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Partial ban on alcohol consumption on Scottish trains: latest results

2014 January 23
by Mary Munro

ScotRail alcohol ban imageUpdate

“Alcohol ban on trains hailed success after police incidents go down” STV
“Alcohol ban on trains hailed success as police record decrease in drink-fuelled crimes” Daily Record
“ScotRail alcohol conviction numbers fall” Scotsman

Following posted on 12.7.13

“Train drink ban brings more arrests” Evening Times

“Night time alcohol arrests on trains nearly double after ScotRail drinking ban” Daily Record

Following posted on 20.7.12

“No arrests after ScotRail alcohol ban late at night comes into effect” Daily Record
“Alcohol ban on evening ScotRail trains” BBC
“ScotRail train drink ban comes into force” BBC

Following posted on 25.6.12

“Scotrail bans drunk passengers on late-night trains in booze crackdown” Daily Record
“Scotrail on the right track with its partial alcohol ban” Herald
“Scotrail outlines train drink ban” BBC

Press release

“Railway alcohol ban is hailed a success” Scotrail (Jan. 2014)

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