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Forced Marriage legislation: application of Westminster Bill to Scotland consented

2014 January 23
by Mary Munro

forced marriage posterUpdate

“MSPs back move to make forced marriage illegal” Herald
“Forced marriage crime law backed by Scottish parliament” BBC
“Scottish Parliament backs forced marriage bill” Scotsman
“Forced marriage to become offence as MSPs agree to adopt UK law” STV
“Ministers win move for UK forced marriage law” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 16.1.14

“Committee fails to reach view on forced marriage offence” Law Society Journal Online
“Forced marriage law query” Herald
“Scots forced marriage law ‘should be considered’” Scotsman
“Scotland should consider own forced marriage legislation say MSPs” STV

Following posted on 9.12.13

“Jail plan for forced marriage law faces backlash” Herald
“Scottish Government back Westminster’s forced marriage legislation” Daily Record
“Forced-marriage families to face jail terms” Scotsman

Following posted on 13.11.13

“Forced marriage could be made a crime in Scotland” Scotsman
“Justice Committee calls for views on criminalising forced marriage” Law Society Journal Online
“MSPs keen to hear ‘all views’ on criminalisation of forced marriage” STV

Following posted on 21.10.13

“Lawyer warns of dangers in changes on forced marriage” Herald
“‘I was forced into marrying my relative … and there was nowhere to go, no way out'” Herald

Following posted on 25.3.13

“Help plea in forced marriage fight” Evening Times

Following posted on 16.1.13

“Responding to Forced Marriage: Multi-Agency Practice Guidelines” has been published by the Scottish Government.

Following posted on 4.12.12

“Warning bid over forced marriages” Evening Times

Following posted on 2.12.12

“Scots with mental and physical disabilities forced into marriages against their will” Daily Record

Following posted on 30.11.12

“Forced marriage blocked” Evening Times

Following posted on 29.11.12

“Second forced marriage protection order made” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 6.9.12

“Rise in Scottish calls to forced marriage charity” BBC

Following posted on 5.2.12

“Raising awareness of forced marriage in Scotland” STV

Following posted on 28.11.11

The Scottish Government has published an analysis of the consultation reponses to proposed statutory guidelines on forced marriage.

Following posted on 28.11.11

“New law aims to help those being forced into marriage” Scotsman
“New legislation aimed at providing protection against forced marriage goes live” Scotsman
“Court orders introduced to protect victims of forced marriage” STV
“Forced marriages law welcomed” Herald
“Inside an arranged marriage” Herald
“Honour killings are criminal vengeance” Herald
“New forced marriage law comes into effect in Scotland” BBC
“Forced marriage prevention law in force today” Law Society Journal Online

Read on for more coverage and relevant documents.

Following posted on 8.8.11

Responses to the statutory guidance consultation were published by SG on 8.8.11 (see below).

Following posted on 23.03.11

“Holyrood’s last day: marriage bill” Scotsman
“MSPs back Forced Marriage Bill” Law Society Journal Online
“Society convener calls for community education on forced marriages” Firm Magazine

Following posted on 21.03.11

“Forced marriages Bill nearer to law” Herald
“Approval for aims of Forced Marriage Bill” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 2.02.11

“Holyrood aims to outlaw forced marriages” STV

Following posted on 16.12.10

“Government claims backing for Forced Marriage Bill” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 4.10.10

“New laws aim to ban forced marriage in Scotland” Daily Record
“Outlawing of forced marriages is overdue” Herald
“Families face prison under new law to curb ‘traumatic’ forced marriage” Scotsman
“Forced marriage protection goes to consultation” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 27.9.10

“Police plea to victims of ‘honour’ crimes” Scotsman
“Police chiefs work to fight rise in honour killings” STV

Following posted on 5.12.08

“Immigrant victims of domestic violence turned away from refuges” Daily Record
“Activists highlight plight of abused women” STV
“No excuse for domestic abuse in our society” Evening News
“Demo to help abuse victims” Evening News
“Government consults on forced marriage” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 24.3.08

“Husbands in forced marriages face rape charges” Scotsman
“Calls for a debate on legality of forced marriages” STV
“Call for forced marriage debate” BBC

Following posted on 2.4.07

“Forced marriage toll exposed” Herald
“Drive to tackle forced marriage” BBC

Following posted on 12.6.06

“Justice must not be hamstrung by fear of upsetting ethnic communities” Scotland on Sunday

Following posted on 6.9.05

“Forced marriage may become specific offence”
“Clerics could face jail for overseeing forced marriages” Evening News
“Plan to make it an offence to force marriage” Evening News
“New probe into forced marriages” Evening Times
“Ministers back proposal to outlaw forced marriages” Herald
“The right to marry freely” Herald
“Executive to consult public on forced marriages proposal” Scotsman
“Caution over ban on forced marriage” Guardian

Following posted on 28.2.05

“Fresh fears over forced marriages” BBC

Following posted on 20.1.05

“End hell of forced marriages” Daily Record 20.1.05.
“Shining a light on unknown women forced into marriage” Herald
“Drive to avert forced marriages” BBC
“Campaigners reach out to women forced into marriage” Scotsman
“Forced marriages still a problem” Grampian TV
“Police and charities say they cannot measure number of forced marriages” Scottish TV

Following posted on 30.11.04

“Victims’ group in funds plea” Evening News

Press releases

“Forced marriage” Scot.Parl. (Jan. 2014)

“Can the Scottish Government bring forward its own legislation on forced marriage asks Justice Committee?” Scot.Parl. (Jan. 2014)
“Views on forced marriage wanted by Justice Committee” Scot.Parl. (Nov. 2013)

Legislative Consent Motion “S4M-08797 Shona Robison: Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill – UK Legislation—That the Parliament agrees that the relevant provisions of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill, introduced in the House of Commons on 9 May 2013, relating to the criminalisation of forcing a person to marry, cross-border application of the new Sexual Harm Prevention and Sexual Risk Orders and in respect of a new firearms offence, so far as these matters fall within the legislative competence of the Scottish Parliament or alter the functions of the Scottish Ministers, should be considered by the UK Parliament.”

“Forced marriage” Scot. Gov. (Nov. 2012)
“Forced marriage law introduced” Scot.Gov. (November 2011)
“Forced Marriage Bill to criminalise protection order breaches” Scottish Parliament 26.1.11
“Forced marriage” Scot.Gov. (December 2010)
“Protection against forced marriage” Scot.Gov. (September 2010)
“Committee calls for evidence on Forced Marriage Bill” Scottish Parliament

“Action on forced marriages” Scot. Gov. (December 2010)

“SIF calls for debate on forced marriages” Scottish–Islamic Foundation (March 2008)

“Forced marriage: a wrong not a right” Scot. Exec.(September 2005)

“Conference on Forced Marriages” Strathclyde Police (January 2005?)

See also

Council of Europe: Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (Istanbul Convention)

Scottish Government Forced Marriage pages

UK Forced Marriage Unit

Responding to Forced Marriage: Multi-Agency Practice Guidelines (January 2013)

Forced Marriage Statutory Guidance Analysis Of Consultation Findings (Full) (January 2012) | Research Findings (summary)
Responding to Forced Marriage: Multi-Agency Practice Guidelines (Scot.Gov. December 2011)
Forced Marriage etc. (Protection and Jurisdiction) (Scotland) Act 2011
Forced Marriage Scottish statutory guidance (November 2011)
Forced Marriage: Statutory Guidance – Consultation Responses (August 2011)
Forced Marriage Statutory Guidance Consultation
Scottish Parliament Official Report 22.3.11: Forced Marriage etc (Protection and Jurisdiction) (Scotland) Bill: Stage 3

Forced Marriage etc. (Protection and Jurisdiction) (Scotland) Bill page
Equal Opportunities Committee Forced Marriage Bill page

Scottish Parliament Official Report 4.12.08. Forced Marriages
Forced Marriage: A Civil Remedy? Consultation Paper (November 2008)

Dealing with cases of Forced Marriage – Guidelines for Police. ACPOS 24.2.03.
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