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Lockerbie: what next? Al Jazeera documentary on Iran’s involvement. COPFS rebuttal.

2014 March 12
by Mary Munro

Lockerbie memorial

Photo by Mary Munro 2012


“Lockerbie relatives to appeal Megrahi conviction” Herald
“Lockerbie bombing: Al Jazeera documentary makes Iran link claims” BBC
“New Lockerbie appeal to be launched ‘within weeks’” Scotsman
“Lockerbie bombing was ‘ordered by Iran’ in retaliation for a US strike on an Iranian passenger plane, claims new documentary” Independent
“Evidence at last that Lockerbie was not a Libyan bomb” Independent
“New Lockerbie report says Libyan was framed to conceal the real bombers” Independent

Following posted on 11.3.14

“Film claims terrorists hired by Iran behind Lockerbie attack” Herald
“‘Iran ordered Lockerbie bombing’, claims ex-Iranian intelligence officer” Independent
“Lockerbie bombing investigation timeline – key dates” Telegraph
“Timeline: from meeting in Maltese bakery to explosion over Scottish town” Telegraph
“IRAN blew up Lockerbie jet – not Libya, says defector: Ayatollah ‘used Syrian-based terror group to bomb Pan Am 103 in revenge attack'” Daily Mail
“Probe identifies suspects over Lockerbie bomb” Al Jezeera

Following posted on 26.12.13

“Lockerbie campaigners to launch new Megrahi appeal” Scotsman
“Lockerbie bombing: Muammar Gaddafi sidekick faces questioning” Guardian
“Lockerbie: Ex-FBI chief Robert Mueller says ‘others will be charged'” BBC
“Lockerbie: ex-FBI boss says more people will be charged” Herald
“Libya appoints prosecutors on eve of Lockerbie anniversary” Herald
“CIA ‘interfered in police probe into Lockerbie'” Herald
“Lockerbie: If not Megrahi, then who?” Independent
“Egyptian is ‘the prime suspect for Lockerbie bombing’” Independent
“Libya joins probe into Lockerbie bombing” Scotsman
“Lockerbie suspect to be named after ‘CIA cover-up’” Scotsman
“Lockerbie – 25 years on” Evening Times
“Lockerbie bombing: 25 years on” Telegraph
“‘Flora was a real seeker after truth herself’: Jim Swire won’t ease up in campaign to find out who murdered his daughter in Lockerbie bombing 25 years ago” Independent

Following posted on 24.9.13

“Call for international inquiry over Lockerbie handling” Courier
“Kenny MacAskill reported over Megrahi” Scotsman
“Lockerbie campaign calls for inquiry into Megrahi prosecution” STV
“Lockerbie campaign calls for international enquiry into Megrahi prosecution” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 28.7.13

“Email links Lockerbie bomber’s prison transfer to £400m Libyan arms deal” Guardian
“Lockerbie bomber ‘was released by Britain because of £400million arms deal with Libya'” Scottish Daily Mail

Following posted on 26.4.13

“Lockerbie bombing: Pan Am 103 returned to Scotland” Scotsman
“Pan Am Flight 103 in secret return to Scotland” Scottish Sun
“Lockerbie wreckage parts returned to Scotland” BBC

Following posted on 22.4.13

“Lockerbie bombing: Witnesses evade police in Libya” Scotland on Sunday
“Merged Scottish police investigating allegations of criminality of Crown Office and police in Pan Am 103 case” The Firm Magazine

Following posted on 14.4.13

“Lockerbie bombing investigation ‘still open’ insists Foreign Office as police return from Libya visit” Daily Record
“Lockerbie: UK police in Libya to seek answers” Scotsman
“Lockerbie file is still open, Britain insists” Press and Journal
“New Libyan regime stalls on Lockerbie probe” Scottish Express
“Scottish police in secret visit to Tripoli” Herald
“Lockerbie police visit Libya as Foreign Office confirm investigation ‘still open'” Herald
“Lockerbie police in Libya visit” BBC

Following posted on 1.3.13

“So much for a more open Libya now that Gaddafi’s gone: New government say Lockerbie case is closed” Independent

Following posted on 4.2.13

“Was Iran really responsible for Lockerbie bombing? French spy expert claims that CIA and FBI know but have covered the information up” Daily Mail
“Lockerbie: Ex-FBI man upbeat about police inquiry” Scotsman
“Lockerbie: Seven new Libyans named” Scottish Express

Following posted on 1.2.13

“Lockerbie police to visit Libya” Courier
“British police to travel to Libya to investigate Lockerbie bombing” Guardian
“Lockerbie: Scottish police to visit Libya” Scotsman
“Lockerbie cops flying to Libya” Scottish Sun
“Police probing Lockerbie bombing given permission to visit Libya” STV
“UK police investigating Lockerbie cleared to visit Libya for the first time, Cameron reveals during latest leg of African tour” Daily Mail
“Scottish police to visit Libya in Lockerbie probe” Scottish Express
“Lockerbie bombing police to visit Libya for first time” Independent
“Lockerbie bombing: Scottish police to visit Libya” BBC

Following posted on 7.1.13

“Why we need a public inquiry into Crown Office and Lockerbie (William Rennie MSP)” Herald
“Parliamentary Motion lodged for Pan Am 103 inquiry” The Firm Magazine

Motion S4M-05301: Christine Grahame, Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale, Scottish National Party, Date Lodged: 04/01/2013. 25 years on from Lockerbie, the Time is Right for a UK-led Inquiry.
That the Parliament notes that 2013 marks 25 years since the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie; believes that many questions remain as to whether the conviction of Abdelbaset al Megrahi is secure; understands that, in terms of section 28 of the Inquiries Act 2005, the scope for a Scottish Government inquiry is restricted to only those matters fully devolved to Scotland; agrees with calls for a full public inquiry into UK and international issues such as the prisoner transfer agreement between Tony Blair and Colonel Gaddafi and the $2 million reportedly paid (together with a new identity) to the shop-keeper, Tony Gauci, who is considered to be the prime witness; further notes the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC) findings that there may have been a miscarriage of justice and what it considers was the unsatisfactory abandonment of appeal proceedings, which left the SCCRC case untested; understands that the Scottish Government has pledged to co-operate fully with any UK-led inquiry, and agrees with calls for the UK Government to instigate that inquiry without further delay in order that, not least, the victims’ families and the residents of Lockerbie can finally be free of speculation.”

Following posted on 4.1.13

“Clegg urged to back Lockerbie inquiry” Herald

Following posted on 3.1.13

“Lockerbie: Case for a full public inquiry intensifies” Herald
“New plea by LibDems for Lockerbie public inquiry” Herald

Following posted on 21.12.12

“Lockerbie bombing: Libyan government set to release files” BBC
“Lockerbie bombing: Campaigners wary of Libyan moves to release files” Daily Record
“Full truth about Lockerbie bombing could become public as Libya promise to open all files” Telegraph
“Scepticism greets Libyan offer to release bomb files” Herald

Following posted on 12.12.12

“Justice Committee unifies behind Pan Am 103 inquiry petition alleging ‘serious criminal wrongdoing’ ” The Firm Magazine

Following posted on 11.12.12

“Megrahi appeal” Daily Record
“Megrahi’s family could risk lives by appealing Lockerbie verdict, says Swire” Herald
“New Lockerbie inquiry plea” Herald

Following posted on 10.12.12

“Christopher Brookmyre joins Justice for Megrahi campaign” The Firm Magazine

Following posted on 8.12.12

“Freeing Megrahi taints Scotland’s US relationship” Daily Express
“Mandela’s Lockerbie snub to Nats”Daily Express

Following posted on 7.12.12

“Documents reveal the public figures contacted in bid to release Lockerbie bomber” Daily Record
“Alex Salmond ‘begged’ leading world figures to support Lockerbie decision” Telegraph
“Alex Salmond lobbied statesman to back Lockerbie bomber’s release” Telegraph
“Lockerbie bomber: Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Tutu urged to back release” BBC

Following posted on 24.10.12

“Police, Crown Office, Lord Advocate and Minister accused in widespread perversion of the course of justice over Pan Am 103” The Firm Magazine
“The Course of Justice” The Firm Magazine
“Lockerbie group accuse Lord Advocate Colin Boyd” BBC

Following posted on 22.10.12

“Lockerbie bombing: Prosecutors seek acquitted Al Amin Khalifa Fhimah” Scotsman
“PanAm cash duo tried for treason” Scottish Express

Following posted on 26.9.12

“Megrahi inquiry decision delayed” Herald
“Crown accused of “investigative and prosecutorial misconduct” in Pan Am 103 case” The Firm Magazine

Following posted on 25.9.12

“Lockerbie cover-up like Hillsborough, claim campaigners” Scotsman
“Hillsborough-Pan Am 103 links laid before Justice Committee” The Firm Magazine
“Lockerbie inquiry case at Holyrood” Herald
“Kenny MacAskill given Lockerbie probe claims deadline” BBC

Following posted on 18.9.12


“Lockerbie and Hillsborough: The deliberate diversion of blame (1)” The Firm Magazine
“Lockerbie and Hillsborough: The deliberate diversion of blame (2)” The Firm Magazine

“Maltese launch new probe into Lockerbie bombing” Daily Record
“‘Fresh evidence’ over Lockerbie bombing heard in secret court in Malta” STV
“Lockerbie bombing: Hush-hush probe under way in Malta” Scotsman
“Claim Lockerbie hearings held in Malta” Herald
“Secret Lockerbie court held in Malta, newspaper claims” BBC

Following posted on 25.5.12

“Lockerbie bombing: Libyan prime minister meets Scots authorities” BBC
“Libya pledges Lockerbie co-operation” Herald
“Alex Salmond rejects call for an inquiry into Lockerbie bomber conviction” STV
“Lord Advocate’s Libya bomb talks” Scottish Sun
“First Minister Alex Salmond refuses to launch new inquiry into Lockerbie bombing” Daily Record
“Lockerbie bombing: why we must pursue others unknown” Caledonian Mercury
“MSPs back Lockerbie public inquiry calls” Herald

Lockerbie Case blog screenshot Follow Robert Black QC’s blog on The Lockerbie Case.

Press releases

“Lockerbie investigators visit Libya” COPFS (March 2013)

See also

“Lord Advocate responds to Lockerbie claims” COPFS (March 2014)

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Scottish Parliament Official Report 24.5.12: Graeme Pearson (South Scotland) (Lab): 5. To ask the First Minister what progress is being made with the criminal investigation of the Lockerbie bombing. (S4F-00693)

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