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Megrahi and the Lockerbie bomb: book challenges evidence and compassionate release account

2012 March 7
by Mary Munro

You are my JuryUpdate

“BBC Scotland and the Maltese mistress” Scottish Review
“Lockerbie bomber Megrahi ‘visited Malta for sex'” BBC
“Lockerbie witness to sue” Herald
“Lockerbie: fresh moves to clear Abdelbaset al-Megrahi” Guardian
“Lockerbie bomber: Megrahi flew to Malta for sex with mistress” Scotsman
“Lockerie bombing: Megrahi report ‘to be published’” Scotland on Sunday
“Lockerbie bomber Al-Megrahi was in Malta on mission to see mistress” Scottish Express
“Mistress claim ‘backs case for Megrahi being innocent'” Herald

“Libya may bar UK police from visiting to investigate Lockerbie bombing” Guardian

“Kenny MacAskill issues strong denial of claims made in new Abdelbasset al-Megrahi book” Courier
“Salmond ‘frustrated’ by Megrahi appeal claims” Herald
“‘No deal’ on Lockerbie bomber release” BBC

Following posted on 1.3.12

“Response to MacAskill statement” John Ashton
“Lockerbie bombing: Kenny MacAskill: there was no deal with Megrahi” Scotsman
“Kenny MacAskill’s fury at Megrahi claims” Scottish Sun
“MacAskill rejects claim that he urged Lockerbie bomber to drop appeal” STV
“Megrahi agreed to drop appeal months before he met me reveals MacAskill” Newsnet Scotland
“A letter from Dr Jim Swire to PM David Cameron” Newsnet Scotland
“MacAskill denies urging Megrahi to drop his appeal” Herald
“Let us see reasons for appeal on Megrahi conviction” Herald
“Kenny MacAskill denies Megrahi Lockerbie release deal” BBC

Following posted on 29.2.12

“Kenny MacAskill must answer claims he struck deal with Lockerbie bomber, says Labour’s Lewis Macdonald” Daily Record
“Lockerbie book is ‘third-hand hearsay’, says Scottish government” Guardian
“Kenny MacAskill to make statement on al-Megrahi allegations” Scotsman
“Lockerbie questions over Megrahi release for Justice Secretary” STV
“Lockerbie reward claim” Herald
“Why was Megrahi’s defence team kept in dark about vital evidence?” Herald
“Kenny MacAskill faces MSPs over Lockerbie bomber claim” BBC

Following posted on 28.2.12

“Lockerbie bomber: Megrahi claims he is ‘innocent victim of dirty politics’ in new book” Daily Record
“Lockerbie relatives urge inquiry into ‘suppressed evidence'” Guardian
“MacAskill pressed to answer claim over release of bomber” Press and Journal
“‘Lockerbie secrets unveiled’” Press and Journal
“Lockerbie book: Kenny MacAskill advised Megrahi to drop appeal” Scotsman
“Lockerbie bombing: Forensic expert’s crucial test results ‘were not made available to the court’” Scotsman
“Lockerbie bombing: We need an objective Holyrood inquiry” Scotsman
“Lockerbie bombing: Swiss arms dealer’s evidence was compelling” Scotsman
“Lockerbie: Megrahi claims Kenny MacAskill linked dropping appeal to release” STV
“Lockerbie bomber dropped appeal after meeting with SNP” Telegraph
“Media accusations of ‘Megrahi release deal’ based on “third hand hearsay” says MacAskill” Newsnet Scotland
“Megrahi: ‘Justice minister’s scheme to ease my release’” Scottish Express
“Documentary claims to tear apart case against Megrahi” Scottish Express
“MacAskill under pressure over Megrahi appeal claim” Herald
“Megrahi: eight key pieces of evidence” Herald
“Megrahi: how MacAskill linked my release to dropping my appeal” Herald
“Lockerbie and the pursuit of truth” Herald
“Megrahi forgives witness crucial to Crown” Herald
“Lockerbie bomber Megrahi makes appeal claims in book” BBC

Following posted on 27.2.12

“Is someone still blocking the exposure of the truth?” Herald
“The Crown case against Megrahi is about to sink without trace” Scottish Review
“Megrahi, anger, and me” Scottish Review

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