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Major Shetland over quota fishing convictions:‘black fish’ fraud; fines

2012 September 6
by Mary Munro


“Father and son fined over part they played in ‘black fish’ scam that netted skippers millions” Daily Record

Following posted on 17.4.12

“Black fish scam ‘cost processing company millions'” STV
“Black fish scam firm ‘left out of pocket'” Herald

Following posted on 27.2.12

“A black day for fishing” Shetland News
“Caught up in a Catch 22” Shetland News
“Thirteen Shetland fishermen fined £470,000 for ‘cynical and sophisticated’ black fish scheme” Shetland Times
“‘Black fish’ skippers fined over £47m fishing scam in Shetland” Daily Record
“Fishing skippers and factory fined nearly £1m for illegal catches” Guardian
“Black fish skippers hit with £720,000 in fines” Press and Journal
“Fish fraud: Black fish skippers are finally sunk by their own greed” Scotsman
“Fish fraud: Tale of greed running riot and fortunes made, long before web unravelled” Scotsman
“Skippers and fish firm fined nearly £1m for involvement in ‘black fish’ scam” STV
“Skippers and firm fined almost £1m for part in £63m ‘black fish’ scam” BBC
“‘Black Fish’ fines total £720,000 (video)” BBC
“High court judgement shows Scotland’s commitment to sustainable fishing” Newsnet Scotland

Following posted on 20.2.12

“Revealed: Lavish lifestyles of the crooked skippers involved in £47m ‘black fish’ scandal” Daily Record
“Black fish scandal: How fishing quota scam saw tiny isle of Whalsay earn ‘Millionaires Island’ nickname” Daily Record

Following posted on 08.1.12

“Fish pumped ashore via secret pipe to beat quotas, court told” Scotsman

Following posted on 29.12.11

“‘Black Fish’ scam netted trawler skippers and firm ‘incredible’ £47.5m” Daily Record
“£47m ‘black fish’ scam exposed as ban lifted” Scotsman
“£47.5m Shetland ‘black fish’ scam details revealed” BBC

Following posted on 19.12.11

“‘Drug baron’ laws used to prosecute skippers in biggest ever fish scam” Scotsman
“Skippers fined £3m over ‘black fish’ landings” STV
“Shetland skippers pay almost £3m over ‘black fish'” BBC
“Pelagic skippers ordered to pay back £3 million” Shetland News
“Shetland pelagic fishermen ordered to pay back £1.7 million from illegal landings” Shetland Times

Following posted on 23.11.10

“Boat skippers admit their part in £15 million ‘black fish’ case” Daily Record
“Scottish fishermen plead guilty to ‘black landing’ of mackerel and herring” Guardian
“Six skippers admit landing ‘black fish’ worth £15m in quotas scam” Press and Journal
“Shetland skippers admit £15m ‘black fish’ scam” STV
“Shetland fishermen admit £15m of illegal landings” BBC
“Six more skippers admit huge black fish landings” Shetland Marine News
“High court in Edinburgh hears six more isles fishermen admit their parts in black fish scam” Shetland Times

Following posted on 27.8.10

“Shetland trawlermen illegally caught £15m worth of herring and mackerel” Guardian
“Shetland fishermen admit illegal landings worth £14m” BBC

Press release

“Over £1.1 Million Confiscated After Guilty Pleas to Overfishing” COPFS (May 2012)
“Over £3.1 Million Confiscated After Guilty Pleas to Overfishing” COPFS (December 2011)
“Shetland Fishermen plead guilty to overfishing” COPFS (August 2010)

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