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Annual drug seizures figures published: 2012-13 stats from legacy police forces

2014 March 12
by Mary Munro

Drug seizures 12-13Update

“Number of recorded drugs seizures falls over past year” Herald
“Fall in drug seizures made by Scottish police forces” BBC
“Number of drug seizures drop by 3%, according to new figures” Daily Record
“Fall in Scots drug seizures but cocaine haul rises” Scotsman
“Cocaine seized by police in Scotland trebles to 280kg in 12 months” STV

Following posted on 24.04.13

“Police drug seizures in Scotland rise by 10 per cent in a year” Daily Record
“Police forces make 30,000 drug seizures in a year” Herald
“Seizures of crack cocaine more than double in a year” Courier

Following posted on 25.04.12

“Police are ‘hitting drug dealers where it hurts’” Scotsman
“MacAskill hails rise in drug haul” Herald

Following posted on 04.06.08

“Police warn of a cocaine ‘epidemic’ as drug seizures rise by 50 per cent” The Scotsman
“Clampdown leads to huge rise in cannabis seizures” Evening Times
“Police will continue drugs crackdown” STV
“Tayside heroin seizures soar” Evening Telegraph
“Fife heroin seizures fall two years running” The Courier
“Force in war on crack dealers” The Courier
“Police make record seizures of hard drugs” Daily Record

Following posted on 03.06.08

“Class A drug seizures soar while cannabis finds fall”

Following posted on 24.01.07

“Drug seizures increase”
“Record view: fight drugs on all fronts” Daily Record 24.1.07
“Heroin seizures rise 60%” Evening Telegraph
“Crack cocaine finds double in two years” Herald
“Police warn of growing epidemic of cocaine use in Scotland” Scotsman
“Crack cocaine worth £1m recovered” BBC
“Police report £1 million seizure of crack cocaine” STV
“Wider look needed in drugs war” Evening News Article by Mev Brown worker with the homeless in Edinburgh.
“Drug haul drops … but blitz on dealers bites hard” Evening Times
“Seizures of crack 85% of total in North-East” Press and Journal

Following posted on 15.9.05

“Drug offence figures released”
“Drug raids net results” Daily Record
“Drug seizures in Scotland double” Courier
“Scotland’s drug seizures double” Evening Telegraph
“Puzzle as drug seizures double” Herald
“Drug seizures up 46%” Scotsman

Following posted on 15.9.04

“Cautious optimism as drugs seizures in Strathclyde increase: Drugs seizures in Strathclyde have risen dramatically, with officers in the past five months recovering four times as much heroin and three times as much cocaine as in the same period last year . . .” Scotsman

Press releases

“Minister comments on drug seizures” Scot. Gov. (March 2014)
“Drug seizures 2012-13” Scot. Gov. (March 2014)

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“Figures on drug seizures and drug offenders” Scot. Exec. (September 2005)
“Increase in drug seizures” Scot. Exec. (September 2005)

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