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Gartcosh police agency crime campus development opened

2014 February 10
by Mary Munro


“Campus latest weapon against crime” Evening Times
“Taskforce meets at new Scottish crime-fighting centre in Gartcosh” BBC
“Scotland’s crime-fighting agencies meet for first time at new £75m campus in Gartcosh” Daily Record

Following posted on 20.12.10

“New year start date for work on ‘crime campus’” Evening Times

Following posted on 8.07.10

“Work starts on campus to lead fight against crime” Scotsman
“Super site for crime busters” Evening Times

Following posted on 31.05.10

“Cost of delayed crime super–campus increases to £82m” Herald
“Scottish crime campus delayed as cost spirals” Times

Following posted on 14.01.10

“Terrorism fears fuel need for campus” Herald

Following posted on 6.01.10

“Plans for crime super–campus at Gartcosh ‘‘on track’ “ BBC

Following posted on 5.01.10

“Fears grow for future of crime super–campus amid recession” Herald

Following posted on 15.04.09

“Concerns over progress on crime ‘super–campus’”
“Crime plan ‘sends a strong message’” Herald
“Crime campus due to open in 2011” BBC
“MacAskill names opening date for crime campus” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 21.07.08

“£26m business centre site lies barren four years after plans announced” Sunday Mail

Following posted on 12.02.08

“Go-ahead fears for FBI . . . campus”

Following posted on 15.01.07

“Scottish crime campus plans for SCDEA. Can we produce our own FBI?” Herald
“Crime-fighting campus ‘by 2010′” BBC
“Anti-crime base plans” Daily Record 15.1.07
“£40m supercampus for Scotland’s crime-fighting specialists” Herald

Press releases

“Scottish Crime Campus” Police Scotland (February 2014)

“Crime super campus” Scot.Gov. (December 2010)
“Digging for victory over the gangsters” Scot.Gov. (July 2010)
“Full steam ahead for crime campus” Scot.Gov (March 2010)s
“Scottish Crime Campus” Scot.Gov. (April 2009)
“Crime ‘Super Campus’ a step closer” Scot. Exec. (January 2007)

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