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Police restructuring: single national force arrangements. Latest headlines.

2013 June 9
by Mary Munro

police lamp Kirriemuir

“Scotland’s new national police force has made good progress since it was set up 100 days ago, says Justice Secretary” Daily Record

Following posted on 3.6.13

“One force to rule them all: while England argues about police reform, Scotland does it” Economist

“Police computer system cash dilemma” Herald

“Volunteer police payment cut as force seeks to save money” Herald

Following posted on 7.4.13

“The secret cost of injustice” Herald

Following posted on 5.4.13

“Glasgow police on Edinburgh beat in ‘buddy’ plan” Scotsman

Following posted on 2.4.13

“House visit as police force starts” Evening Times
“Police Scotland: Pledge to carry ‘proud history’ ” Scotsman
“Human trafficking victims will no longer be prosecuted, say police” BBC

Following posted on 1.4.13

“Police Scotland comes into action” Daily Record
“Police Scotland: How will the new single force work?” Daily Record
“New era for Scottish police as single service gets to work” Courier
“New era as cops to see changes on their beat” Evening Times
“More flexible force will respond to Scots’ needs’ ” Evening Times
“Scotland’s new unified police force replaces eight regional constabularies” Guardian
“Senior police chiefs to patrol streets” Scotsman
“New police force offers best value” Scotsman
“One new police force…and eight old I.T. systems” Scottish Sun
“Cops’ logo no-go: Legal hitch leaves new force ID without emblem” Scottish Sun
“Regional police and fire services replaced by single national units” STV
“Senior officers on the beat following launch of Police Scotland” Telegraph
“Computer chaos as new police force is launched” Scottish Express
“Local policing ‘safe’ under merger” BBC
“The biggest cases of Scotland’s smallest police force” BBC

Following posted on 31.3.13

“Rose Fitzpatrick: Strength and safety in unity” Scotsman

“Police Scotland to watch sex offenders more closely” Scotsman

“Copland the brave” Scottish Sun

“Head of single Scottish police force says separate forces in England and Wales are ‘unsustainable’ ” Telegraph

“From midnight, Scotland becomes a police state!” Scottish Express

“Scots police merger ‘sets example’ to south of border” BBC

Following posted on 29.3.13

“Scots Police will treat rape as seriously as murder” Scotsman

“Leaders: A welcome step in the investigation of rape” Scotsman

“Chief constable life on the force has come full circle” Evening Times

Following posted on 28.3.13

“How Strathclyde Police coped with some of Scotland’s darkest days” Evening Times

“Interview: meet Stephen House, Chief Constable of Police Scotland” Herald

Following posted on 27.3.13

“Historic change ushers in a new era of crime fighting” Herald

“How the force will be split” Herald

“Police Scotland in numbers” Herald

Following posted on 26.3.13

“Outgoing Chief Constable of Grampian Police worried about jobs” STV

Following posted on 25.3.13

“Police and fire service mark Scotland-wide mergers” Scotsman

“Stability plea for new force” Herald

Following posted on 24.3.13

“Police boss Stephen House says ‘we are very prepared for single force’ ” BBC

“New Scots police force ‘set to go’, says boss Stephen House” BBC

Following posted on 19.03.2013

“Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill makes final force visit” BBC
“Old Firm absence leads to drop in domestic violence” Scotland on Sunday

“Police must be fiscally prudent” Herald
“Revealed: how we’re paying £1m a year for suspended police” Herald
“New single police force faces a £1m bill for officers who are suspended or are on extended leave” Daily Record

“Q&A: Scotland’s new police service – Police Scotland” BBC

“Fingerprint backlog for new force” Herald

“Talking point: Communication breakdown”

Following posted on 8.3.13

“Police staff talks are held in secret” Scottish Sun

Following posted on 4.3.13

“Policing feud needs to end” Sunday Herald
“Revealed: war of words over new police force” Sunday Herald
“Concern over police watchdog’s private meetings” Sunday Herald

“Police spend £250k on consultant during cutbacks” Scotsman

Following posted on 1.3.13

“Senior officer attacks ‘misleading impression’ of Scotland’s police” Courier
“Police force quiet over cuts in opening hours” Press and Journal

Following posted on 27.2.13

““A great deal to do” but single police force “will be” ready” The Firm Magazine

“Call for extended scrutiny of Scotland’s single police force” Courier
“Scottish police chief’s warning over cover-ups” Scotland on Sunday

“Terror risk in police jobs change, warns Chief” Scotsman

Following posted on 18.2.13

“Ministers accused of letting feud blight police merger” Herald

Following posted on 14.2.13

“Row over police scrutiny deepens” Herald
“Officers will do more desk work in single Scots force” Scotsman

Following posted on 11.2.13

“Detectives to face ‘value for money’ tests” Scotland on Sunday
“Fears over staffing levels at Tayside Police control room amid cuts” STV
“Police workers still in dark over new employer, warns Unison” Herald

“Scottish Government says officer numbers will be maintained in new police force” Courier

Following posted on 28.1.13

“Police cuts to cost Scots taxpayers £60m” Scotsman
“Police merger costs £60m” Scottish Express
“£60m to axe 1400 police civilian workers” Herald
“The cost of Scotland’s single police force …. up to £60m for redundancy payments” Herald
“As police prepare to axe 1400 jobs when Scotland’s forces merge.. boss’ business partner is given job” Daily Record

Following posted on 24.1.13

“‘MSPs must watch over Police Scotland’” Scotsman
“MSPs to scrutinise Scots police force” Herald
“Move to monitor new Scottish police force” BBC

“New divisional commanders will put local policing ‘at heart’ of service” Courier


Following posted on 23.1.13

“Police Scotland commanders who will lead new single force are announced” Daily Record
“Local policing team for new single Scottish police force announced” STV
“Police force equality fears” Herald
“Fourteen local commanders for new Police Scotland” BBC

“Allocation of new powers will prove to be a tough case for police guardian to crack” Scotsman

Following posted on 21.1.13

“Willie Rennie in warning over police force power struggle” Courier
“Deal signals end of new police force row as Kenny MacAskill steps in” Scotsman
“Deal struck on control of police staff” Herald
“Deal struck to end impasse over police force’s functions” BBC

Following posted on 18.1.13

“Power-struggle police chiefs hire top lawyers at taxpayers’ expense” Scotsman

Following posted on 14.1.13

“Forcing the issue” Scotland on Sunday

Following posted on 10.1.13

“Police chiefs accused of ‘empire building’” Courier
“MSPs urge police bosses to end power struggle” BBC

Following posted on 9.1.13

“Taxpayers foot bill for police ‘empire building’” Scotsman
“Police reformer caught flatfooted” Scotsman

“Senior policeman expects ‘no visual impact’ in move to national service” Courier

Following posted on 8.1.13

“Deal between new chief constable and SPA ‘closer'” Herald

Following posted on 7.1.13

“Police chiefs told: Resolve your turf war” Herald

Following posted on 31.12.12

“Police chief warns more officers promise can’t be kept” Scotland on Sunday

“Senior officers face uncertain future after failing to land top job in new single Scottish police force” Daily Record
“North ‘snubbed’ as top police team appointed” Press and Journal
“Tayside and Fife officers miss out on key police positions” Courier
“Six new assistant chief constables for Police Scotland unveiled” STV
“New assistant police chiefs are named” Herald
“Police Scotland: New service chiefs named” BBC

“Dogs face redundancy in police service shake-up” Herald

Following posted on 17.12.12

“Single police force ‘will begin life lumbered with £100m in debt’” STV
“Scottish police: Concerns raised over £100m debts” BBC
“New single force Police Scotland will slash wage bill by half” STV

Following posted on 14.12.12

“Top cop rules out applying for new role” Evening Times

Following posted on 12.12.12

“Deputy chief of new force says community policing will be key” Herald

Following posted on 8.12.12

“Kenny MacAskill issues police statistics pledge” Scotsman

Following posted on 5.12.12

“Problems affect new police force” Evening Times

Following posted on 2.12.12

“Scottish police stations on market for £4.5m ahead of new single force” Daily Record
“Appeal for clarity over new force” Scotsman
“Clarity needed on new force” Herald

Following posted 1.12.12

“Police officers call for ‘outbreak of common sense’ over new force” STV

Following posted on 29.11.12

“Police force reforms are a shambolic mess” Scotsman

Following posted on 28.11.12

“Concern single Scottish police force power struggle a waste of taxpayers’ money” The Courier
“National police force law has ‘gobsmacking’ flaw, says chief” Law Society Journal Online
” ‘Shambles’ of new single police force” Herald
Following posted on 27.11.12
“Cop chief: Let’s not be havin’ you” Scottish Sun
“Top cop slams job loophole” Scottish Sun
“Senior single police force figures face MSPs in power struggle row” STV
“New chief constable of Scotland’s new unified police service concerned over force’s set up” Scotsman
“Stephen House ‘gobsmacked’ over Scottish police force loophole” Telegraph
“Stephen House warns of ‘major’ flaw in police reform” BBC

Following posted on 23.11.12

“National police force will blitz fugitive criminals with specialist unit” Daily Record
“Elite cops to tackle fugitives” Scottish Sun

Following posted on 22.11.12

“Scotland to be a ‘hostile place’ for fugitives, says new crime unit chief” Scotsman
“Local policing ‘will continue’ in new single Scots force” BBC

Following posted on 19.11.12

“House Rules, from next April, Scotland will have a single police force” Holyrood Magazine

Following posted on 18.11.12

“Scotland’s single police force to introduce dedicated rape probe unit” Daily Record
“Question crime” Scottish Sun

Following posted on 12.11.12

“Row over police plans shift” Herald

Following posted on 10.11.12

“‘Stooge’ fears over single police force” Herald

Following posted on 9.11.12

“Chief constable of single police force must be in control of every aspect of job including backroom functions, MSP’s are told” Daily Record
“New police force in turf war over backroom staff” Herald

Following posted on 29.10.12

“Scots top cop to get four deputies – on £170,000 pay” Scottish Sun

Following posted on 24.10.12

“Police Service of Scotland chief admits new force faces £70m shortfall” Daily Record
“Scotland’s new police chief to grapple with multi-million pound funding gap” Scotsman
“Scotland’s new police force faces £70m budget shortfall in 2013” STV
“Single police force budget tight – ‘but we can do it’” Press and Journal
“New force faces £70m shortfall” Herald
“Chief Constable Stephen House says police job cut fears ‘not realistic'” BBC

Following posted on 23.10.12

“We’ll cop for admin work after cuts” Scottish Sun
“Union warns of police ‘madness'” Herald
“When eight become one”

Following posted on 5.10.12

“Gavin Yates in warning over civilian job cuts with formation of single police force” Courier

Following posted on 2.10.12

“Police disciplinary demand” Herald

“Stephen House starts first day as Scotland’s single police force chief” STV

“Cop jobs totalling 550 to be axed on day one of new Scots single force” Daily Record
“New police chief in job losses talks” Herald

Following posted on 1.10.12

“Police superintendents body seeks meeting with Stephen House over cuts” BBC
“Revealed: how the police cuts will bite” Herald
“MacAskill pressured to explain police staff reduction” Herald
“House: 3000 police jobs could be cut” Herald
“3000 police jobs at risk, says Scotland’s new chief constable” Herald
“New Scots cop boss Stephen House warns thousands of jobs at risk” Daily Record
“Scottish police force cuts ‘worse than expected’” Scotsman
“Stephen House vows Scotland’s superforce will turn up heat on crime gangs” Daily Record
“Rennie calls for MacAskill to answer fresh concerns over police reform” STV
“New police chief must now address public’s concerns” Scotsman
“House gets single police force role” Scotsman
“House to be first Chief Constable of Scotland” Law Society Journal Online
“Strathclyde’s Stephen House is Scotland’s new £208K chief constable” Herald
“Stephen House to lead new Police Service of Scotland” BBC
“Stephen House unveiled as first head of Police Service of Scotland”

Following posted on 3.9.12

“First new Police Authority and Fire Service chairmen appointed” BBC
“Trams troubleshooter to chair new police authority” Herald
“Former tram boss Vic Emery to run national police force” Daily Record
“The men who’ll lead 999 revolution: Chairmen of Scotland’s new national police and fire authorities appointed” Scotsman

“New Fife police chief says force will be ready for national change” Courier

Following posted on 19.8.12

“Too many chiefs: Senior officers going nowhere after police shake-up in Scotland” Daily Record

Following posted on 6.8.12

“New Scottish police investigation body to be ‘more intrusive'” BBC

Following posted on 24.7.12

“Government told last August about police reform VAT bill” Herald

“Union chiefs blast ‘grossly excessive’ pay for new national fire & police board members” Daily Record

“Head of Scotland’s new national police force will get £208k salary” Daily Record
“Scotland’s national police force: main contenders for chief constable revealed” Guardian
“Anger over salary for Scotland’s national police chief” Scotsman
“£208,000-a-year Chief Constable post advertised for single police force” STV
“Head of new single police force to get £208,000 pay” Herald
“Scottish police job with £208,000-a-year salary is advertised” BBC

Following posted on 23.7.12

“Police Service of Scotland begin recruitment drive for £200k chief constable role” Daily Record

Following posted on 11.7.12

“Union claims single force to cut 3200 civilians staff” Herald

Following posted on 6.7.12

“Scottish police force: New national force faces legal threat before it even exists” Scotsman

Press releases

“Justice request to establish sub-committee on policing” Scottish Parliament (Jan .2013)
“Scottish Police Authority” Scot.Gov. (Oct. 2012)
“First Chief Constable of the new Police Service of Scotland appointed” ACPOS (Sept. 2012)
“Scottish Police Authority chair” Scot.Gov. (August 2012)
“Chief Constable post advertised” Scot.Gov. (July 2012)

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