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Glasgow and Fife Drug Courts

2013 November 26
by Mary Munro


“Fife Drug Court to close for lack of space” Law Society Journal Online
“Space shortage forces closure of drug court” Herald

Following posted on 13.11.09

“Drug Court turned my life around” Evening Times

“City addicts to get heroin substitute” Evening Times
“City’s addicts to get ‘less addictive’ heroin substitute” Herald

Following posted on 12.11.09

“Drug Court makes its case for tackling abuse” Evening Times

Following published on 2.8.06

“Scotland’s drug courts are changing lives” Herald

Following published on 16.5.06

“The drugs courts do work” Scotsman

Following published on 31.3.06

“Drug courts’ three-year extension” BBC
“Jury still out on viability of drugs courts” Herald
“Drug courts given three more years” Law Society Journal On-line

Following published on 13.12.04

“Fife drug courts scheme set for extension “ Evening Telegraph

Press release

“Drug courts to continue” Scot. Exec. (March 2006)

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