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Buckfast and crime: headlines from 2010. Packaging change to smaller cans hoped to reduce harm.

2014 May 19
by Mary Munro


“Experts hope sale of Buckfast in cans will cut bottle attacks” Herald
“Buckfast owners announce controversial drink to be sold in cans” STV
“Buckfast to be sold in cans for first time” Independent

Following posted on 4.2.14

“Buckfast warns of action over caffeine proposal” Scotsman
“Life in the Buckfast Triangle: drunk by noon, handcuffed by midnight” Guardian
“Sweet intoxication of prejudice confirmed” Lawfulbusiness

Following posted on 2.2.14

“Apology for ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Buckfast” Herald
“Police Scotland apologise in Buckfast tonic wine case” BBC
“Buckfast distributor wins police apology” Scotsman
“Police agree to ‘amicable settlement’ with Buckfast wine company” STV

Following posted on 30.12.13

“MSP Elaine Smith says Buckfast abbot should visit her constituency to see real problems caused by the drink” Daily Record
“Don’t blame Buckfast for Scotland’s social ills” Guardian

Following posted on 6.5.13

“Shocking link between drink and crime shows it’s time for action to be taken” Daily Record
“Buckfast crimewave revealed as police figures show tonic wine has been linked to more than 7000 offences in three years” Daily Record
“Police reports link Buckfast tonic wine to thousands of offences” Herald

Following posted on 8.3.13

“85m bill for crime in the Buckfast Triangle” Scottish Express

Following posted on 25.2.13

“Buckfast monks take Strathclyde Police to court as the force targets the drink to stop anti-social behaviour” Daily Record
“Buckfast tonic wine takes police force to court” Scotsman
“Buckfast firm’s legal action over police anti-crime labels” Herald
“Buckfast distributors to sue police over ‘crime’ labels” BBC
“If stickers on Buckfast bottles help solve one crime, surely it’s worth it” Guardian

Following posted on 22.2.13

“Police face legal challenge over Buckfast anti-crime labels” BBC

Following posted on 22.4.11

“Labour sued by Buckie” Scottish Sun
“Labour Justice Spokesman facing court over ‘alcohol violence lies’” Newsnet Scotland

“Legal threat to MSP who spoke out about Buckfast’s link to violent neds” Daily Record

Following posted on 27.5.10

“Report calls for Buckfast to be banned” Scotsman
“Drinkers could be asked to prove they’re over 25 in ID crackdown” Scotsman
“Labour call for ban on Buckfast in fight against drink abuse” Scottish Express
“Buckfast could be banned from shelves” STV
“MSPs to vote on Buckfast ban in Scotland” Telegraph
“Commission’s recommendations could lead to Buckfast ban” BBC
“Call for caffeine limit in alcohol” Herald

“The end of Buckfast? MSPs bid to ban alcoholic drinks with high level of caffeine” Daily Record

Following posted on 5.2.10

“New York Times takes Buckfast issue to the world” STV
“For Scots, a Scourge Unleashed by a Bottle” New York Times

Following posted on 28.1.10

“Labour MEP calls for Europe–wide ban on ‘dangerous’ Buckfast tonic wine” Daily Record
“Monks reject Buckfast wine link to crime in Scotland” BBC

Following posted on 20.1.10

“Don’t blame Buckfast for violence” Guardian

Following posted on 18.1.10

“Buckfast cited by Strathclyde Police in 5000 crimes” Herald
“Buckfast blamed in violent attacks” Express
“The buck stops with the monks” Scotsman
“Crime link as Buckfast revealed to have as much caffeine as eight colas” Scotsman
“Fury at 5000 Buckie crimes” Scottish Sun
“Bishop attacks morals of monks who brew Scotland’s (15%) tipple of choice” Times
“Aberdeen bishop claims Buckfast wine monks betray Christian values” Press and Journal
“Buckfast ‘in 5,000 crime reports’ “ BBC
“Why I investigated Buckfast wine” BBC

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