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Evidence, research and the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act: Scottish Labour commits to abolition

2014 March 24
by Mary Munro


“Ex-STV chief claims law gives police draconian powers” Herald
“There is little proof the majority of fans are getting worked up over the ‘football law'” Herald
“Anas Sarwar: Labour will scrap controversial football laws” Herald
“Labour ‘to scrap football sectarianism laws’” Scotsman
“Anti-bigotry football laws could be axed if Labour wins next election” STV
“Labour vow to axe football abuse law” STV
“Labour plan to scrap controversial anti-sectarian law” BBC
“Celtic back Scottish Labour’s vow to scrap controversial football bigotry laws” Daily Record

Following posted on 5.11.13

“Sectarianism law may be reviewed” Courier
“Anti-sectarian football laws fear as fans complain” Scotsman
“MSPs plan early review of ‘mince’ anti-bigotry laws” Scottish Express
“MSPs mull review of sectarian abuse legislation” Herald
“Anti-sectarian football legislation could face early review” BBC
“Sheriff criticises ‘confusing’ anti-bigotry laws” BBC

Following posted on 20.6.13

“Audience not necessary for football disorder offence, court rules” Law Society Journal Online
“It is time to review sectarian legislation” Herald
“Celtic fan faces new case over IRA songs” Herald
“Bigotry law setback as fan cleared of abusing footballer” Herald

“In enacting section 1(1) the Parliament created a criminal offence with an extremely long reach.” Opinion in PF, Dingwall v Cairns [2013] HCJAC73

Following posted on 29.5.13

“New blow to bigotry law” Scottish Express
“Celtic fan who sang IRA song is cleared of football offence” Herald

Following posted on 24.5.13

“Inside Track: Absurdity of new football laws” Herald

Following posted on 29.4.13

“Football bigotry law produces 55 convictions in first 10 months” STV

Following posted on 24.4.13

“Lord Advocate asked to give view on controversial sectarian law” Herald
“MSPs to seek views from Lord Advocate on implementation of anti-sectarianism law “ Daily Record
“Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland faces quiz over bigot law” Scottish Sun

Following posted on 7.4.13

“Fans protest against disproportionate crack-down on hate crimes” Scottish Sun
“Football fans protest over crackdown on hate crime” Herald

Following posted on 6.4.13

“Football fans protest over measures to crack down on hate crime” Daily Record
“2000 Celtic fans defy police and march through Glasgow in protest at new law” Herald

“Celtic fans hold rally against football law” BBC

Following posted on 4.3.13

“Professor: football fans need list of songs that pass sectarian law” Herald
“Clash over sectarianism law one year on” Law Society Journal Online
“New legislation helps tackle sectarianism” Courier

Following posted on 1.3.13

“Ban on sectarian singing at Scottish football matches ‘working well'” STV
“Anti-bigotry legislation to be evaluated” Herald
“Anti-sectarian legislation ‘working well'” BBC


Following posted on 28.2.13

“Fears over police misuse of anti-sectarian powers” Herald
“Tackling bigotry must be proportionate” Herald

Following posted on 28.1.13

“Nats footie law flop fear probe is branded ‘offside’” Scottish Sun

Following posted on 6.11.12

“Prosecutors applaud new football laws” Evening Times
“New football laws hailed a success” Herald

Following posted on 5.11.12

“Doubts over testimony in football cases” Herald

Following posted on 26.3.12

“Police out in force ahead of Old Firm match” STV
“Police warn both Old Firm bosses to keep their cool at crunch clash” Scottish Express

Following posted on 25.9.11

“Anti-sectarian jail scheme gets funding boost” Scotsman

Following posted on 5.7.11

“Rangers: We will not be blamed for sectarianism” Herald

Following posted on 2.6.11

“Football is a symptom, not the cause of Scottish sectarianism” Guardian

Press release

“No tolerance of hate crimes” Scot. Gov. (June 2014)

“Offensive Behaviour Act first anniversary” Scot.Gov. (March 2013)

See also

Opinion in PF, Dingwall v Cairns [2013] HCJAC73

Charges reported under the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act (2012) in 2012-13

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