backing to accountability forum” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 11.03.09

“Time-bar ruling offers hope for abuse victims” Herald
“Judge allows proof in historic abuse case” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 23.05.08

“Abuse victims’ pain as law lords deny them justice” Sunday Mail
“Former care home residents barred from taking action over abuse” Herald
“Payout bid over alleged abuse by nuns halted” Press and Journal
“No compensation claim for alleged abuse victims” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 19.02.08

“Thousands of abuse victims to get justice as case deadline lifted” The Scotsman
“Ruling lifts time bar on abuse case” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 8.2.08

“Forum to support survivors of childhood abuse”
“Truth and reconciliation forum to deal with child abuse legacy” Evening News
“Split over forum for abuse victims” Herald
“Truth forum ‘will give a voice’ to victims of Scots care homes abuse” Scotsman
“‘Truth forum’ for abuse victims” BBC
“Child abuse survivors to gain “truth” forum” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 23.11.07

“Scotland’s shame: decades of neglect, abuse and suffering” Herald
“‘These are the voices that need to be heard'” Herald
“The landmark cases: abuse in children’s homes” Herald
“Rights of children” Herald
“Schoolteacher behind the review into ‘Scotland’s shame'” Herald
“Five decades of suffering ‘must lead to care reform'” Scotsman
“Call for care home abuse centre” BBC
“Report makes recommendations to help abused children” STV
“Call for action to help abuse victims” Evening Times

Following posted on 16.08.06

“£60,000 compensation for victims who suffered at the hands of nuns” Scotsman
“Compensation for care homes abuse” BBC

Following posted on 19.9.05

“De La Salle D-Day” Sunday Mail 18.9.05

Following posted on 6.12.04

“Holyrood ‘prejudice’ over abuse in Church homes attacked “ Scotland on Sunday
“Sunday Mail campaign: Church must say sorry” Sunday Mail 5.12.04.
“Sunday Mail campaign: give us justice” Sunday Mail
Following posted on 2.12.04
“Care home abuse victims fight on for probe” Evening Times
“McConnell apologises to vicitms of abusers” Press and Journal
“McConnell ‘sorry’ for homes abuse” BBC
“Steps to help home abuse victims “ BBC
“First Minister apologises to survivors of abuse in care “ Scottish TV
“McConnell leads MSPs in apology “ Courier
“McConnell ‘sorry’ to child abuse victims” Evening Times
“A sincere and full apology for children’s homes abuse” Herald
“Apology is just the start” Herald
“Abuse apology came ‘out of the blue’” Herald
“Church row over apology to abused” Scotsman
“Sexual abuse victim wants an apology from the Pope “ Scotsman
“McConnell wants abuse apology by the Church” Times
Following posted on 1.12.04 and earlier in week.
“McConnell to speak on child abuse “ BBC
“McConnell to speak on abuse inquiry calls” Herald
“You can’t hide: abuse victims to see care files” Sunday Mail 28.11.04
“Agencies called on to open files of abuse victims” Herald 26.11.04

Following posted on 3.11.04

“MSPs insist on child abuse debate” BBC
“MSPs set for abuse debate after petition” Evening News

Press releases

“Inquiry into institutional child abuse” Scot. Gov. (December 2014)
“Historic abuse inquiry is “major step forward in securing justice for survivors”, says Scottish Human Rights Commission “ SHRC (December 2014)

“Support for survivors of abuse” Scot. Gov. (October 2014)

“Second InterAction on Historic Abuse” SHRC (June 2013)

“Creation of a forum for adults placed in care supported by the Health Committee” Scottish Parliament (May 2013)

“InterAction meeting on historic abuse” Scottish Human Rights Commission (March 2013)

“Public records law takes effect from January” Scot. Gov. (September 2012)

“Sacro Restorative Justice Services for Adult Survivors Abused in Care as Children – Time to be heard Final Report” Survivor Scotland (December 2011)

“Truth and Reconciliation” Scot.Gov. (February 2008)
“Historic abuse in residential childcare” Scot.Gov.(November 2007)
“Apology for victims of institutional care abuse “ Scot. Exec. (December 2004)

See also

In Care Survivors Service Scotland

Scottish Human Rights Commission Interaction site

Scot.Parl. Official Report 30.4.14: Member’s debate on historic child abuse

SHRC Action Plan on Justice and Remedies (November 2013)

Health and Sport Committee: 3rd Report, 2013 (Session 4): Report to the Justice Committee on the Victims and Witnesses (Scotland) Bill

Health and Sport Committee: Victims and Witnesses (Scotland) Bill page

A Consultation on the proposal to establish a National Confidential Forum – Analysis of Consultation Responses (Scot.Gov. Jan.2013)
National Confidential Forum – A consultation on the creation of a Forum for Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse in Residential Care – Consultation Responses (Scot. Gov. Dec.2012)

Public Records (Scotland) Act 2011

Sacro Restorative Justice Services for Adult Survivors Abused in Care as Children – Time to be heard Final Report (December 2011)
Survivor Scotland – A Time to be Heard page

Time To Be Heard: A Pilot Forum. An independent report by Tom Shaw commissioned by the SG. (March 2011)
SG Response to the Report on Time to be Heard: A Pilot Forum (March 2011)

Petition 1351 (lodged August 2010): Petition by Chris Daly and Helen Holland calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to establish for all victims of institutional child abuse, a Time for All to be Heard forum incorporating a compensation scheme Tabulates progress of petition, SPICe briefing and related papers including submissions and Petition Committee business to present.

Scottish Human Rights Commission: Acknowledgement and Accountability Framework Presentation (February 2010)
SHRC: A human rights framework for the design and implementation of the proposed “Acknowledgement and Accountability Forum” and other remedies for historic child abuse in Scotland (February 2010)

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Scottish Government October 2008. Developing an Acknowledgement and Accountability Forum for Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse. A Discussion Paper.

House of Lords 22.5.08. Judgments – Bowden (Ap) V Poor Sisters of Nazareth and Others (Scotland) Whitton (Ap) V Poor Sisters of Nazareth

Historical Abuse Systemic Review: Residential Schools and Children’s Homes in Scotland 1950 to 1995. (Shaw Report) (November 2007)

Court of Session Opinion: A.M. against Reverend Joseph Hendron and others (September 2005)

Public Petition PE535 submitted by Christopher Daly

Scottish Parliament Official Report 1.12.04: Statement and debate on Institutional Child Abuse.

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