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Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Act 2011: implementation

2012 August 13
by Mary Munro


“Trapped by the Wildlife Act?” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 9.8.12

“Illegal poisoning of birds of prey falls to one case in year so far” Scotsman
“Bird of prey poisonings fall ‘dramatically’ in wake of new legislation” STV
“Number of birds of prey poisoned falls” Herald

Following posted on 2.1.12

“Tough new laws on wildlife crime” Herald

Following posted on 30.6.11

Elements of the Bill were implemented on 30th June 2011 – see press release below.

Following posted on 4.3.11

“Snare row as wildlife bill passed by MSPs” BBC
“Scotland’s trip into that Great Unknown” Telegraph
“MSPs vote to toughen up wildlife protection laws” STV

Following posted on 3.12.10

“MSPs back laws to punish landowners for staff crimes” Herald
“Bird of prey poisonings ‘to hit record level’ despite prison threat” Scotsman
“Snaring to be reviewed under new legislation” STV

Following posted on 8.11.10

“Landowners who allow bird of prey poisonings to be government target” Courier
“Scotland to fine and jail landowners who allow illegal killings of birds of prey” Guardian
“Lairds face jail if staff are caught poisoning rare birds” Herald
“Landowners who allow slaying of raptors should be made to pay” Herald
“Landowners facing prosecution for bird poisonings” Telegraph
“No point in crowing over another unenforceable law” Telegraph

Following posted on 11.6.10

“New native wildlife laws revealed” Herald
“Tougher laws to tackle the release of alien species into the wild” Scotsman
“Ban on releasing ‘invasive’ animals and plants” Telegraph

Following posted on 6.3.10

“System ‘failing’ on wildlife crime” Scotsman
“Tougher wildlife laws proposed” STV
“Petition calls for action on illegal bird killing” BBC

Following posted on 16.6.09

“Wildlife laws to be reviewed” Herald
“Deer could be shot all year round under wildlife law reforms” Scotsman
“Bid to reform outdated nature law” BBC
“Consultation on wildlife laws reform” Press and Journal

“The ned Deer Hunter” Scottish Sun

Following posted on 7.8.07

“Tougher penalties for wildlife crime” Herald
“Punish the poisoner” Herald
“Bird-poisoning landowners to be penalised” Scotsman
“Sanctions to save birds of prey” Scotsman
“Wildlife crime crackdown pledged” BBC
“Executive promises wildlife crime crackdown” STV
“Executive toughens its stance on wildlife crime” Law Society Journal Online

Press release

“Protecting our wildlife” Scot.Gov. (January 2012)
“Modernising game law” Scot.Gov. (June 2011)
“Scotland’s wildlife laws” Scot.Gov. (March 2011)
“Preventing wildlife crime” Scot.Gov. (November 2010)
“Wildlife laws to be modernised” Scot.Gov. (June 2009)
“Crackdown on wildlife crime” Scot. Exec. (August 2007)

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