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Annual Hate Crime in Scotland statistics published

2014 July 22
by KatrinaM


“Disability hate crime needs tackling” Scotsman
“Glasgow man on bus attack: I was pushed against a window, it’s frightening” Evening Times
“A testament to hard work?” Action on Sectarianism

Following posted on 16.6.14

“Reports of hate crimes against gay people rise” Herald
“A growing intolerance of intolerance itself” Herald

Following posted on 14.6.13

“Hate crime figures show overall dip” Law Society Journal Online
“Race crime in Scotland falls to lowest level in 10 years” BBC

Following posted on 18.5.12

“Rise in hate crimes over last year is down to awareness of what is an offence, says top QC” Daily Record
“Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland: Neil Lennon bomb plot trial has encouraged Scots to report hate crimes” Daily Record
“Hate crime soars right across the board” Scotsman
“Sectarian and race hate crime reaches highest ever levels in Scotland” STV
“Reported hate crime on rise, says Crown Office” Law Society Journal Online
“Hate crime cases rise to record level” Herald
“Hate crime cases increase in Scotland” BBC

Following posted on 30.5.11

“Reports of religious hate crimes triple in Fife” Courier

Following posted on 19.5.11

“448 face gay-hate charges in law’s first year” Herald
“Scotland: hate crime figures rise to highest in five years” Guardian
“Hate crime figures released” The Journal Online

Press releases

“Lord Advocate speaks on Hate Crime in Scotland” COPFS (June 2014)
“Hate crime statistics” Scot. Gov. (June 2014)

“Hate Crime in Scotland 2012-13” COPFS (June 2013)
“No tolerance of hate crimes: statistics show fall in offences.” Scot.Gov. (June 2013)

“Lord Advocate Welcomes Publication of Figures on Hate Crime” COPFS (May 2012)
“Solicitor General Welcomes High Prosecution Rates for Crimes of Religious Prejudice” COPFS (May 2011)

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