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Licensing of Metal Dealers consultation: responses and analysis published by SG

2014 February 25
by Mary Munro


“Fire service: metal thieves are putting lives at risk” Herald
“Metal thieves are risking lives and causing millions of pounds worth of damage, Scottish Fire Service warns” Daily Record

Following posted on 23.1.14

The Scottish Government has published the consultation responses and an analysis (see below).

Following posted on 19.8.13

“Veteran wins allies in battle against metal thieves” Courier

Following posted on 5.8.13

“Rail cable thefts spark call to ban cash for scrap” Herald

Following posted on 2.8.13

“New rules clamping down on scrap metal trade in Scotland being fast-tracked after series of thefts” Daily Record

Following posted on 11.4.13

“Justice secretary launches new bid to end ‘plague’ of metal thefts” Courier
“New laws planned to tackle £12m metal theft boom” Scotsman
“Scrap metal licence conditions put out for views” Law Society Journal Online
“Praise for bid to cut lead theft” Evening Times

Press release

“Measures outlined to tackle metal theft” Scot.Gov. (April 2013)

See also

Analysis of consultation on licensing of metal dealers (Scot. Gov. January 2014)
Responses To Consultation On Licensing Of Metal Dealers (Scot. Gov. January 2014)

Consultation on Licensing of Metal Dealers (April 2013)

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