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Firearm Certificates Statistics Scotland published

2014 October 7
by Mary Munro


“Number of shotguns at record high” Herald
“Number of shotguns owned in Scotland at record high” BBC
“Number of shotguns and firearms at record high” Scotsman

Following posted on 31.5.14

“Number of firearms certificates issued across Scotland increases” STV
“More firearms and shotguns legally held in Scotland” BBC

Following posted on 31.5.13

“Number of firearms in Scotland hits ten-year high” Scotsman
“Scots legally-held firearms reaches 10-year high” Press and Journal
“Licensed gun owners fall but the number of firearms held rises” BBC

Following posted on 30.5.12

“Limit number of guns owned by one person, says Kenny MacAskill” Scotsman
“Gun ownership jumps one-fifth as firearm licence ‘cheaper than TV licence’” STV
“19% increase in licensed firearms” The Firm Magazine
“Bid to cap ownership of guns” Scottish Express
“MacAskill demands gun crackdown” Herald

Following posted on 26.5.11

“Decrease in number of legally-held guns in Scotland” STV

Following posted on 12.5.10

“Legally–held guns up 20% since 2000” Press and Journal
“Little change seen from firearms legislation” Law Society Journal Online
“Legal firearm numbers in Scotland reach 10–year high” BBC

Following posted on 13.5.09

“Guns held legally in Tayside at high level” Courier
“Number of guns increases to 10–year high” Daily Record
“Illegal weapons fear as number of lawfully held guns hits 10–year high” Scotsman

Following posted on 28.5.08

“Firearms rise proves need for better licensing says government”
“Kenny MacAskill: Scots gun laws need reform” Daily Record
“MSP in vow over sale of airguns” Evening Times
“Number of firearms in Scotland reaches 10-year high” Herald
“Number of legal firearms in Scotland peaks” Press and Journal

Following posted on 16.5.07

“Increase in air weapons held on licence”

Following posted on 28.5.06

“Tayside gun certificates increase” Courier
“Figures show drop in gun permits” BBC

Following posted on 20.5.05

“Gun rise shock” Daily Record
“Lothians tops table for new gun licences” Evening News

Following posted on 28.5.04

“Rise in ownership of guns ‘no cause for concern'” Courier
“First rise in firearm certificates since tragedy at Dunblane” Scotsman
“Firearms statistics show fall in visitors”Courier

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