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Strategic Spending Review 2014-15 and the justice budget 2013-14

2012 September 21

“A key development in this area [community justice] since the last draft budget is that the Commission on Women Offenders has now reported. The Commission made a number of recommendations in relation to women offenders, and the Scottish Government’s response set out how they would be addressed. Spend flowing from this response will be identified from within existing budgets, but the £20 million that has been allocated to SPS for women offenders will be a constituent part of that response.

We have also created a £7.5 million Reducing Reoffending Change Fund, which will take a person-centred approach to reintegration by providing offenders with substantial one-to-one support through evidence-based mentoring schemes. Our key target groups are women offenders and prolific male offenders. Prolific male offenders tend to receive short prison sentences and funding designed to increase the uptake of voluntary through-care should improve the outcomes for this group of men and their families. Working to rehabilitate women offenders, particularly those who have dependent children, cuts to the heart of preventative spending and early intervention, and ultimately to reductions in offending among future generations.” From: Equality Statement: Scottish Draft Budget 2013-14


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