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Sunday Herald publication of SCCRC report on Megrahi in full

2012 April 23
by Mary Munro

SCCRC statement of reasons for referral of Megrahi application to High Court

“MacAskill evades Parliamentary Pan Am 103 “concern” “ The Firm Magazine
“Crown Office “communications” unit under fire over “misleading” Megrahi statements” The Firm Magazine

Following posted on 2.4.12

“Scottish ministers ‘knew months ago data protection did not block Lockerbie report'” Herald

Following posted on 28.3.12

“Crown Office conundrum as MacAskill discloses Pan Am 103 “impropriety” can only be investigated by self referral” The Firm Magazine

Following posted on 27.3.12

“PM avoids Megrahi question” Herald

Following posted on 26.3.12

“Row as report suggesting Lockerbie bomber as wrongly convicted is finally released” Daily Record
“Megrahi case report turns up heat on Crown Office” Scotsman
“Call for publishing of Lockerbie appeal” Scotsman
“Crown Office under pressure to explain withheld Pan Am 103 evidence” The Firm Magazine
“Former Lord Advocate Colin Boyd seriously misled the Megrahi Court claims book author” Newsnet Scotland
“Salmond applauds end of Lockerbie appeal secrecy” Scottish Express
“Crown criticises “sentionalised” reporting of Megrahi case” Law Society Journal Online
“Lockerbie inquiry calls grow” Herald

“Lockerbie exclusive: we publish the report that could have cleared Megrahi” Sunday Herald
“Full text of Lockerbie bomber’s grounds for appeal published” STV
“Lockerbie bomber report published online by Sunday Herald” BBC

“Salmond in Lockerbie bomber appeal grounds call” BBC
“‘No prosecution’ if Lockerbie bomber review published” BBC

Following posted on 22.3.12

“US Department of Justice won’t rule out investigation into FBI bribery of Pan Am 103 witnesses” The Firm Magazine
“Lockerbie: Crown owes explanation” Herald

Following posted on 19.3.12

“Megrahi probe ‘failed to speak to FBI agents’” Scotland on Sunday

Following posted on 23.6.11

“SCCRC reveal reason for witholding publication of Megrahi documents” The Firm Magazine
“Chicken and egg as SCCRC state that no Pan Am 103 documents can be released without “unqualified” consent of all” The Firm Magazine

Press releases

“Lockerbie Case” Scot.Gov. (March 2012)
“Lockerbie Statement of Reason” COPFS (March 2012)
“SCCRC will not be Prosecuted for Publishing Megrahi’s Statement of Reasons” COPFS (March 2012)

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