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Discriminatory checks and airport security

2012 September 17
by Mary Munro

Humza Yousaf MSP

Image © Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body - 2008


“‘Stop and detain’ counter-terrorism powers may be scaled back” Guardian

Following posted on 7.2.12

“Fewer complaints but concerns remain over “arbitrary” stop & search” The Firm Magazine
“Moves to tackle minority anger over Glasgow Airport stop and search” BBC

Following posted on 28.11.11

“Justice Secretary attending Dundee meeting to address Muslim community’s stop-and-search concerns” Courier

Following posted on 31.10.11

“Terrorism questions lead to boycott of airport” Herald

Following posted on 1.8.11

“Muslim MSP angry about ‘skin colour’ airport check” Herald

Following posted on 19.7.11

“Glasgow MSP welcomes call for airport security review” Newsnet Scotland

Following posted on 19.7.11

“Watchdog calls for review of counter-terrorism powers at ports and airports” Guardian

Following posted on 15.7.11

“Minorities ‘alienated by airport security'” Scotsman
“Glasgow airport security checks “humiliate” Asian community” Newsnet Scotland
“I am a Glasgow-based Muslim and ethnic minorities should stop moaning about extra airport checks” Herald
“Travel concerns of Muslim community” BBC

Following posted on 2.12.08

“Police and Muslims to swap roles so officers can be more sensitive” Scotsman

Following posted on 15.10.08

“Protest over Muslim ‘harassment'” BBC

Following posted on 29.09.08

“Afghan community’s protest at ‘harassment’ by police force hailed as role model” Sunday Herald

Following posted on 2.5.06

“Concerns raised as innocent Muslims detained” Sunday Herald

Press release

“Airport security” Scot.Gov. (February 2012)

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