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Domestic Abuse recorded by the police in Scotland: latest figures

2013 October 8

Domestic abuse stats 2012 13Update

“Slight rise in domestic abuse cases” Courier
“Domestic abuse: As figures show violence is increasing, experts say focus should be shifted onto abusers” Daily Record
“Increase in number of domestic abuse incidents in Scotland, new report shows” Daily Record
“Domestic abusers committing more sexual assaults” Scotsman
“Further Government efforts promised as domestic abuse cases rise” Law Society Journal Online
“160 Scots a day are victims of domestic abuse” Scottish Express
“60,000 incidents of domestic abuse reported to police” Herald
“Domestic abuse incidents in Scotland rise slightly” BBC

Following posted on 13.12.12

“Not just a number” Holyrood Magazine

Following posted on 31.10.12

“Domestic abuse reports rise by 7% in a year in Scotland” BBC

Following posted on 17.11.10

“Cause for concern amid overall fall in domestic abuse” Courier
“Male domestic abuse levels double in just ten years, shock new figures reveal” Daily Record
“Number of men claiming domestic abuse by women doubles in decade” Scotsman
“Battered men toll trebled” Scottish Sun
“Domestic abuse reported in Scotland ‘declining’” BBC
“Domestic abuse case numbers fall for first time in decade” Press and Journal

Following posted on 26.11.09

“Rise in male victims of domestic abuse” Courier
“Number of domestic abuse cases in Scotland on the rise with more than 50,000 incidents in year” Daily Record
“Women refused at refuges as domestic abuse rate rises 8%” Herald
“Rise in number of domestic abuse cases” STV
“Call for more courts to deal with rise in domestic abuse” Times
“Record levels of domestic abuse in Scotland” Telegraph
“Police record more incidents of domestic abuse” BBC

Following posted on 26.11.08

“Domestic abuse figures ‘back calls’ for male victim support”
“Domestic abuse on the rise in Scotland” Herald
“Increase in domestic abuse cases” BBC
“Men urged to make stand on abuse” BBC
“2300 domestic abusers ‘escape punishment’” Courier
“Domestic abuse” Herald
“More men suffering from domestic abuse” Press and Journal
“Domestic violence rises 14% in four years” Scotsman
“Domestic violence by women against men up 12%” Times
“Stop looking the other way” Guardian
“Capital’s anti-abuse campaign earns plaudits across Europe” Evening News
“Domestic abuse is on the rise” Evening Times

“110% increase in domestic abuse against men” Sunday Herald

Following posted on 29.11.07

“Women’s groups warn removal of ring-fence could damage refuges” Scotsman

Following posted on 28.11.07

“Figures for domestic abuse rise, but may be higher still” Herald
“Refuge crisis as ‘epidemic’ of domestic violence hits Scotland” Scotsman
“Domestic abuse ‘must be tackled'” BBC
“Reports of domestic abuse incidents increases”
“Domestic abuse level in city soars by 11%” Evening News
“Tayside’s high rate of domestic abuse” Evening Telegraph
“Domestic abuse increases by 7%” Evening Times
“Domestic abuse cases on the rise” BBC
“Increase in number of reported domestic abuse cases “ STV
“Abuse in the spotlight” Courier
“Shoes tell domestic abuse story” BBC
“Campaign against domestic abuse” Courier

Following posted on 29.09.06

“Huge rise in domestic abuse cases” Scotsman
“Domestic abuse ‘on the increase'” BBC
“Domestic abuse at record levels” BBC
“Abuse shame gets worse” Daily Record 29.9.06
“Shock figures show rise in domestic violence” Evening Times

Following posted on 27.09.05

“Domestic violence rising in Scotland”
“Dundee’s dismal abuse record” Courier
“Domestic abuse cases soar by ten per cent across Scotland” Evening News
“Dundee abuse: shock figures” Evening Telegraph
“Domestic abuse cases rise by 15.9% in year” Herald
“10% rise in domestic abuse cases recorded “ Scotsman
“10 per cent jump in domestic abuse” Times
“Domestic abuse on the rise again” BBC

Following posted on 31.01.05

“Violence at home cases up” Daily Record
“City retains domestic abuse record of shame” Courier
“Dundee domestic abuse record getting worse” Evening Telegraph
“Domestic abuse problem is growing “ Scotsman
“Lid lifted on extent of domestic abuse” Times
Following posted on 28.1.05.
“Domestic abuse shows 10% increase” BBC
“Worrying rise in domestic abuse cases” Grampian TV
“Number of domestic violence cases increases dramatically” Scottish TV

Press releases

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