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Latest Lockerbie headlines

2012 March 14
by Mary Munro


“Lockerbie: A big boy did it and ran away” The Firm Magazine
“Editor’s blog – HMA v HMA: The Next Pan Am 103 trial” The Firm Magazine
“Crown’s actions in Megrahi case face scrutiny” Herald

Following posted on 24.1.12

“Lockerbie additional police claim “a waste of time and money” says QC” The Firm Magazine

Following posted on 3.1.12

“Government urged to drop “wholly unconvincing” blockage of Megrahi SCCRC referral” The Firm Magazine

“Scottish police’s “desperate attempts” to block Megrahi miscarriage report to “hide” bribery revelations” The Firm Magazine

“Tories demand medical notes that led to release of Lockerbie bomber” Press and Journal
“Tories demand release of Lockerbie bomber’s medical notes” STV
“Show us proof on Lockerbie bomber” Scottish Sun
“We must have Lockerbie inquiry, no matter the cost” Herald
“Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi appeal files closer to being released” Courier
“Pressure grows to reveal Lockerbie report secrets” Herald
“Lockerbie bomber: ‘I am an innocent man'” Guardian
“Review body in talks over Megrahi appeal detail” Scotsman
“Lockerbie detectives ‘will be in Libya early next year” Herald
“Father of Lockerbie bomb victim in Libya talks” Herald

“Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland meets FBI over Lockerbie bombing probe” Daily Record
“Scotland lord advocate vows to continue investigating Lockerbie” Guardian
“Answers to Lockerbie lie in Libya – law chief” Press and Journal
“Lord Advocate: We will redouble Lockerbie efforts” STV
“Crown Office accused of “public relations puffery” on Pan Am 103 anniversary” The Firm Magazine
“Lockerbie bomber protests innocence in ‘last’ interview” BBC
“Lockerbie bomber says in ‘final interview’ that he is an innocent man” STV

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“Lockerbie case” Scot.Gov. (December 2011)

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