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Offshore oil industry: safety and environmental concerns persist. Piper Alpha 25th anniversary.

2013 July 11
by Mary Munro

Gannet Alpha 2

“Piper Alpha diaster remembered by House of Commons 25 years on” Daily Record

Following posted on 8.7.13

“25th anniversary of Piper Alpha disaster marked” Courier
“VIDEO: Tributes paid to Piper Alpha disaster victims at memorial service to mark 25th anniversary of tragedy “ Daily Record
“Piper Alpha: Remembering the disaster 25 years on” Scotsman
“Piper Alpha disaster: victims remembered 25 years on” Telegraph
“Tributes paid on 25th anniversary of Piper Alpha disaster” Press and Journal
“25 years on, hundreds gather to mark Piper Alpha tragedy” Herald
“Cameron says improvements in safety are lasting memorial” Herald
“Piper Alpha anniversary: ‘mockery’ of safety by bullying, says whistleblower” Guardian
“Never forget” Scottish Sun
“Piper Alpha: 25th anniversary of disaster remembered at ceremony” BBC
“Piper Alpha survivor: ‘It was pandemonium'” BBC
“Piper Alpha: How we survived North Sea disaster” BBC
“Lessons of Piper Alpha disaster shared in online teaching resource” STV
“The night the sea caught fire: Piper Alpha remembered after 25 years” STV

Following posted on 20.7.13

“Scars of Piper Alpha endure to this day, says Salmond” Herald

“Event to mark Piper Alpha anniversary” Courier
“Piper Alpha survivors relive oil rig blast horror 25 years on for new television documentary” Daily Record
“Piper Alpha disaster: Event to review safety procedures in offshore industry marks 25 years since North Sea tragedy” Daily Record
“Piper Alpha: Aberdeen offshore conference teaching disaster lessons” BBC

Following posted on 12.6.13

“Piper Alpha judge Lord Cullen says safety changes ‘reduced risk'” BBC

Following posted on 3.1.12

“Piper Alpha victims’ lawyers warn oil firms of new disaster” Press and Journal
“Safety lapses ‘risking another Piper Alpha’” Scottish Express

Following posted on 23.08.11

“Oil spill investigation begins as Shell plugs North Sea leak” Guardian
“Shell defends safety after North Sea oil leak” BBC

Following posted on 21.08.11

“Safety scare for North Sea oil rigs” Scotsman
“Revealed: Shell’s poor safety record in the UK” Herald

“Crown Office considering legal action against Shell over oil leak” Scotsman
“Shell urged to publish pipeline inspection report on North Sea oil spill” Daily Record
“More details needed on oil incidents, says government” BBC

Following posted on 5.08.09

“HSE warning for offshore industry” BBC
“Report concludes working offshore is becoming safer” STV
“Offshore safety incidents at record low” Daily Record
“£4bn offshore safety boost cuts accidents to record low” Press and Journal

Following posted on 13.04.09

“Oil rigs plagued by safety lapses” Times

Following posted on 10.02.09

“Alarm over hundreds of offshore incidents” Press and Journal

Following posted on 07.07.08

“Piper Alpha victims mourned 20 years after oil rig disaster” Daily Record
“Tributes to Piper Alpha victims” Evening Express
“Lest we forget the 167 who paid highest price for oil” Press and Journal
“Twenty years on, Piper Alpha victims remembered on land and offshore” Scotsman
“Safety legacy left by Piper Alpha” BBC
“Services will mark 20th anniversary of disaster” Press and Journal
“Rig workers who whistleblow over safety issues are ‘routinely sacked'” Sunday Herald
“I was taken by a passage in The Cruel Sea. Someone is talking about dying at sea. He said you can die well or die badly” Sunday Herald
“Piper Alpha anniversary honoured” BBC
“Forever synonymous with tragedy” BBC
“Piper Alpha memorial services take place” STV

“Offshore safety review announced” BBC

Following posted on 26.11.07

“Offshore safety on ‘knife-edge'” BBC

“North Sea safety” Herald
“90 people airlifted to safety after fire erupts on North Sea oil platform” Independent
“A lucky escape?” Scotsman
“Over 100 evacuated after a fire broke out on board a North Sea oil rig” STV

Following posted on 22.11.07

“Two in three rigs fail on safety… but guilty oil giants stay secret” Scotsman
“Offshore safety still adrift” Scotsman
“Offshore union: name and shame oil firms who fail over safety” Herald
“Oil firms ‘must improve safety'” BBC
“Lessons not learnt from Piper Alpha disaster, says HSE” STV

Press releases

“MSPs mark Piper Alpha anniversary” IOSH

“Piper Alpha anniversary commemorations” Scot. Gov. (June 2013)

“Gannet oil leak” Shell Media Centre
“North Sea oil spill” Scot.Gov. (August 2011)
“Offshore safety incidents hit a record low” HSE (August 2009)
“Offshore industry has more to do says HSE” HSE

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