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Criminal Proceedings in Scottish Courts from 2002-3: media comment, press releases and documents

2014 December 16
by Mary Munro

People by charge proved and main penalty 2004-14Update

“4% rise in the number of people taken to court in Scotland” Herald
“Police Scotland accused of waging war on motorists after crackdown sends convictions soaring” Daily Record
“Police accused of war on motorists as convictions for traffic offences rise” Scottish Express
“Police Scotland accused of picking on ‘easy target’ drivers” Telegraph
“Sex crimes convictions in Scotland soar by a fifth” Scotsman
“Recorded sexual crimes reach 43-year high”

“Rape conviction rate drops” Herald

Following posted on 28.11.13

“Criminal proceedings down again on latest figures” Law Society Journal Online
“11% increase in sex crimes convictions” Herald

Following posted on 28.11.12

“Praise for courts as prison sentences getting longer” Evening Times
“Now one in 10 accused walks free from court” Daily Express

Following posted on 27.11.12

“Length of Scottish prison sentences highest for a decade” Daily Record
“Sentencing getting longer, latest figures shows” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 14.12.11

“Convictions for rape and carrying offensive weapons in Scotland drop according to government figures” Daily Record
“Crime and punishment in Scotland: Reported rapes at five-year high, but convictions drop” Scotsman
“Row over soft sentences for thugs and rapists” Scottish Express
“Rape convictions fall by a third” STV
“Kick in the bails” Scottish Sun
“Sex fiends have it easy” Scottish Sun
“Fewer accused before Scotland’s courts in past year” Law Society Journal Online
“Cadder ruling blamed as rape convictions plunge” Herald
“Conviction rate for rape remains much too low” Herald
“Fewer people going before Scottish courts” BBC
“More bail … less jail “ Evening Times
Following posted on 26.1.11

“‘Urinating, etc…’: Justice ‘on the cheap’ as police fixed penalty notices soar” The Firm Magazine
“Scots prisoners locked up for longer” Daily Record
“‘Soft–touch’ SNP let thousands of criminals go free” Express
“Serious crime falls to lowest level in a decade” STV
“More time, but less crime” Scottish Sun
“Prison sentences longest for a decade” Telegraph
“Prison sentences getting longer, figures show” Law Society Journal Online
“Average Scottish jail sentences ‘longest in a decade’” BBC
“Serious crime at lowest level in a decade” Press and Journal

Following posted on 16.3.10

“Convictions for knife crime rocket by 21%” Scotsman
“Shock as knife crime soars by two thirds in a decade” Daily Record
“Weapons convictions soaring” Evening News

Following posted on 10.3.10

“Jail terms for those who commit knife crimes rises 21%” BBC
“SNP’s prison plans would have let more than 12,000 criminals avoid jail last year – including knife attackers and attempted murderers” Daily Record
“Opposition pour scorn on latest crime statistics” Herald
“Mike Nellis: Fines and community payback may prove more effective sanctions” Scotsman
“Fifty offenders jailed every day by Scottish courts” Scotsman
“Scots sentences get longer as more people are sent to jail” STV
“Kenny’s knife yob jail boast doesn’t cut it” Scottish Sun
“One in five crimes committed on bail” Telegraph

Following posted on 29.4.09

“Violent crime convictions increasing in Scotland”
“Plans to scrap short sentences criticised” Courier
“Sentences for knife crimes increase by 35% in a year” Herald
“Knife crime jail terms increasing” STV
“Jail terms up by 35% for weapons offences” Law Society Journal Online
“Police dispute crime hike claims” STV

Following posted on 4.6.08

“One in 10 men aged 18 found guilty in court every year” Herald
“Most jail terms under six months” BBC
“Call for ‘radical sentencing overhaul’ as numbers jailed hit a record high” The Scotsman
“Short prison sentences still dominate figures say” Law Society Journal Online
“Court appearances on increase” The Courier
“Number of jail terms imposed hits 10-year high” Press and Journal
“Bailed crooks blamed for 29,000 crimes” Daily Record

Following posted on 03.06.08

“Imprisonment numbers highest in a decade”

Following posted on 22.3.07

“Decrease in number of convictions in Scottish courts”
“16,000 fewer criminals sentenced to jail in last year” Herald
“‘Bail bandits’ commit 25,600 crimes” Scotsman
“Bail offenders commit 25,600 crimes” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 28.4.06

“More crime – but record number of offenders spared jail terms” Scotsman
“Sentencing fury” Daily Record 28.4.06

Following posted on 1.4.05

“Speeding blitz fails to curb death on the roads” Herald
“Clear case for more cameras” Herald
“Community service credited as fewer young men jailed” Herald
“Number of Scots prosecuted rises for third year running “ Scotsman
“Offending peaks at 20” Times
“Men of 20 ‘most likely offenders’ “ BBC
“Violent crime rockets”Daily Record
“Young men in crime shock” Evening Times
“Parking fines for one year hit 250,000” Evening News

Following posted on 27.2.04

“Drink-drive convictions hit 10-year high” BBC
“Windscreen vipers” Herald
“Blatant highway robbery” Herald

Press releases

“Longer sentences for weapon carriers” Scot.Gov. (November2013)
“Criminal Proceedings 2012-13” Scot.Gov. (November 2013)

“Longer sentences being given for serious crimes” Scot. Gov. (Nov. 2012)
“Criminal proceedings in Scotland” Scot. Gov. (Nov. 2012)
“Criminal Proceedings in Scotland, 2010-11” Scot.Gov. (December 2011)
“Tackling serious crimes” Scot.Gov. (December 2011)

“Criminal Proceedings in Scotland 2009–10” Scot.Gov.
“Prison sentences” Scot.Gov.

“Criminal Proceedings in Scottish Courts, 2008–09” Scot.Gov.(March 2010)
“Courts sending clear message on knife possession” Scot.Gov.(March 2010)
“Courts sending ‘clear message’ on knife crime” Scot.Gov.(April 2009)
“Criminal Proceedings in Scottish Courts, 2007–08” Scot.Gov.(April 2009)
“More court prosecutions recorded” Scottish Government (June 2008)
“Criminal Proceedings in Scottish Courts” Scottish Government (June 2008)
“Criminal Proceedings in Scottish courts 2005-06” Scot.Exec. (March 2007)
“Criminal Proceedings in Scottish Courts 2004-05” Scot. Exec. (April 2006)
“Criminal Proceedings in Scottish Courts 2003” Scot. Exec. (March 2005)
“Criminal Proceedings in Scottish Courts 2002” Scot. Exec.

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