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Illegal catches of pearl mussels hasten extinction: contractors fined

2013 March 20
by Mary Munro

Fresh Water Pearl Mussels

©Sue Scott/SNH with permission


“Contractors fined after pearl mussel colony destroyed on River Lyon” BBC

Following posted on 19.03.13

“Hydro firm caused ‘hundreds of years’ of damage” Scotsman
“Hydro firm fined for destroying Glen’s freshwater pearl mussels” Scottish Express
“Company fined for killing protected mussels” Herald

Following posted on 15.02.13

“Firm directors admit killing endangered pearl mussels” Herald

Following posted on 06.08.07

“Pearl mussels face extinction” Sunday Herald

Following posted on 02.06.05

“Operation Necklace targets the pearl pirates of Scotland “ Guardian
“Police use mussel against pearl thieves” Scotsman

Press release

“Operation Necklace “ Tayside Police (2005)

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