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Illegal mobile phone use by drivers

2012 November 23
by Mary Munro

“Million drivers caught using mobile phones at the wheel” Daily Record
“Strathclyde Police catch nearly 20,000 drivers using handheld phones” Daily Record

Following posted on 17.9.12

“Police crackdown catches more than 330 motorists driving while on the phone” Daily Record
“Hundreds of drivers caught on the phone” Herald

Following posted on 3.12.10

“Ten drivers a day caught using phone at the wheel” Evening News

Following posted on 26.2.10

“Police catch 180 drivers breaking mobile phone laws in nationwide crackdown – including truck driver texting behind the wheel” Daily Record
“Drivers face tougher penalties for using mobiles as offences soar 77%” Scotsman

Following posted on 3.12.07

“7600 drivers flout mobile phone ban” Courier
“Drivers warned over mobile phones” BBC
“10,000 fines issued for drivers using phones” STV
“10,000 drivers fined for using mobile phone” Evening Times

Following posted on 4.5.07

“‘Stigma’ drives down use of mobiles at wheel” Evening News

Following posted on 28.2.07

“Drivers fined for mobile phones” BBC
“New penalties for using hand held mobiles in cars” STV
“Get tough penalties for drivers using mobiles” Evening Express
“Taxi driver breaks new laws on using mobiles” Evening Times
“Blitz on drivers using phones as fines double” Evening Times
“Zero tolerance of drivers using mobile phones” Courier
“Get-tough pledge on phone drivers” Evening News
“Number’s up for phone drivers” Evening Telegraph
“Police catch 100 drivers flouting mobile phone ban” Herald
“Drivers caught in phone crackdown” BBC

Following posted on 26.5.06

“Number of motorists prosecuted over phone use soars” Scotsman
“Fines triple for mobile phone drivers” Evening News
“More motorists caught with phones” Courier
“Mobiles law ‘starting to bite'” Evening Telegraph
“1000 drivers are taken to court for using phones” Evening Times 30.5.06

Following posted on 5.4.06

“Tougher line on mobile phones” Scotsman
“Fines surge as 12,000 drivers caught using mobile phones” Scotsman
“Crackdown call as 12,000 drivers caught on phone” Evening Times

Following posted on 21.10.05

“Drivers still using phones at wheel” Courier 21.10.05
“Sixty drivers caught using their mobiles behind wheel” Evening News
“225 caught in crackdown on drivers” Evening Times

Following posted on 17.10.05

“Police clamp down on drivers using mobile phones in cars” Scottish TV
“Mobile crackdown targets drivers” BBC
“Police admit fines failing to put brakes on mobile phone drivers” Scotland on Sunday
“‘Missing a phone call won’t kill’ message” Courier
“Police get tough to cut mobile motoring” Evening News
“It is impossible to maintain proper control while texting” Evening News
“Crackdown on drivers who use mobiles” Evening Times
“Clear phone message for on the move phone users” Evening Express

Following posted on 2.12 04

“Police drive to target phone use “ BBC
“7,000 motorists fined for using mobile phones “ Scottish TV
“Police launch mobile phone crackdown” Grampian TV
“Police pledge to get tough with drivers on phone “ Evening News
“Drivers still ignoring year-old phone ban” Press and Journal
“Traffic cops in new phones crackdown” Evening Times
“Drivers face new crackdown on mobiles” Scotsman

Following posted on 3.9.04

“Phone-using drivers “selfish” : [. . .] The Scottish Accident Prevention Council’s road safety committee said drivers who thought their calls were more important than people’s lives were a menace to other road users and it wants to see tough action taken against offenders . . .”Courier

Following posted on 23.8.04

“Fury as drivers flout mobile phone law” Scotsman

Following posted on 20.7.04

“Crackdown on drivers who phone” Scotsman

Following posted on 10.6.04

“1400 drivers caught flouting mobile laws” “Police chiefs said too many motorists were continuing to flout the law with 1365 fixed penalties issued in the region since the law banning mobiles behind the wheel came into force on December 1 . . .” Evening Times
“Tayside drivers flouting mobile phone law” Evening Telegraph
“In one hour, we saw 50 drivers using a mobile” Evening Times

Following posted on 9.3.04

“Scots worst in UK for breaking phone driving laws: Scottish motorists are flouting the law and are the worst in Britain for using their mobile phones illegally while driving. Figures out today show Strathclyde Police have fined 781 people since the ban came into force, almost double the highest figure for England – where West Midlands Police have taken action against 444. . .” Scottish TV

“Motorists still taking mobile phone risks: A minority of motorists are continuing to flout the law and put fellow road-users lives at risk by using mobile phones at the wheel [. . .”> A total of 102 motorists in Tayside have been caught using their mobiles while driving since the ban came into force . . .” Courier

“They are just not listening” Daily Record

“Drivers flout ban on mobile phones” Evening News 8.3.4.

Following posted on 20.1.04

Police in Highlands deny failure to fine a single mobile phone offender: Northern Constabulary last night denied that they had failed to fine a single motorist since mobile phone legislation was introduced in December. In a force-by-force breakdown of the number of on-the-spot fines imposed for using a handheld mobile while driving, Northern Constabulary faced criticism from motoring groups for apparently not enforcing the new legislation at all. But yesterday, a police spokeswoman said the force was not keeping a tally of the number of £30 fines handed out, as the new penalty simply comes under Section 3 of the Road Traffic Act for careless driving. . .” Press and Journal

Following posted on 8.12.03

“Car phone ban: Only 20 charged: The anticipated blitz on drivers chatting on mobile phones while at the wheel has turned out to be an example of softly-softly policing. . .” Scotland on Sunday

“Law keeps Drivers Off the Phone: [. . .] A spokesman for the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland said: ”If the reason for such low arrest figures is that the public have caught on quickly then we can only be delighted at that.” . .” Sunday Mail

“First driver caught with mobile is fined £50: The woman who became the first person in Britain to be charged under the new offence of driving while using a mobile phone was fined £50 yesterday. . .” Times

“Drivers fall foul of phone ban law” Courier

“Car Mobile Confusion” Daily Record

“Mobile ban nets its first victim” Scotsman

“Unsteady start to mobiles campaign” Herald

“Warning to drivers on mobile phone use” The Orcadian

“5 drivers fined on first day of mobile ban” Evening Times

“‘First’ fine under phone law: A female motorist in Tayside has been fined for using her mobile phone while driving just hours after a law banning the practice came into force. It is believed that the 35-year-old woman may have become the first person to be prosecuted under the new legislation. . .” BBC

“Brakes put on mobiles in cars: Motorists in England and Wales will be given two months’ grace after the introduction of a law on Monday banning mobile phone use. However, police in Scotland said there would be no such concession. Using a mobile phone without a hands-free kit will be an offence incurring a ?30 on-the-spot fine from 1 December. . .” BBC

“Mobile ban should go further, says AA:” Motorists should not even use “hands-free” mobile phone kits while driving, road-safety groups have urged. . .” Scotsman

“Ban on mobile phones behind the wheel” Scottish TV

“Police start mobile phone drivers blitz” Evening News

“Two-tier justice for mobile phone drivers” Scotland on Sunday

“Why are we driven to destruction?: There are many bad, stupid, dangerous things that are not specifically illegal. . .” Herald. Comment.

“Scots first to face tough mobile laws” Sunday Herald

“New mobile phone laws may trap thousands” Sunday Post

“Scots shown no leniency in mobile phone clampdown” Sunday Times

Press release

“Drivers face possible action from the Traffic Commissioner” ACPOS (September 2012)
“Companies face action over mobile phone use by drivers” ACPOS (Sept. 2012)

“More than 7500 Mobile Phone Offences so Far” Tayside Police (2007)

“Safety drive follows mobile phone ban” Scot. Exec. (Decemebr 2004)

“New law on mobile phones: Transport Minister Nicol Stephen today welcomed new safety measures which come into force across the UK banning motorists from using hand held mobile phones when driving. . .” Scot. Exec. (December 2003)

See also

Brian Adam (Aberdeen North) (SNP): To ask the Scottish Executive how many prosecutions there have been of motorists for using hand-held mobile phones while driving, broken down by police force area and sheriff court.

Statutory Instrument 2003 No. 2695: The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) (Amendment) (No. 4) Regulations 2003.

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