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Recorded Crime in Scotland statistics: UKSA assessment of standard compliance published

2014 August 18
by Mary Munro

Crimes recorded by the police by crime group, 1971to 1994 then 1995-96 to 2012-13

Crimes recorded by the police by crime group, 1971 to 1994 then 1995-96 to


“Crime reporting research to start” Herald
“Check on accuracy of police statistics” Herald

Following posted on 18.08.14

“UK authority poses question mark over claims of falling crime figures” Herald
“Independent watchdog refuses to endorse police statistics that claim crime is at a near 40-year low” Herald

Following posted on 18.06.13

“Recorded crime falls to 39-year low” Courier
“Four women are raped EVERY DAY in Scotland, shocking new figures show” Daily Record
“Scottish crime rate falls to lowest level in 39 years but concern voiced over rise in number of rapes” Daily Record
“Crime figures show further overall drop” Law Society Journal Online
“Concern at rise in sex offences” Herald
“Savile linked to rise in recorded sexual assaults” Herald
“200 more rapes, but Scotland’s recorded crime at lowest for four decades” Herald
“Recorded crime at 39-year-low in Scotland” BBC

Following posted on 27.06.12

“14,000 extra crimes but MacAskill hails success” Scottish Express
“Concern as new figures show drop in violent crime in Scotland but major rise in number of rapes” Daily Record
“Crime in Scotland falls to 37 year low – but sexual offences up 10%” Scotsman
“Crime in Scotland at lowest since 1975 but sex offences on rise” STV
“Three rapes every day in Scotland” Scottish Sun
“Online porn blamed for rise in sexual violence” Herald
“Violent crime down by 17% in Scotland” BBC
“16% drop in recorded crime across Tayside” Courier

Following posted on 7.9.11

“Violent crimes up amid fall in overall crime rate” Herald
“Violence and rape increase but crime rates fall” Scotsman
“Analysis: It can be devastating for survivors to find out their case is not going to make it to court” Scotsman
“Violent crime up by 2% in Scotland, says latest figures” BBC
“Violent Scotland: New crime statistics show murders, attempted murders and serious assaults up 2% in a year” Daily Record
“37% of crimes “came to the attention” of police in Scotland” The Firm

“Rape attacks in Scotland increase to record levels” Telegraph

For media coverage, press releases and links to statistics from 2003 follow

Following posted on 27.9.10

“Improving crime figures hailed by Fife police chief” Courier
“Crime in Scotland falls to 32–year low” Courier
“Crime in Scotland at lowest level for 30 years but sex attacks on the rise” Daily Record
“MacAskill: Scotland is winning war on crime” Herald
“North bobbies get a pat on the back as crime figures fall” Press and Journal
“Lothian and Borders Police ‘worst for solving crime’” Scotsman

Following posted on 29.9.09

“Shoplifting rises by up to 25% in credit crunch crimewave” Scotsman
“Crime drops to lowest level in Scotland for 30 years but shoplifting on the rise” Daily Record
“Scottish crime falls to lowest rate for almost 30 years” The Herald
“Crime rate reaches 30 year low” Scotsman
“Scots crime ‘lowest in 30 years’ ” BBC
“Do figures tell the whole story?” BBC

Following posted on 1.10.08

“Drop in recorded crime welcomed by Government”
“SNP vow to continue crime blitz” Courier
“Is the number up for lawbreakers?” Herald
“Making victims count” Herald
“Scottish crime ‘lowest since 80s’ “ BBC
“Ministers accused of leaking crime statistics” Times
“Sex crimes clear-up rate worst in ten years” Scotsman
“Crime drops ..but fewer cases solved” Evening News

Following posted on 29.09.08

“Crime figures drop to 25-year low” Scotland on Sunday
“Recorded crime in Scotland at lowest since 1980s” STV

Following posted on 7.7.08

“Living in fear, despite lower crime figures” Scotsman
“Scots crime rate falls 6 per cent” Scotsman
“Crime at lowest level since 2000” STV

Following posted on 5.9.07

“Crimes of violence still rising” Courier
“Anger call after shock rise in assaults” Courier
“Someone assaulted every 45 minutes” Evening Telegraph
“Aberdeen has highest break-in rate” Press and Journal
“A violent crime every 37 minutes” Scotsman
“Worrying signs in crime figures” Scotsman
“Long-term move after crime rise” BBC
“Rise in number of violent crimes” STV
“Figures show violent crime becoming more common” STV
“Breached bail orders rise 31% in one year” Herald

Following posted on 6.9.06

“Drug offences at record levels”
“Drop in Scottish crime levels” Courier
“Mixed showing in crime figures” Courier
“Grampian crime rate going up” Evening Express
“Dundee climbs crime league” Evening Telegraph
“Scots sex crimes soar to highest ever level” Evening Times
“Chip and pin proves an ace against card crime” Herald
“Record level of rape and drug crimes” Herald
“50,000 fewer crimes last year as Executive hails success of ‘booze and blades’ initiative” Scotsman
“Still a long way to go on crime” Scotsman
“Drug crime and rape at all-time high” STV
“Drop in overall figures for crime” BBC
“We’re winning war with criminals” Daily Record 6.9.06
“Crime rise is blamed on lack of resources” Press and Journal
“Grampian Police bottom of table in crime league” Evening Express
“Crime of indecency soar by 13%” Evening Express

Following posted on 28.10.05

“Crime OK says Nicol” Daily Record 28.10.05
“There are liars, conmen and damn statistics” Daily Record 28. 10.05. Reg McKay’s column.
“We are break-in capital” Evening Express

Following posted on 26.10.05

“Violent crime in Scotland down”
“Bang out of order” Daily Record 26.10.05
“Crime figures rise no cause for alarm, says police chief “ Courier
“Recorded crime levels reach a new high as system changes” Evening News
“Gun crime up 20% as toll of victims soars” Evening Times
“Two crimes every minute as figures hit record level” Herald
“Crime figures shaping up for trouble” Herald
“Recording crime levels” Herald
“One crime every 30 seconds in Scotland “ Scotsman
“Scotland’s record crime levels blamed on recording change” Times
“New rules blamed for ‘crime rise’ “ BBC
“Crime and offences in Scotland have risen to record levels” Grampian TV
“Scottish crime figures at an all time high” Scottish TV
“Grampian bottom of crime clear-up rate in Scotland” Press and Journal
“Report reveals big increase in violent crime and vandalism in Highlands” Press and Journal

Following posted on 16.6.04

“Crime in Scotland: Through 1m barrier crooks go crashing” “Motoring tickets push up tally as rapes hit record . . .” Daily Record
“Anger as sex offences buck falling trend” Scotsman
“Fall in rape case clear-up rate” Herald
“Crime figures for Scotland fall to record low …” Times
“Fife force defends performance as Tayside crime figure plummets” “The Fife force defended its performance, saying the higher figures were down to its adoption of a new, more rigorous recording system last year which meant more minor crimes were logged. Other forces did not adopt this system until this April . . .”Courier
“Crime rise hits Fife” Fife Today

Following posted on 15.6.04

“Crime at lowest level in 25 years” BBC
“Overall crime down, but rapes are up” Grampian TV
“More rapes and attempted rapes reported” Scottish TV
“Alarm as rape offences rise to new high” Evening News
“Tayside crime drops, but Fife climbs 10%” Evening Telegraph
“Scots sex attacks hit record levels” Evening Times
“Crimes of violence down 7%” Evening Times

Press releases

“HMICS – Crime Audit 2014 Terms of Reference” HMICS (August 2014)
“Recorded Crime in Scotland” UK Statistics Authority (March 2014)

“Recorded crime at 39-year low” Scot.Gov.(June 2013)
“Recorded crime in Scotland, 2012-13” Scot. Gov. (June 2013)

“Lord Advocate Welcomes Drop in Offensive Weapon Crimes” COPFS (June 2012)
“Recorded crime hits 37 year low” Scot.Gov. (June 2012)
“Recorded crime in Scotland” Scot.Gov. (June 2012)
“Crime figures at 35 year low” Scot. Gov. (September 2011)
“Crime falls to 32 year low” Scot.Gov. (September 2010)
“Lowest crime rate for nearly 30 years” Scottish Government (September 2009)
“Recorded Crime in Scotland, 2008-09” Scottish Government (September 2009)
“Crime figures on downward trend” Scot.Gov. (September 2008)
“Recorded Crime in Scotland 2006-07” Scot. Gov. (September 2007)
“Government response to rise in crime” Scot. Gov. (September 2007)
“Figures show fall in recorded crime” Scot. Exec. (September 2006)
“Recorded Crime in Scotland” Scot. Exec.
“Labour Crime Policies Failing” SNP (September 2006)
“Crime shouldn’t pay in today’s Scotland” Scottish Conservatives (September 2006)
“Scottish Police Chiefs Hail Drop in Crime” Tayside Police (September 2006)
“Recorded crime in Scotland, 2004/05” Scot. Exec. (October 2005)
“Fall in violent crime” Scot. Exec. (October 2005)
“HMIC report on Crime Recording Standard” Scot. Exec. (October 2005)
“Recorded Crimes in Scotland 2003 “ Scot. Exec. (June 2004)
“Figures show falling crime” Scot. Exec. (June 2004)

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