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‘Clare’s Law’ domestic abuse disclosure in Scotland: pilot underway

2014 December 17
by Mary Munro


“Women check up on partners in ‘Clare’s Law’ pilot” Scotsman
“Police receive 15 requests in domestic abuse partner check” STV

Following posted on 20.11.14

“Fitting response to tackle violence against women” Herald
“Clare’s Law to be launched in Scotland” Scotsman
“Victim’s father hails Scots ‘Clare’s Law’” Scotsman
“Pilot Clare’s Law to help end violence towards women” Herald
“The fightback against domestic abuse: Clare’s Law pilot begins here today” Herald
“Clare’s Law pilot introduced in Aberdeen and Ayrshire” BBC
“Hope for ‘Clare’s Law’ ahead of Aberdeen and Ayrshire pilot” BBC
“Clare’s Law pilot scheme to tackle domestic abuse to be launched in Ayrshire and Aberdeen” Daily Record
“Pilot scheme for ‘Clare’s Law’ system to tackle domestic abuse” STV

Following posted on 1.11.14

“Clare’s Law to reveal history of alleged domestic violence” Herald

Following posted on 19.8.14

Fronts in the campaign against domestic abuse Herald
“Clare’s Law trial to allow violent partner checks” Herald
?Clare’s Law on domestic abuse to be piloted in Aberdeen, Ayrshire” Herald
“Aberdeen and Ayrshire to pilot ‘Clare’s Law’ to tackle domestic violence” BBC
“Pilot areas for abuse scheme” Courier
“Scots test run of Clare’s Law to warn of domestic abuse threat” Scottish Express
“”Clare’s law” pilot areas confirmed” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 24.6.14

“Clare’s Law scheme could save lives” Scotsman
“‘Clare’s Law’ pilot group to meet” Herald
“‘Clare’s Law’ pilot group to meet” Courier
“First meeting of ‘Clare’s Law’ pilot group”

Following posted on 9.5.14

“Clare’s Law Scottish pilot will bid to cut domestic violence” Herald
“Steps to tackle domestic violence are welcome” Herald
“Scotland to pilot ‘Clare’s Law’ to tackle domestic violence” BBC
“Scottish ‘Clare’s Law’ to tackle domestic abuse” Scotsman
“Need for caution on domestic abuse measure” Scotsman
“People given right to know if partner has domestic abuse history” STV
“Law will expose thugs who beat up their partners” Scottish Express
“Scotland to pilot Clare’s Law to identify domestic abusers” Telegraph
“Scotland should look deeper than Clare’s law when tackling domestic violence” The Conversation

Following posted on 28.3.14

“Scotland needs a Clare’s Law right now, says Tory leader Davidson” Herald

Following posted on 3.9.13

“Clare’s Law alone would not keep women safe from harm” Herald

Following posted on 1.9.13

“Kenny MacAskill supports abuse law in Scotland” Scotsman

Following posted on 20.5.13

“Ministers rule out Clare’s Law” Herald
“Superintendents to back Clare’s Law” Law Society Journal Online
“Violent men: A woman’s right to know” Scotsman
“No hiding place for abusive men” Scotsman
“Women could be told of men’s violent pasts” Herald

Press release

“New crackdown on domestic abuse” Scot. Gov. (December 2014)

“Domestic abuse pilot areas announced” Scot. Gov. (August 2014)

“Multi-agency group to progress Scottish ‘Clare’s Law’ pilot” Police Scotland (June 2014)

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