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Criminal Justice Bill: latest headline round-up. Bonomy review consultation published on corroboration and safeguards.

2014 October 15


“Experts call for justice safeguards shake-up” Herald
“MacAskill’s bid to scrap law on corroboration undermined” Herald
“Bonomy post-corroboration review publishes safeguards consultation” Law Society Journal Online
“Replacing corroboration: what next?” James Chalmers blog

Post-corroboration safeguards review group (Bonomy) Includes links to consultation, response form and academic expert group report.

Following posted on 28.4.14

“MacAskill take corroboration blame” Scotsman

Following posted on 25.4.14

“It’s the law of the jungle as Justice Secretary is attacked” Herald
“Salmond dragged into MacAskill corroboration row” Scotsman
“MacAskill’s ill-judged rant returns to haunt him” Telegraph

Following posted on 24.4.14

“Plans to scrap corroboration put on hold” Courier
“Evidence backed justice bill delay” Herald
“Salmond facing questions over MacAskill legal U-turn” Herald
“Scottish Government delay Criminal Justice Bill” Herald
“Alex Salmond defends Kenny MacAskill over corroboration” BBC
“Opposition puts Kenny MacAskill on trial” BBC
“Report: Scottish first minister’s questions” BBC
“Plan to abolish corroboration put on hold by Scottish government” BBC
“MacAskill in U-turn on corroboration law change” Scotsman
“MacAskill in U-turn over law reforms” Press and Journal
“Scrapping of corroboration delayed for review into safeguards” STV
“Corroboration rule given stay of execution” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 14.3.14

“Scottish Tory conference: Corroboration move criticised in debate” BBC

Following posted on 28.2.14

“Three votes secure move to get rid of corroboration in crime bill” Press and Journal
“Splits appearing in Nationalist ranks” Scottish Express
“Nicola Sturgeon backs Kenny MacAskill over controversial corroboration row” Telegraph

“More evidence required before reforming law” Herald
“MSPs back bid to kill off criminal trial corroboration by three votes” Herald
“Corroboration move endorsed by MSPs” BBC
“MacAskill narrowly wins corroboration vote” Scotsman
“Three votes secure move to get rid of corroboration in crime bill” Press and Journal
“MSPs move step closer to abolishing corroboration in Scots law” STV
“Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill has lost the plot” Scottish Express Press and Journal

Following posted on 27.2.14

“Corroboration: New group to discuss legal reforms” Scotsman
“Law reform group to consider safeguards” Press and Journal
“Experts named for panel in plan to scrap corroboration” Herald
“Time to co-operate on corroboration” Scotsman
“Corroboration law denies justice to victims, Kenny MacAskill claims” STV
“Parties unite to fight changes to corroboration law” Scottish Express

Following posted on 19.2.14

“No smooth passage”

Following posted on 1.2.14

“Scrapping of ancient legal rule ‘will not damage justice'” Herald
“Corroboration: Fears for ‘struggling prosecutors’” Scotsman

Following posted on 7.2.14

“Corroboration change dubbed ‘a pig in a poke’” Scotsman

“Salmond backs MacAskill in corroboration change row” Herald

Following posted on 6.2.14

“Setback for MacAskill in fight to abolish corroboration rule” Herald
“Ditch corroboration plans, say Justice Committee MSPs” BBC
“MSPs urge SNP not to change laws on evidence” Scotsman
“Government urged to ditch plans to abolish need for corroboration” STV
“MSPs warn Kenny MacAskill in row over law reform” Scottish Express
“Holyrood inquiry: Case not made for abolishing corroboration” Telegraph

Following posted on 5.2.14

“MacAskill under fire as judge appointed for reforms review” Herald
“Judge to lead review on corroboration reform” BBC
“Senior judge to lead probe into corroboration plan” Scotsman
“”Senior judge” to review corroboration removal: MacAskill” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 30.1.14

“Rape campaigner meets MacAskill” Herald

“Senior figure’s last-ditch corroboration bid rebuffed” Herald
“Retired judge launches attack on corroboration policy” Herald

“Scots ‘may face rape trial on word of accuser’” Scotsman

Following posted on 24.1.14

“Justice Secretary says the requirement of corroboration in criminal trials has failed Scotland and must be scrapped” Daily Record
“Scotland’s youngest mum: Corroboration rule cheated me of justice.. the law must be changed” Daily Record
“Corroboration ‘stops police framing suspects’” Scotsman

Following posted on 17.1.14

“Corroboration: ‘Police not saints’ remark slammed” Scotsman
“First Minister supports delay of corroboration law change” Herald
“Scrapping corroboration is a populist bridge too far” Herald
“Proper safeguards and law on corroboration” Herald
“MacAskill puts plan to scrap corroboration in criminal trials on hold” Herald
“MacAskill offers corroboration delay – but no change of mind” Law Society Journal Online
“Justice minister MacAskill promises review of corroboration plans” BBC
“Justice minister MacAskill says case for abolishing corroboration ‘has been made'” BBC

“Lord McCluskey speaks out against ‘bizarre’ plans to abolish the need for corroboration in criminal cases” Daily Record
“Judge warns against SNP’s corroboration changes” Scotsman
“Lord McCluskey: Plans for reform ill-judged” Scotsman
“MacAskill must not play loose with law” Scotsman
“Kenny MacAskill admits need for ‘safeguards’ if corroboration is scrapped” Scottish Express

Following posted on 10.1.14

“Lawyers clash over evidence rule after sex case is dropped” Herald

“Law chief speaks of her fury over having to shelve charges against sex beast Lee Cyrus due to corroboration law” Daily Record

“Agenda: Scrapping corroboration could put criminal justice system in the dock” Herald
“Law chief criticises changes to justice system” Herald

“What is corroboration?” BBC
“Two senior judges voice support for corroboration” Scotsman
“Ex-judges warn corroboration move will increase risk of miscarriages of justice” Courier
“Former top judges add weight to corroboration defence” Law Society Journal Online
“Judges warn against Scottish Government plans to scrap need for corroboration in criminal cases” Telegraph

On suspects’ anonymity

“Flawed elements of Criminal Justice Bill” Scotsman
“Anonymity of suspects and interests of justice” Herald
“Kenny MacAskill proposes plan to grant anonymity to people accused of serious crimes” Daily Record
“Kenny MacAskill says anonymity could protect accused from trial by media” Courier

Following posted on 7.1.14

“Corroboration: a wicker shield against miscarriages of justice” Lallands Peat Worrier
“Top Scottish judges oppose ending corroboration” BBC

Following posted on 24.12.13

“MacAskill defends plan to overturn ancient legal principle” Herald
“A difficult legal balancing act” Herald

Following posted on 15.12.13

“Ditch corroboration in cyber crime, say police” Scotsman

“Muddle-guddle… “ Lallands Peat Worrier

Following posted on 10.12.13

“Axing corroboration ‘won’t affect rape cases’” Scotsman
“Less evidence to abolish corroboration” Scotsman

Following posted on 4.12.13

“Police unite behind plan to abolish corroboration of evidence” Press and Journal

“Scottish Police Federation: lost and confused” Lallands Peat Worrier

Following posted on 3.12.13

“Society invites opposing interests to corroboration talks” Law Society Journal Online
“A Little Insight on an Historic Day” The Firm Magazine
“Not too late to reconsider stance on corroboration says Law Society” The Firm Magazine
“Combing through Lord Carloway’s highlights” The Firm Magazine
““Justice is not just for victims”” The Firm Magazine

Following posted on 25.11.13

“You can have a fair trial without corroboration” The Firm Magazine
“Oh my God, they killed corroboration! You bastards!” The Firm Magazine

Following posted on 22.11.13

“Law Society backs Lord Gill comments on keeping corroboration” The Firm Magazine
“Lord Gill in warning on evidence changes” Herald
< trong>“It is time to listen to the evidence” Herald
“Scotland’s top judge warns against scrapping corroboration” Herald
“Abolishing corroboration in criminal cases could result in more miscarriages of justice, Scotland’s top judge warns MSPs” Daily Record
“Lord Gill urges Kenny MacAskill to keep corroboration” Telegraph
“Lord Gill tells MSPs corroboration should not be abolished” Law Society Journal Online
“Judge Lord Gill says corroboration rule should not be abolished” BBC
“Scotland’s top judge blasts Government plans to scrap corroboration” STV

Following posted on 18.11.13

““Baffling Poppycock”” The Firm Magazine

Following posted on 14.11.13

“Scotland Tonight: Will Criminal Justice Bill make streets safer?’ STV

Following posted on 5.11.13

“Built on Hope” Interview with Lord Hope containing the remarks reported on below.
“Considering rule of corroboration” Scotsman
“Judge warns conviction by confession alone would be ‘fundamentally wrong’” Courier
“Senior judge says proposed change in Scots law of corroboration is potentially dangerous” Daily Record
“Lord Hope warns on dangerous corroboration change” Scotsman
“Lord Hope: Scrapping corroboration is ‘quite dangerous'” Telegraph
“Corroboration change could be “quite dangerous”: Lord Hope” Law Society Journal Online
“Lord Hope says corroboration law reform ‘potentially dangerous'” BBC

Following posted on 22.10.13

“Evidence gap at heart of corroboration policy” Herald

Following posted on 21.10.13

“MacAskill calls on lawyers to back dropping corroboration” Herald
“Justice Secretary firm on corroboration and privatisation at SNP conference” Herald
“SNP conference: ‘No direct entry to police’” Scotsman
“Corroboration ‘must go’ to achieve justice, MacAskill insists” BBC

Following posted on 11.10.13

“Ending the requirement for collaboration will help bring justice to rape victims” Herald
“Rape experts in warning over plan to abolish corroboration” Herald

Following posted on 30.9.13

“Rape trial warning should be heeded” Herald
“”Warning rape convictions will fall after law change?”” Lallands Peat Worrier

Following posted on 25.9.13

“Kenny MacAskill: Centuries old rule of corroboration has failed Scotland and must be abolished from Scots law” Daily Record
“Scots justice failed by corroboration – MacAskill” Scotsman
“Corroboration has “failed Scotland”, MacAskill claims” Law Society Journal Online
“MacAskill calls for law to be abolished” Herald
“Corroboration has failed Scotland, says justice secretary” BBC
“Lord Carloway under fire over corroboration plans” Scotsman
“Top judge backs corroboration change” Herald

Following posted on 22.7.13

“The Advocate Fights Back” The Firm Magazine
“Corroboration rule open to human rights challenge” Scotsman
“Corroboration change could be needed under ECHR: Angiolini” Law Society Journal Online
“Angiolini warning over corroboration” Herald
“Abuse victim campaigns to end need for corroboration” Herald

Following posted on 1.7.13

“‘Raise age of criminal responsibility to 12’” Press and Journal
“Dismay as reform fails to stop criminal records for children” Herald
“Call for age change on child criminal responsibility” BBC
“Call for criminal responsibility age to be raised to 12 years old” STV
“United call to lift criminal age to 12” Courier
“Children’s charities in bid to raise age of criminal responsibility from eight to 12” Daily Record

Following posted on 26.6.13

“Corroboration heads call for evidence on Criminal Justice Bill” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 21.6.13

“Justice secretary proposes to end requirement for corroboration” Courier
“Bill proposes end of trial evidence corroboration” Courier
“Corroboration should be abolished, says MacAskill” Scotsman
“Scottish justice system overhaul a ‘recipe for disaster'” Telegraph
“Miscarriages risk from corroboration provision: Society” Law Society Journal Online
“Corroboration to go among criminal justice reforms” Law Society Journal Online
“MacAskill: Scots law change worth it to help rape victims” Herald
“MacAskill means to advance liberties by diminishing others” Herald
“New criminal justice bill could abolish need for corroboration” Herald
“Bill to end court case corroboration” BBC

Press releases

“Criminal Justice Bill” Scot. Gov. (April 2014)

“Reforms needed to protect victims” Scot. Gov. (February 2014)

“Corroboration review group announced” Scot. Gov. (February 2014)

“Group to examine corroboration safeguards” Scot. Gov. (February 2014)

“Human cost of corroboration” Scot. Gov. (February 2014)

“Justice Committee disagrees on case to abolish corroboration requirement” Scot.Parl. (Feb. 2014)

“Group to examine corroboration safeguards” Scot. Gov. (February 2014)

“Should corroboration be removed, asks committee as part of Criminal Justice Bill scrutiny” Scot.Parl. (June 2013)

“Criminal Justice Bill published” Scot.Gov. (June 2013)

“Abolishing corroboration risks increase in miscarriages of justice” Law Society of Scotland (June 2013)

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Post-corroboration safeguards review group (Bonomy) Includes links to consultation, response form and academic expert group report.

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