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EHRC human trafficking in Scotland report: follow up on progress published

2013 March 7
by Mary Munro

EHRC Inquiry into Human Trafficking in Scotland (full report)

“Human trafficking ‘still happening’ in Scotland, according to human rights report” Daily Record
“Praise for Scots’ anti-trafficking initiative” Scotsman

Following posted on 29.11.12

“Sex trafficking in Scotland: Fears gangs will bring in foreign prostitutes for 2014 Commonwealth Games” Daily Record
“It’s time for Scots law to help victims of sex trafficking, claims human rights lawyer Baroness Helena Kennedy” Daily Record
“Human trafficking fear over 2014 Glasgow Games” Scotsman
“‘Lack of coherent approach’” Scotsman
“Scotland urged to take lead role in international drive against ‘modern slavery'” STV
“Trafficked people being treated as criminals by officials, inquiry says” Guardian
“Attempts to stop human trafficking are ‘piecemeal’” Herald
“Authorities are signally failing victims of trafficking” Herald
“Inquiry report calls for new approach on trafficking” BBC
“Human trafficking: breaking the silence”

Following posted on 28.3.11

“Enforced prostitution claims spark probe into trafficking” Evening News
“Human trafficking – ‘Victims are coerced with threats and lies'” Evening News
“Victim of sex trafficking could just be the tip of the iceberg” Scotsman

Following posted on 10.2.10

“Inquiry into sex trafficking in Scotland wants to hear from men who use prostitutes” Daily Record

“Police ‘ignore’ rights of sex trafficking victims” Guardian
“Scotland–wide inquiry into sex trafficking” Herald

Press releases

“Scotland taking steps to tackle human trafficking” EHRC (March 2013)

“EHRC launch inquiry into Human Trafficking in Scotland report: Baroness Helena Kennedy QC Investigating Commissioner” EHRC

“Formal Inquiry opened into Human Trafficking in Scotland” Equality and Human Rights Commission

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