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ECHR award compensation to ‘Limbs in loch killer’ William Beggs

2012 December 10
by Ceri Evans


“Limbs in the Loch killer Beggs ‘playing games with system’ ” Herald

Following posted on 21.11.12

“Scottish Sun delivers Beggs protest to Strasbourg” Scottish Sun

Following posted on 18.11.12

“Eur in for a compo fight, Beggs!” Scottish Sun

Following posted on 15.11.12

“How can William Beggs think he’s due £5,000 payout?” Scottish Sun

Following posted on 13.11.12

“William Beggs’ victim’s pals back The Scottish Sun” Scottish Sun

Following posted on 10.11.12

“Law boss: Strip Williams Beggs of compo” Scottish Sun

Following posted on 10.11.12

“William Beggs’ compo cash is the final insult for victim’s dad” Scottish Sun

Following posted on 9.11.12

“Bloody disgrace” Scottish Sun
“MEP: Criminals across the country must be laughing at us” Scottish Sun

Following posted on 8.11.12

“Compensation cash for killer beggars belief” Scottish Sun
“Ban Beggs blood money” Scottish Sun
“Alex Salmond admits compensation awarded to William Beggs over appeals delay was ‘extremely distasteful” Daily Record 

Following posted on 7.11.12

“Cash for ‘loch limbs’ killer” Evening Times
“€6,000 award for ‘limbs in loch’ killer” Scotsman
” William Beggs in 5k court delay win” Scottish Sun
“Limbs in loch murdered in compensations payout” Herald

Following posted on 6.11.12

“Limbs in the loch killer William Beggs wins human rights compensation” STV
“Outrage as euro Human rights court gives killer Beggs £4,800” Daily Express
“Limbs in loch killer given compensation for appeals delay” Herald
“Limbs in loch killer William Beggs awarded compensation” BBC

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