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HMIP further follow up report on HMP and YOI Cornton Vale published: lack of progress ‘disappointing’

2012 April 26
by Mary Munro

2.17 In summary, considerable progress has been made because of the reduction in the population and the manner in which the opportunity has been taken. However, I find it somewhat disappointing that since my follow up inspection in Cornton Vale a year ago, about one third of my Recommendations and Action Points have not made sufficient progress. I will continue to monitor these areas.

2.18 In September 2009 I recommended that “female prisoners should have a focus at SPS Board level, with a view to setting the agenda for the future and ensuring such an agenda is implemented quickly and with purpose.” That recommendation was all about strategic leadership and the setting of priorities. I urge that decisions must now be taken at the highest levels, as a result of the Womens Commission, which will, once and for all, greatly improve conditions and the treatment of prisoners at Cornton Vale. From overview (April 2012).


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