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Shotts prison inspection published

2013 June 5
by Mary Munro

HMIP Shotts reportUpdate

“More than 50 changes needed at new-build jail” Evening Times
“Report finds that rebuilt HM Prison Shotts is ‘functioning well'” STV
“New Shotts Prison has ‘best accommodation’ says inspector” BBC

Following posted on 15.8.07

“Praise for 20-year drive to transform notoriously violent jail” Scotsman
“Prison praised for improvements” BBC
“Shotts prison praised for progress” STV

Following posted on 24.3.05

“Prisoners’ fresh food ‘shortfall’ “ BBC
“Bid to cut violence at Shotts” Evening Times

Following posted on 22.4.04

“Shotts prison ‘moves on’ to less drugs and violence” A report into security standards at one of Scotland’s most notorious prisons has claimed that levels of drug abuse and violence behind its walls have plummeted since a full-scale riot brought it to national attention last year. . .” Scotsman 23.4.04
“£1m Shotts riots ignored because prison has ?moved on?” Rioting which caused more than £1m of damage and led to a prisoner being sentenced to life for stabbing three prison officers has been ignored in an official report on one of Scotland’s maximum security jails. . .” Herald 23.4.04
“Official report ignores £1m prison damage” Rioting in which three prison officers were stabbed has been ‘airbrushed’ from a report on Shotts Prison, it emerged today [. . .] Despite the rioting, which caused damage estimated to cost £1million to repair, Mr McLellan’s report says the decision to say nothing about it was taken deliberately as the prison has “moved on”. . .” Evening Times
“Positive report for Shotts prison” Security standards are up and levels of drug abuse and violence down at a maximum security prison in Scotland, a report has revealed. Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Prisons (HMCIP) report on Shotts prison states the facility has “moved on” since disturbances last year. . .” BBC
“Report find riot prison has improved significantly” Scottish TV

Press releases

“Shotts prison report” Scot. Exec. (August 2007)

“Shotts Prison report” Scot. Exec. (March 2005)

“Shotts Prison inspection report” Shotts Prison has moved on and left behind the serious disturbances of a year ago, Scotland’s Chief Inspector of Prisons Dr Andrew McLellan said today in his inspection report. . .” Scot. Exec. (April 2004)

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HM Inspectorate of Prisons: Report on HM Prison Shotts. Dated December 2003.

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