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Racist Incidents Recorded by the Police in Scotland

2013 December 10
by Mary Munro

Racist incidents 2012-13Update

“Racist incidents recorded by police in Scotland fall by 14%, official figures reveal” Daily Record
“Racist incidents in Scotland fall by 14%” Scotsman
“Racist crime down in sign of improving city relations” Evening News

Following posted on 12.12.12

“Tayside bucks trend of rise in racist crimes as Minister warns against tarnishing nation’s image” The Courier
“4 racist incidents a day take place in Glasgow” Evening Times
“Three reports of racist incidents per day in Edinburgh” Scotsman
“Analysis: This isn’t the true picture on racism: it’s far, far worse” Scotsman
“Racist crimes on rise” Scottish Sun
“Racist incidents and crimes up in latest figures” Law Society Journal Online
“Fear anti-English racism on rise” Herald

Following posted on 11.12.12

“Racist incidents in Scotland rise by 10% for the first time in five years” Daily Record
“Record number of ‘racist’ attacks on English in Scotland” Telegraph
“Racists incidents recorded by Scottish police increase 10%” BBC

“Racist incidents in Scotland increase 10%” Evening Times 
“Number of racist incidents increase by 10%” Herald

Following posted on 13.06.12

“Racist incidents down in Scotland according to new government figures” Daily Record
“Fourth yearly drop in racism reports” Herald
“City records shock rise in racism cases” Evening Times
“Racist incidents fall for fourth year in Scotland” BBC
“Statement from Roseanna Cunningham on racist crime” The Firm Magazine

Following posted on 16.11.2011

A revised version of the Racist Incidents Recorded By The Police In Scotland, 2009-10 statistics was published by the Scottish Government on November 15th.

Following posted on 29.3.2011

“Racists incidents in Scotland rise by 10%” Daily Record

Following posted on 28.4.2010

“Falkirk MSP concerned over racist crime rise” STV

“Racist incidents in Scotland increase by an eighth in five years” Daily Record
“Racist incidents on the rise in Scotland” Evening News
“Rise in number of race attack victims” Herald
“Aberdeen ‘is worst city for racism’” Scotsman
“Race–crime figures are shocking, say MSPs” Press and Journal
“Police record a fall in racist incidents in Scotland” BBC

Following posted on 1.4.2009

“Four racist incidents reported to Lothians police every day” Evening News
“Racist attacks up by 7%” Evening Times
“Tayside experiences rise in racist incidents” Press and Journal
“Scots ‘well on way’ to winning racism battle – but still 18 hate crimes a day” Scotsman
“Rise in race crime against non–whites” Times
“Racist incidents in Scotland on decrease” Daily Record
“Racist incidents recorded by Scottish police fall for first time in four years” Herald
“Fall in racist incidents recorded by police” STV
“Action on racism needing ‘stepped up’, says MacAskill “

Following posted on 28.3.07

“18 racist crimes every 24 hours” Daily Record 28.3.07
“Number of racist attacks in Capital doubles in two years” Evening News
“Racist crime on rise in Tayside” Evening Times
“Children commit o&nendash;quarter of race incidents as toll rises” Herald
“Almost 20 race–hate crimes a day in Scotland” Scotsman
“Police record racist crime rise” BBC
“Executive promises crackdown on racism” STV

Following posted on 12.5.05

“Scots police record a 70% increase in race-related crimes “ Scotsman
“Huge rise in racist attacks in Scotland” Evening Times
“Reports of racism in Fife rise by a third” Courier
“Alarming rise in Highland race crime” Grampian TV

Press releases

“Racist incidents fall by 14 per cent” Scot. Gov. (December 2013)
“Racist incidents 2012-13” Scot.Gov. (December 2013)

“Rise in racists incidents ‘disappointing’ “ Scot.Gov (December 2012)

“Racist incidents statistics 2010-11” Scot.Gov. (June 2012)
“Racists incidents statistics published” Scot.Gov. (June 2012)
“Racist incidents recorded by the Police” Scot.Gov. (November 2011)
“Racist Incidents 2004–05 to 2008–09” Scot.Gov. (April 2010)
“Racist incidents in Scotland” Scot.Gov. (March 2009)
“No place for racism in Scotland – Minister” Scot. Exec. (March 2007)
“Racist incidents in Scotland” Scot. Exec. (March 2007)

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