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Glasgow Domestic Abuse Court: “in crisis”

2013 September 2
by Mary Munro


“Flagship domestic abuse court is in crisis” Herald
“Police chiefs call for extended court time to end backlog of domestic abuse cases” Daily Record

Following posted on 2.5.12

“Inside justice: Court 1A, Glasgow Sheriff Court – Another Monday at Glasgow’s busy specialist domestic abuse court” Guardian

Following posted on 17.5.10

“Is there a happy ending to Scotland’s Minority Report?” Guardian

Following posted on 12.5.10

“Pro–active crackdown on domestic violence hailed a stunning success” Daily Record
“‘I could have killed my partner’ “ BBC
“Inside Scotland’s only domestic abuse court” BBC
“Television scrutiny of the courts in interest of justice” Guardian

“Domestic abuse victims ‘turned away’ over lack of space” BBC

Following posted on 12.12.09

“Abuse court roll–out in jeopardy” Scotland on Sunday

Following posted on 4.5.09

“Success of specialist abuse court sees cases double” Scotsman

Following posted on 4.11.08

“£2.4m to boost first court for domestic abuse” Herald

Following posted on 24.06.08

“Glasgow domestic abuse court expanded”
“£600,000 boost for abuse courts” Evening Times
“£1.2m in extra funding for domestic abuse court” Herald
“Bigger role for city abuse court” BBC
“Expansion of specialist abuse court provision” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 24.03.08

“Victims Want More Domestic Abuse Courts” Sunday Mail

Following posted on 07.03.08

“Domestic abuse court could expand” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 30.04.07

“A domestic abuse court ‘for every town’ “ Sunday Herald

Following posted on 2.04.07

“Court to deal with domestic abuse hailed a success” Evening Times

Following posted on 27.10.06

“Call for expansion of domestic abuse courts” Scotsman
“Paying the price of success” Herald
“1000 convicted in new abuse courts” Herald
“1000 people convicted at abuse court” Evening Times
“‘We can really make a difference'” BBC
“Abuse court secures convictions” BBC

Following posted on 26.10.05

“Abuse court ‘makes a difference’ “ BBC
“First year anniversary for domestic abuse court” Scottish TV

Following posted on 17.8.05

“New support for abused children”
“Abuse court hires support worker to aid child witnesses” Evening Times

Following posted on 30.12.04

“Court protects dozens from violence at home” Evening Times
“Abuse victims get mobile phone help” Evening Times

Following posted on 19.10.04

“Six accused are first to appear at special domestic abuse court” Herald
“Domestic abuse court opens “ Scottish TV
“Six men face first sitting of abuse court” Evening Times

Following posted on 14.10.04

“New approach to domestic abuse ” BBC
“New court hope” Daily Record
“Quicker justice for domestic abuse victims “ Scotsman
“Promise to domestic abuse victims “ Scottish TV
“Abuse cases pilot scheme “ Evening News

Following posted on 16.07.04

“Abuse court opening hit by lack of key workers” “SCOTLAND’S first domestic abuse court will open 10 weeks late because key social work staff have not been hired in time.” Evening Times
“Error delays court for domestic abuse” “PLANS to set up Scotland’s first domestic abuse court have been postponed for almost three months because officials were late in lodging a vital funding request.” Herald

Press releases

“Support services for domestic abuse” Scot.Gov. (June 2008)
“Second anniversary of Domestic Abuse Court Pilot” Scot. Exec. (October 2006)
“First anniversary of domestic abuse court” Scot. Exec. (October 2005)
“New support role in domestic abuse cases” Scot. Exec. (August 2005)
“First dedicated domestic abuse court” Scot. Exec. (October 2004)

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Scottish Parliament Official Report 6.3.08. Margaret Curran (Glasgow Baillieston) (Lab): To ask the First Minister, in the week of international women’s day, what the Scottish Government is doing to support women suffering domestic violence.
Evaluation of The Pilot Domestic Abuse Court (March 2007) | Research Findings
Evaluation of Specialist Domestic Violence Courts/Fast Track Systems: CPS March 2004

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