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Sheridan trial: prosecution of perjury, crown evidence and the media, court room blogging, juror comment

2013 April 21


“Sheridan juror escapes legal action” Herald

Following posted on 11.2.13

“Law chief apologises to Gail and Tommy Sheridan after admitting blunders in probe into alleged police bigotry” Daily Record

Following posted on 16.4.12

“Sheridan’s solicitor lodges complaint to BBC Trust over “Rise and Lies” documentary
The Firm Magazine

Following posted on 28.1.11

“The women who refused to lie for Tommy Sheridan” Guardian
“Tweeting in court spreads to Scotland” Guardian
“Campaigners call on Salmond to order inquiry into Sheridan case” Scotsman
“The judge showed humanity. Elsewhere, the viciousness was breathtaking to behold” Scottish Review. Go to site archive if this article does not show.

Following posted on 27.1.11

“Tommy Sheridan sentenced to three years in prison – video” Guardian
“Tommy not finished yet, says wife” Herald
“Legal first at Sheridan hearing” Herald
“In truth, prison is the last place to send Sheridan” Herald
“Time for contrition from socialism’s jailed martyr” Scotsman
“Defiant and snarling, the Sheridans’ world comes crashing down” Scotsman
“Tommy Sheridan talks to STV days before he was sentenced” STV
“Tommy Sheridan jailed for three years for perjury” BBC
“Tommy Sheridan found guilty of perjury to little surprise” Telegraph

Following posted on 13.1.11

“The media circus” Scottish Review
“MSP asks: Who leaked Tommy footage to BBC?” Evening Times
“MSP questions how BBC got Sheridans’ interrogation footage” Herald

Following posted on 10.1.11

“Tommy Sheridan juror faces Facebook leak probe” Daily Record
“Sheridan juror could face jail” Herald
“Ordinary people amid the trial and tribulations” Scotsman

Following posted on 7.1.11

“The tapes: Press gangs (3)” Scottish Review (7/1)
“Police tapes in Scotland have become a marketable commodity: Press gangs (2)” Scottish Review (6/1)
“The BBC, the police and Tommy Sheridan: Press gangs (1)” Scottish Review
“Crown Office relationship with Scottish media ‘fascist’ says QC” The Firm Magazine

“Blogging from court: helping justice to be seen to be done” Guardian

Following posted on 3.1.11

“Tommy Sheridan warned: Don’t go it alone” Scotsman

“QC lambasts Sheridan case as ‘prostitution of Scots law’: Law ‘lies in shame’” The Firm Magazine
“Crown use of paid witnesses in Sheridan case is ‘malpractice’ says QC” The Firm Magazine
“Money has no place in Scots justice” The Firm Magazine

“Tommy Sheridan is flawed, but still he’s a hero” Guardian
“Tommy Sheridan, the socialist firebrand laid low by sex and lies” Guardian
“The real tragedy of Tommy Sheridan” Guardian
“Should Sheridan’s perjury trial have been prosecuted?” BBC
“Sheridan: The lies, the plotting, the real conspiracy” Herald
“Tommy Sheridan’s tale ranks among most extraordinary political scandals” Telegraph
“Cops spent £1m chasing Tommy Sheridan” Scotsman
“Lies that returned Sheridan to court” Scotsman
“Cost of Sheridan’’s guilt” Scotsman
“Why the Sheridan case may return to haunt Scottish justice” Scottish Review

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