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Circles of Support and Accountability: Sacro launches national project following evaluation

2014 June 2
by Mary Munro


Following posted on 7.12.10

“Circling the wagons” Herald

Following posted on 27.5.09

“Prison chief: Kirk can help sex offenders back to society” The Herald
“Church to welcome sex offenders ” Press and Journal
“SACRO adds its voice to “Circles” plea ” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 4.07.08

“Plan to befriend high-risk sex offenders shelved by Holyrood” Herald
“No buddies for Scottish rapists” Scotsman

Following posted on 28.05.07

“‘Circles of support’ scheme to help sex offenders on release “ Herald

Following posted on 03.11.06

“New bid to tackle sex offenders” Evening Times
“New approach to monitoring sex offenders to be considered “ New approach to monitoring sex offenders to be considered

Following posted on 29.11.04

“Sex offenders to be assigned ‘buddies’” Times
“Fury at perks for paedophiles scheme” Evening Times

Following posted on 18.11.04

“Quality time with paedophiles “ Guardian

See also

Armstrong, S. and Wills, D. (2014), ‘A Review of the Fife Circles of Support and Accountability Project Commissioned By Sacro – FINAL REPORT’, SCCJR Research Report No. 04/2014.
SCCJR (May 2008) Circles of Support and Accountability: consideration of feasibility of pilots in Scotland
A community approach to monitoring sex offenders. Presentation to MSPs by Children 1st and Sacro 1.11.06.

Radio 4 FM 19 June 2008 20:00-20:30 ‘Circles’
BBC4 24.11.04. 9pm: ‘No more victims’. Documentary.

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