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Birds of prey poisoning map published

2013 March 14
by Mary Munro


“New law sees drop in bird crime” Press and Journal
“‘Significant’ fall in number of poisoned birds of prey” Herald
“Sharp drop in Scottish bird poisoning cases follows new crime legislation” BBC

Following posted on 14.3.12

“Bird of prey poisoning at 6-year low in Scotland” Scotsman
“Bird of prey poisonings fell to record low last year” Herald
“Fall in the number of birds of prey being poisoned in Scotland” BBC
“Dramatic fall in number of Scotland’s poisoned birds of prey” Guardian

Following posted on 16.3.11

“Shock rise in birds of prey being poisoned” Courier
“Bird of prey poisonings hit four–year high” Scotsman
“Poisoning of birds on the prey on the rise with sea eagle among the victims” Daily Record
“Bird of prey poisoning ‘hot spot’ map published” Telegraph

Following posted on 17.3.10

“Poisoning of birds of prey increases again” Courier
“Scottish bird of prey poisonings rise to near record levels” Guardian
“Golden eagles fall prey to poisoners in record toll of cases” Press and Journal
“‘Hotspots’ for illegal poisoning of birds of prey are revealed” Scotsman
“Bird of prey poisoning map launched” Telegraph
“Calls for crackdown after bird of prey poisoning map released” Caledonian Mercury

Following posted on 12.1.09

“Sites where birds of prey poisoned shown on map” Herald
“Bird of prey poisoning map of shame published” Scotsman
“Bird poisoning ‘hot spots’ marked” BBC

Press releases

“Sharp fall in birds of prey poisoned” Scot.Gov. (March 2013)
“Mapping bird of prey poisoning” Scot.Gov. (March 2012)
“Bird of prey poisoning” Bird of prey poisoning (March 2011)
“Crimes against birds of prey” Scot.Gov. (March 2010)
“Combating wildlife crime” Scot.Gov. (January 2009)

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