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Weir Group ‘oil for food’ sanctions crimes: fines, compensation, Iraq repayment

2011 November 25
by Mary Munro


“From Scotland with love, a little conscience money. Part 1: The widow’s mite” Scottish Review
“A crime involving millions of pounds. But the dock remains empty. Part 2: The invisible men” Scottish Review
“A cliffhanger of an end to a classic Scottish detective story. Part 3: The blameless board” Scottish Review

Following posted on 14.2.11

“Weir Group Iraq cash to fund humanitarian projects” BBC

Following posted on 16.12.10

“The bribe” Herald

“‘No excuses’ after Weir is fined £3m for Saddam bribes” Scotsman
“Weir apologises for kickbacks paid to Saddam regime” Herald
“£14m penalty for Weir Group over bribes for Iraqi contracts” Herald
“Weir Group fined further £3m for kickbacks to Saddam’s regime” Guardian
“Glasgow company fined £3m over Iraq convictions” STV
“Shadow of Saddam convicts Weir Group for UN sanctions violation” The Firm Magazine
“Weir Group fined £3m over Saddam sanctions breaches” BBC
“The Weir Group prosecution is timely” Scotsman

Following posted on 31.10.05

“Weir Group pledges fresh inquiry into £2.5 million ‘bribes’ to Saddam” Scotsman
“Weir group accused of bribing Saddam” Evening Times

Press releases

“Seized cash returned to Iraq” Scot. Gov. (February 2011)
“Crown Secures record £13.9 million as Weir Group convicted of paying kickbacks for Iraq contracts” COPFS
“Oil for Food” Weir Group

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HMA v Weir Group PLC (Sentencing statement)

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