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Big Brother Watch publishes report on CCTV costs by local authority

2012 November 7
by Mary Munro

“Council blasted for refusing CCTV cameras at Greenock prison to combat crime” Daily Record

Following posted on 21.2.12

“Campaigners slam ‘out of control surveillance culture’ as councils spend £515m in four years on CCTV” Daily Record
“Scotland spends £22,600 a day to run CCTV” Scotsman
“For: Are there adequate safeguards to protect privacy?” Scotsman
“Against: ‘We need clear boundaries’” Scotsman
“Call to switch off CCTV” Herald
“It is time we stood up to the Big Brother mentality” Herald

Following published on 1.12.10

“Councils facing criticism over £315m CCTV surveillance bill” Herald
“CCTV is effective but it must be maintained in working order” Herald
“‘Spy cameras’ defended after attack by campaigners” Press and Journal

Press releases

“Price of privacy : Councils spend half a billion pounds on CCTV in four years” Big Brother Watch (February 2012). Contains link to report and spreadsheet.
“Big Brother Watch Report – The Cost of CCTV: £314 million” Big Brother Watch (November 2010)

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