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Angiolini Commission on Women Offenders: Herald articles critical of lack of progress

2014 April 14

Members of the Angiolini Commission Update

“Why are so many women held in prison?” Herald
“Locking women up not answer” Herald
“Women’s prison population rises by 120%” Herald

Following posted on 4.11.13

“Investment made in Scottish women’s prisons” Scotsman
“Edinburgh female offenders facilities boost” Evening News
“Female offender projects awarded £3m by Scottish government” BBC
“MacAskill announces £3m to ‘break the cycle’ of women reoffending” STV

Following posted on 6.11.12

“Women offenders face ‘very undesirable’ situation on release from prison, MSP’s heard” Daily Record

Following posted on 30.10.12

“‘Miserable’ Cornton Vale jail to be replaced” Scotsman
“Plans to replace Cornton Vale” Herald
“New ‘custom made’ women’s prison to be built in Scotland” BBC

SPS Women In Custody consultationFollowing posted on 20.9.12

“Anger as prison inmates asked what they want in future for nick” Scottish Sun

Following posted on 31.8.12

“Two new prisons in Edinburgh and Greenock to replace Cornton Vale” Scotsman
“New jails to end Cornton Vale ‘trauma’ for women” Scottish Express
“The fate of Cornton Vale… “ Lallands Peat Worrier

Following posted on 28.6.12

“Angiolini urges government to close Cornton Vale” Scotsman
“Former Lord Advocate says MSPs must place emphasis on Cornton Vale closure” STV
“Dame Elish Angiolini, chair of the Commission on Women Offenders, told the Justice Committee there was a leadership vacuum in community justice and that community justice alternatives needed an “operational head, a chief executive”, on 26 June 2012″ BBC Democracy Live

Following posted on 26.6.12

“Closing Corton Vale prison will end vicious circle of women re-offending, says Kenny MacAskill” Daily Record
“Corton Vale prison to be replaced as part of 28m reform of women’s jail services in Scotland” Daily Record
“Scotland’s only female prison Corton Vale will be replaced £20m move” STV
“Former Lord Advocate says MSP’s must place emphasis on Cornton Vale closure” STV
“Former Lord Advocate to face questions on Cornton Vale prison closure” STV
“MacAskill looking for alternative to Cornton Vale” Law Society Journal Online
“Scottish ministers accept recommendation on female offenders” BBC
“Overhaul of women’s justice system kick started with £20m” Scotsman
“Closure of Scotland’s women’s prison planned” Herald

“The Report of the Commission on Women Offenders has some worthy objectives, but overlooks the root cause of most offending, and its true cost” Law Society of Scotland Magazine

Following posted on 27.4.12

“MacAskill warns on jail replacement” Herald

Following posted on 19.4.12

“Let us have sex equality in our policy on prisons” Herald
“We need a radical change to the Scottish criminal justice system” Herald
“Praise for the insights into justice system” Herald
“Prison reform can’t bar men” Scotsman
“Cornton Vale facing closure as damning report outlines shocking waste of money & failure to stop reoffending” Daily Record

Following posted on 18.4.12

“End of an era or a new beginning?” Discovering Desistance blog (Fergus McNeill)
“Report calls for Cornton Vale prison to be closed” Scotsman
“At last, a road map to overdue change” Scotsman
“Case study: Petty criminals mixed with dangerous inmates at Cornton Vale” Scotsman
“Cornton Vale demolition job was long overdue” Scotsman
“Demolish women’s jail, says Elish Angiolini” Scottish Sun
“Scotland’s only female jail Cornton Vale ‘should be demolished'” STV
“Commission recommends replacement of Cornton Vale women’s prison” The Firm Magazine
“Ex-legal chief calls for Scots women’s jail to be shut down” Scottish Express
“Vital to keep more women out of jail” Herald
“Damning judgment shows how our society has changed” Herald
“Call for overhaul of system to tackle female offending” Herald
“Cornton Vale prison ‘not fit for purpose'” Herald
“HMP Cornton Vale “not fit for purpose…” “ Lallands Peat Worrier

Following posted on 17.4.12

“Cornton Vale women’s prison should be demolished, says Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini” Daily Record
“Angiolini Commission to call for Cornton Vale to be demolished” BBC
“Special needs of women offenders should be addressed: report” Law Society Journal Online
“A better approach to female crime” Herald
“The number of women in prison has doubled in a decade. Why?” Herald
“Jail failure cries out for an alternative” Scotsman

Following posted on 12.4.12

“Women who pay the price for a system that’s broken” Herald
“Fit only for the bulldozer: Scotland’s prison for women” Scottish Review
“Review may mean the end for Cornton Vale” Scotland on Sunday

Following posted on 15.6.11

“Angiolini leads bid to cut female prison population” Herald
“Former Lord Advocate signs up to help turn tide of female offending” Scotsman
“Cornton Vale report prompts women prison inquiry” BBC
“Improving outcomes for female offenders” Law Society Journal Online
“Government inquiry into female prison conditions as inspector says Cornton Vale is ‘disappointing” Newsnet Scotland
“New commission to examine Scottish women’s prisons” Guardian

Press releases

“Support for women offenders” Scot.Gov. (Nov. 2013)
“Tackling offending by women” Scot.Gov. (Oct. 2012)
“Justice Secretary confirms shake-up of criminal justice” Scot.Gov. (June 2012)
“Report published on women offenders” Scot.Gov. (April 2012)
“Womens Commission Report Published” SPS (April 2012)

See also

Cabinet Secretary for Justice’s second annual progress report to the
Parliament on the steps taken to implement the Commission on Women
Offenders’ recommendations

Cabinet Secretary for Justice’s first annual progress report to the Parliament on the steps taken to implement the Commission on Women Offenders’ recommendations (29 October 2012)

SPS Women Offenders in Custody Consultation Report (2012)
SPS Women in Custody consultation (August 2012)

Justice Committee Papers

“The commission made its position clear on the suitability and condition of Cornton Vale prison, as has the chief inspector of prisons in his inspection reports, the most recent of which was published yesterday. I accept the commission’s arguments on that matter and have tasked the Scottish Prison Service with considering in detail the recommendations about prisons. I assure the chamber that those points will be addressed in my formal response before summer.

However, it is important that we recognise that new prisons cannot be built quickly or cheaply. I accept the implications of the recommendations of Dame Elish Angiolini and her colleagues.” Justice Minister, Kenny Macaskill in his initial response to the Report 26.4.12 (see Official Report below).

Scottish Parliament Official Report 26.4.12: Women Offenders
Commission on Women Offenders: Final Report 2012 | Written evidence
Video of launch from Strathclyde Law School, Centre for Law , Crime and Justice (direct to streamed media) | CLCJ – alternative links

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