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Devolution, independence, human rights and Scotland

2013 March 18
by Mary Munro


Following posted on 15.11.11

“UK bill of rights rejected by Scottish human rights body” Guardian
“Don’t water down Human Rights Act: Commission: Law Society Journal Online
“UK Bill of Rights plans rejected by human rights body” Herald
“Scots human rights boss rejects Bill of Rights reform” BBC

Following posted on 21.4.10

“The Human Rights Act from a Scottish perspective” Guardian

Following posted on 9.2.10

“Scotland and N Ireland could reject bill of rights Guardian
“Hating the human rights act – an English phenomenon” Guardian

Press releases

“Submission on a UK Bill of Rights” SHRC (November 2011)

“‘A legal and political nightmare’: Report on devolution and human rights warns of major difficulties ahead” Justice (February 2010)

“Repeal or significant amendment of the Human Rights Act will prove difficult to reconcile with the current devolution framework governing Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, concludes a JUSTICE report . . .”

See also

SHRC (March 2013) The Future of Human Rights in Scotland
Submission to the Commission on a Bill of Rights: The Scottish Human Rights Commission (November 2011)

SHRC reiterates its belief that the current political climate presents singularly unfavourable conditions in which to launch a consultation on a UK Bill of Rights and proposes alternative steps which are more likely to lead to progressive, rather than retrogressive, outcomes for the public.

JUSTICE report – ‘Devolution and Human Rights’ (February 2010)

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