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Strathclyde Police annual statistics

2012 December 3
by Mary Munro


“Crime rates plummet in Maryhill” Evening Times

Following posted on 5.7.12

“South Lanarkshire is Scotland’s murder capital” Scottish Sun

Following posted on 8.6.12

“Strathclyde Police chief hails 10 per cent drop in murders over last 12 months” Daily Record
“Strathclyde Police report drop in violent crime” Scotsman
“Murders and attempted murders down but crime up in west of Scotland” STV
“‘Alarming’ rise in number of rapes and sexual assaults in West of Scotland” Daily Record
“Strathclyde report shows rape cases up as laws encourage reporting of crime” Scotsman

Following posted on 27.6.11

“Murders in Strathclyde up 40% in past year” Scotsman
“Murders up by 40% in Strathclyde” STV
“Murder rate rockets” Evening Times

Following posted on 14.6.11

“Number of murders doubles” Herald

Following posted on 14.5.10

“Fall in crime rates leads to £26m saving” Herald
“Crime crackdown saves force £26m” Scottish Sun
“Violent crime drop in Strathclyde” BBC
“Alarm as reported rapes rise but detection figures plunge” Times

Press releases

“Strathclyde Police Publishes Annual Report And Statistics” Strathclyde Police
Strathclyde Police Releases Crime Figures (May 2010)

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