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From the database: The closure of the Airborne Initiative

2012 January 23
by Mary Munro

The Airborne Initiative ran from 1994 as an alternative to custody for high risk persistent young male offenders. The nine week programme was residential offering a structured experience including outdoor challenges. In September 2004 (beyond the reach of our database) Airborne was the subject of ‘Chancers’ a controversial TV documentary that some argued contributed to the withdrawal of funding.

The closure of the Airborne Initiative traces the story of the sudden withdrawal of funding for the project in February 2004, through the campaign that followed, how the issue nearly led to a defeat for the Labour-Liberal coalition in the Scottish Parliament, the closure, the 2007 SNP manifesto commitment and the decision in December 2007 not to re-instate it.

Note: As part of the long haul exercise of transferring posts from the database on our site (see sidebar) I am drilling down in the database to compile collected entries on particular topics. MM

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